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New Star Trek Series!!!


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This doesn't seem like news at all. I'm not surprised. Star Trek has been on going since the 60's. They're always coming out with another series. They have like Star Trek: The Original Series, Star Trek: The Animated Series,[Note 2]Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Voyager, Star Trek: Enterprise , so on and so forth. They crap these out like crazy. <_<

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12 hours ago, Sully said:

It's being over 10 years since the last Series.....

Not unless you consider the movies. The last Star Trek was also this late movie series. Normally the movies are an extension to the series itself.For example Star Trek: First Contact and how it's related to Captain Picard's old affiliation with the Borg. In this case....these movies are prequels. 

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i just hope this new series doesn't go the way of enterprise. probably the worst startrek series series in my opinion. 

apparently this new series will be positioned between the era of enterprise and the original. so its already got a tick of disapproval from me, but i'll no doubt still watch it till the end 'cause it's startrek!

i feel they should be going forward, not back. but i guess it'll be easier for the writers, when they're struggling to come up with something they'll just expand on a storyline that was mentioned in one of the earlier series.

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The sad thing about Enterprise was it was ruined by Time Travel stories. It had the best effects of a series and has some great episodes but that was overshadowed by the desire to use Time Travel A LOT.

It would have being a 20 times better story if they abandoned all that shit and simply put it at the start of the Romulan vs Earth war and done something more similar to DS9 with the overriding arc being the War. But no we got NONE of that and got a time travel story no one cared about.


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