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Tribute to Asian Women


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you know what, I actually prefer some Filipino women.

the reason? because of the presence of Spanish ethnicity.

Here is the interesting thing, Spanish and Welsh people are very closely related ethnically.

and while over many centuries, the Welsh people have to some degree interbred with the Germanic peoples of the English, the Spanish have not done so quite as much. I believe there is more Latin influence in Spain, but the part about Spanish that i find so irresistible is just like the part about some Welsh women I may find irresistible.

and so I always find myself attracted to peoples with some Spanish origin. Filipino, Dominican, Puerto Rican, Mexican and of course Spanish.

but anyhow...

she is so cute! apart from her smaller frame. her face is just so adorable :)

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I have heard of Loni. But I would prefer to avoid posting celebrities who are known for their "adult" roles, as this would give the feeling of exploiting the essence of a woman as well as cheapen this thread. As the thread states, this is a tribute to Asian women for us to appreciate their beauty.

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yeah that is true and is why I didn't post any pictures of her myself.

I was just using an example. I did a search for latina women and women with spanish descent.

as you can imagine it brought up a lot of interesting images.

my intention was to find more women who were similar to Judy Reyes.

Loni was prominent among the searches and has the attributes that I find appealing. just like Judy Reyes.

( i won't post pictures of Judy Reyes of course, because she is of Dominican heritage, not asian)

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