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Life Force Animates our Bodies


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there is a lot of thought and ideas about what lifeforce is or chi.

one suggestion was that ATP was 'lifeforce' but personally, I just classify that as stored potential energy, and not indicative of 'life'.

(atp is adenotriphosphate or something like that, a compound in our cells that carries energy like sugar)

one thought that I have had is that without some kind of 'blueprint', our bodies would not remain in the proper form or act in a proper system as they do.

I have often through that the cause of cancer, could be a 'broken template' in which the cells are no longer regulated properly because of some 'spiritual injury' or something like that.

I believe this 'template' is part of our etheric body, a higher dimensional construct that channels the will of our spiritual self into our physical projection. this is not so far fetched as it does somewhat echo some of the theories that I have red about our universe being a hologram.

I haven't really picked this apart too strongly though so at the moment i welcome positive criticism on this.

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big subject of which i would usually go on n on about but not now, so heres a concise answer.

i always say only two things truly exsist - consciousness and energy.

consciousness is our ' will ', energy is obviously chi.

as fundamental beings i say we are only consciousness and spirit (and our physical is a house of lower energy).

chi does not generate will, chi has a pattern it naturally follows, but chi can be directed by will - eg you want to move your arm your mind / will relays that message, chi then animates your physical to move.

thats an over simplification , but when you say chi it really is an umbrella term as there are so many different types of chi , chi can be thought of in different ways inside and out of the body even making it synonymous with blood, so however you explain it in energetic or physical ways it is chi that is responsible.

when you say immaterial its really a fallacy as nothing is immaterial as if something exists then it exists, material or immaterial, corporeal or non corporeal.

the mind body and soul are obviously wired together following a blueprint that is holistic, all rely on and effect eachother. chi is part of that wiring or even the power that animates it from spirit to physical.

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I don't know, you'd have to ask the people who came up with that idea. i'm sure you can find information on that via google.

if you want my ideas on how this works, read Eether's post.

he says pretty much the same thing that I would.

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I was reading up on dark energy. Energy has the tendency to expand. One really good example is the tendency for gases to expand. They do so because they have a lot more energy when compact. If allowed to continue, it would eventually contract because of energy loss. Now, in the case of projecting forms, what allows some patterns to expand more than others. If thinking on the level of the quantum foam (virtual photons), how does a pattern arrive that will lead to an automatic expansion (projection) and become realized? What is producing the energy that allows these patterns to expand?

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one would have to remember that energy cannot be destroyed. so nothing would be producing the energy, it would have already been there.

having said that, I'm not sure I'm on the same page as you because i've not heard the terms quantum foam or virtual photon before.

if I'm understanding correctly, we might be referring to the pattern of our universe that would have given rise to our existence, otherwise referred to as the big bang?

well the way i usually approach this is the idea that something can be in an infinite number of states until it is observed. in this scenario, one might ascertain that this pattern is merely the product of a dream, or to put it another way, as a consciousness perceives the universe it spontaneously 'is'. the pattern is a product of perception and nothing more or less. I'd like to make reference to the book "the four agreements" by don miguel ruiz.

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If the universe is a holographic perception, what causes the appearance of different objects such as a flower or a book? The holographic theory stating that if you try to divide up a hologram, the individual pieces still contain the whole. What I'm trying to say is, how does the source create so many different objects?

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actually, that is fairly interesting because that is how it has been suggested by many philosophers. that we are each a mirror image of each other. and we are also a mirror image of everything else in the universe, flower, book, etc.

but what i would say is that the way it appears differently would be distortion.

like a hall of mirrors, but much more complex.

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Guest Black Inferno

I would have to disagree with you Ryuki, on energy is never destroyed. Because if that is true-it would break the second law of thermodynamics-which everything tends to disorder and disolves. So if energy were always constant-or moving-it would eventually break down to a lesser degree of energy. Perhaps electricity would be a good example of this. When you turn on a light switch-the light radiates energy giving light to an area or emitting a powerful aura. However, when the light source is depleted or you turn off the switch, the energy is disrupted and therfore disappears entirely. The light source vanishes and the energy is gone. It's almost as if, you either have all energy, or no energy, and no in between. Kind of like life and death. You only have life, and then death, no inbetween (i.e. zombies).

One could argue, that radiation, or atoms of the energy still remain in the air, however, those atoms or molecules that carried that powerful information, is so weak that its practically dead.

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I'm finding it interesting reading about your thoughts.

from what i understand of energy, it cannot be destroyed, it is only transferred to a different state based on entropy.

entropy is ... I think it something like balance. like ripples on a pond dying down to a flat surface. the energy is like the pond surface.

it doesn't get destroyed but it's state can be diminished. or something like that. I need to learn more about thermodynamics anyhow, but it was made clear to me that energy cant be destroyed, can't remember who said that but if i'm wrong then the person who told me is wrong.

I think it was this one - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Conservation_of_energy

I'm interested in your approach to these ideas, I'll be looking out for your posts I think you have some interesting ideas.

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Guest Black Inferno

Aww yes the laws of energy, or as of what science would have you believe to be the laws of energy. I don't know where you might stand on this-but I've found that are knowledge of science (or anything for that matter) is quite limited. We honestly have no true understanding of what happens in the scientific world let alone our universe (single spoken sentence). Our laws and theories of science is limited to what we can only see and observe-and there are many problems with that. We create laws of science but theories and ideas we create break those laws all the time (evolution for one example-the big bang for another) the law of energy is yet another law broken. For if energy is never created nor destroyed-then where did it come from? How did it appear? What are its origins? I love science-which in turn is the reason why I love Guyver, it’s so scientifically involved and explained.

So many things come up with energy-so many questions-let alone all the other ideas of science. How does one characterize energy? And what is its nature? If we're talking about kinetic energy or energy formed through motion-then it would be true to say that this energy will never be destroyed. Even if all life forms were extinct-the earth's rotation alone would still empower the kinetic energy. Funny thing is-wouldn’t that create the energy? Say the earth stopped-rotation ceased and nothing was moving-wouldn’t that deplete the movement powers and therefore deplete kinetic energy entirely? These debates and questions will most likely never be answered in our life time as our understanding of such topics is limited to what we can only see and observe. This is why I find so many problems in the scientific world-and why I say we cannot rule out the possibility of a spiritual plane of existence.

What about heat source-or radiation-body heat-or electric energy pulsing through the air. Surely this did not all simply appear out of thin air. There had to be a time period of which it was created. If everything tends to disorder as the laws of thermodynamics would suggest-then all this energy around us-would be nothing compared to its original state. Take for example life-your born and you grow in age-your age gradually cripples you and you turn into dust-hence the power of thermodynamics you broken down to disorder and weakened to nothingness. Surely this applies to energy as well. Science implies that most energy comes from the suns powerful rays-that’s how we get the aura emissions-the radiations in skin or too much energy for us to handle-as well as a heat source that can keep us alive. If the sun were to vanish then the energy emitter (if you will) would also be destroyed. Would that mean that all the energy the sun gave us would still be here on earth never ceasing to exist? I would think not-as so many things absorb energy just to stay alive-and I would suggest that energy needs a constant flow of power just to exist. Something of a parasite without something filling it constantly or aiding its existence energy would disperse all together.

This is just my own personal view-as i have said our knowledge is limited-which really is a crushing blow to our race. I think this is why so many people seek to further their own understanding and knowledge-because science doesn’t have all the answers. I have more views on this matter I.E. spiritual energy and or how the soul may keep us alive as well as energy in the blood sending shock waves to muscles enforcing them to work for a certain purpose. I guess the best example of this could be a rechargeable battery: A battery has a certain degree of power but it will eventually run out of its energy. And you simply throw it away or recharge it (the energy emitter or sun) to refill it full of energy and thus are able to reuse it. But the fact is the energy will be depleted over time and through use. However my knowledge is limited as well-I look forward to hearing back from you as I love discussions like these.

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I think you'd enjoy some of my youtube videos. I've talked about this quite in depth in a series called 'deconstructing reality'.

I need to say here though that i get confused when things start to get like an essay ^^;

bottom line though, you are right, our understanding of the universe is incredibly limited.

there is this façade that suggests that scientists understand everything or most things, but truth is the depth of human knowledge is the equivalent of one index page of the Encyclopaedia Britannica.

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@ Ryuki

I enjoyed watching, well, listening to your deconstructing reality videos. its cool to hear someone vocalising their thoughts on these subjects. theres too much to address or discuss now, but i liked what you did.

@ the topic

One could argue, that radiation, or atoms of the energy still remain in the air, however, those atoms or molecules that carried that powerful information, is so weak that its practically dead.

this is true for kinetic energy i think but as for the energy that makes up life or exsistence then that is what can not die.

yeah its true that somethings potential or usefulness is greatly diminished by a break in or consumption of the energy, but no matter how useless or insignificant something is it still exsists in some way unless its spent - as in motion.

most things in science terms talk of heat equating to energy or so it seems, so lets say to illustrate in the most simplest terms that if you burn something you have used its potential energy and turned it into heat radiation , the burnt thing turns to ash which is some kind of carbon (or nitrogen oxide apparenty) either way you will find that even ash or nitrogen whatever will be made of atoms, these atoms have a system of energy that is making them 'physical' or allowing them to exsist. therefore they are not dead.

same thing for stars and humans, just because either one dies there energy changes and becomes part of something else. the atoms can become part of what makes planets and in turn makes the life or sentient life that lies on the planets. etc. etc.

this process is continually happening, i honestly cant see how anyone can argue against the fact that nothing ever really dies it just changes.

its like the whole universe is a big recycling program.

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Guest Black Inferno

Those were the door steps that led up to my own personal belief in the parasite known as energy. Originally I believed along the lines that energy itself, pure energy, recycled itself in a similar manner as life and death. That energy went through sort of an aging process, in which helped to rotate the circle of life if you will. The energy would go dormant or transfer over to a new type of energy. A new life if you will. But it would eventually find its way back to its original form of energy.

However, I think it's far more complex and yet much simpler than that as well. I believe energy eats weaker energy, or feeds off of itself merely to exist. Take for example the sunrise and sunset. The sun produces massive amounts of radiation, heat, and light, the same source of power as Zx-toles Blaster Tempest. When the sun is shining the earth is warm or hot, light is given and we can even use solar power. However when the sunsets, this energy is diminished, or reduced to a minimum. I believe this energy may regress to a very weak condition-in which during the next morning-the new radiation waves feed off of the lesser energy-which in turn changes the temperature each day. However strong the remaining energy was left over-it is used to fuel the new energy. Sometimes we have hotter days-sometimes colder days. This is nothing more than a theory however I do believe it could still stand. Look at Alaska six months of darkness-than six months of powerful heat waves.

I think energy is like a soldier-that gets too old to battle so it gets decommissioned. Newer more powerful energy particles come in to replace it, while the old energy trains or fuels the newer energy. As the second law of thermodynamics says-everything tends to disorder and dissolves. We truly know very little about energy at all, can we absolutely say for sure that energy is never destroyed nor created? I find it extremely hard to believe especially that it cannot be created-if energy cannot be created then how does it even exist? As I've said I'm sure we will never know as such questions cannot be answered with 100% certainty at this time. Though it is always interesting to hear new ideas and what people have to say about such a topic.

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it's still very difficult to truly understand where you are coming from.

I'm wondering what prompted you to this idea that energy can indeed be destroyed and used as fuel by other energy. it's a pretty out-there concept from my point of view although your surmise(premise?) of energy being created at the big bang is perfectly logical and a very good supporter of this concept, what it doesn't explain is your motivation for investigating in this conceptual area.

I'm wondering if the motivation is due to the old debate of theism vs atheism and the use of science by atheists to 'debunk' theism. could this be part of it? not that it would be any less valid, it would just allow me to understand where you're coming from.

anyway, what i was thinking while reading your post was the sine wave. I have been thinking about how scientists propose anti-matter and such things. my thoughts is that matter occupies a positive region of a sine wave graph. anti matter and associated anti-energy (if that is thing) occupy the negative region of the sine wave graph. therefore, when a positive wave encounters an equal negative wave, the two would combine to equal nothing. there is the idea that such a meeting would equal massive amounts of energy though, so how this would play out is still unclear. it was after all just an idea.

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Well one of the theories is that Energy as it's used simply fades/converts into the fabric of reality until it is reformed into our plain of existence once more, often the method of reforming the energy is some form of manipulation by matter.

If you want to make sense of things, then maybe one should build a chart. Sort of like the food chain in an ecosystem, I think Energy in the human body should be viewed in a similar manner. One can even compare it to a machine. Not one is wrong in these views, nor contradictory, in fact I believe these different views compliment one another.

Chi is energy/electricity that courses through our bodies. They often take up the form of chemicals but the end result is always a electric current that travels through our nerves after a serious of events. From the start of our birth, this energy is produced in the body by converting outside matter, then storing it inside our bodies in one form or another. This is evident since we depend on a womb to grow and develop and nutrients, a chemical energy are fed to us until we slowly become more self efficient.

Our Will directs this energy, but our will is also the energy stored in our brains. When not actively willing something, our energy is automated by the storage unit; the Brain which does much of the work, with only our Will directing major decisions but our brain sustains everything else, it's been outlined since birth as to what it will do with our bodies energy since the formation of DNA. DNA is another contained form of chemical energy that forms a blueprint, it not only forms our bodies but a part of also forms our will as certain aspects of personality lean towards certain thinking and ability from the DNA, but our will can push us past that.

As we use energy it fades away from our bodies, it usually takes another form such as chemical compound excretions, thus in turn serving as a source of energy for something else. Think sweat and poop, and how it dissipates into something else, or is eaten by flies who in turn go through a similar cycle, in turn feeding something else.

When we die our energy slowly changes into chemical energy again. Thus we become energy in some form or another. Some consider Chi the same as soul, if this is the case then Energy = Souls = Chi, and thus some aspect of us can be considered eternal. However energy changes forms, even if it is the same energy, it will eventually lose touch as to what it was. So though we may be eternal as far as energy is concerned, our self awareness and very memories are not.

Chemicals, humans, anything physical is a form of Matter. Thus matter is also a form of energy, matter also helps to generate more energy, but anti-matter (also energy) seems to simply absorb more energy from matter. In this way it seems to cancel out Matter. Perhaps a sort of balance? Since energy can't be destroyed there has to be some mechanic to keep too much from forming as either state. Life is fascinating in that it isn't a balance like Matter, Energy, and Anti-Matter, instead it is a chain of, moving from one form to another before eventually being recycled.

...Yes I know it sounds weird, but if any of this makes sense then maybe you have some idea as to what I'm thinking and maybe you guys can build a chart. I don't know, people easily disagree with my logic, though it can't be dismissed nor completely be agreed upon.

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i cant really fault anything you've said and agree on most.

i would say though without explaining in detail that there are forms of energy that we arent readily aware of that do exsist and we have access to. but aside from that when you say -

So though we may be eternal as far as energy is concerned, our self awareness and very memories are not.

i personally believe that is not true and it is possible to retain the self without our brain and all its electrical signals as a house for our consciousness.

but of course these are my beliefs, im just making my point here :)

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Well there is some degree of that stuff existing. I mean, behaviors have been proven to be genetic. So in a way one aspect of a persons personality can pass from body to body with each new generation, and reincarnation I think is somewhat plausible. However, true memories, even with reincarnation is limited, you are bound to lose them over time.

One of the biggest problems with a new reincarnated body is that, even if you are a reborn human being, the Brain isn't, it's not advanced enough to remember the majority of things from birth. From my own personal experience I can remember things clearly as far back as 2 years of age, and I have only faint memories of me as a new born, that's far better then the majority of humans. If I am a reincarnated person, I have no retention of any memories, though it's plausible I am. I've been described as an old man in a young person, all my habits, and even many of my tastes are archaic, and I find appeal in the strangest things that are easily outdated. I am naturally attracted to vintage movies and fancy old methods of clothing, packaging, and classic pre-baby boomer culture. Maybe I should be hypnotized as a test.

From these experiences I think natural retention of memory is not possible. And with memory goes much of your self awareness.

However, I shouldn't of said "are not" because if we can transform our memories and experiences into electronics or other artificial forms of energy, we could possibly prolong or even have eternal memories. Self awareness is a different matter, that's a borderline we have yet to physically explore at all.

One last thing, you are totally right about energy, we haven't discovered all forms of energy yet. Aether, if we do discover and study more forms, I hope we run into the type we can call souls, that would be spectacular.

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