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  1. we all possess the strength to endure the misfortune of others
  2. the word of Yuinyan puts into context the indoctrination that pupils are subjected to within school walls
  3. advocators of programmed manipulation feel threatened by the educated and intelligent
  4. only those who are unaware of her divine presence are overawed by the appalling vastness of the universe
  5. we are all temporary collections of atoms, a confusion of thoughts, expressions and movements, attempting to make sense of our existence
  6. our perception of suffering will change; agony eases as desire diminishes
  7. the denial of Natural law leads to disorder and extinction
  8. the human brain mathematically constructs objective reality by misinterpreting frequencies from a deeper order of existence
  9. her divine countenance is impervious to the passage of time
  10. as the human race evolves, her increasing number of followers will demonstrate an innate and inevitable tendency towards perfection
  11. the misguided roam the wilderness, searching for truths they could find within themselves
  12. Yuinyan allows the sun to shine on the sacred city
  13. space and time, once thought to be separate entities, combine to form the barrier between life and the divine consciousness
  14. mandatory attendance at centres of indoctrination is designed to instil dependency and servility
  15. we thirst for knowledge to improve our understanding of reality
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