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Matt Bellamy

My New Gaming PC

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Just picked up my new gaming PC... I have joined the "PC Master Race"... but will still most likely pick up games for the XBox One and PS4... because reasons.


Core i7-4790K @4.00GHz
Geforce GTX 970
16 GB DDR3



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Not much really. I still very much prefer playing on consoles.

I mean, I played XCOM 2, and it was really great... But lets see...

Superhot - Interesting FPS where time basically only moves when you move

Elite Dangerous - A spacecraft fighting/cargo sim... Have not put hardly any time into it as I have been looking for a flight stick locally, and no where seems to carry them

Tabletop Simulator - Essentially can play any tabletop type game with this program... So long as someone makes a mod for it. Lots of D&D mods, but I've been playing a game called Kingdom Death with my friends.

But mostly been sticking to artwork and such mostly.

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