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  1. I retouched the shading on my Guyver Psi fan art.
  2. Thanks. The creature isn't a normal guyver. That's why the neck is thin.
  3. The sonic orbs are underneath the mouthplate. Which acts as a beak or focuser for the sound once it opens up. It lifts up and looks like the beak of a bird.
  4. This is an upclose view of Guyver Psi's head. I've borrowed some of the color shading and based the shape from the Guyver DVD covers. The design itself is my own.
  5. The voltekker is made up of a form of antimatter. Antimatter can completely annihilate matter when it comes into contact with it. I'm not sure how well a guyver can withstand that. We also don't know what the Guyver's megasmasher is composed of. Tekkaman can definitely take damage when hit by physical weapons. In one episode, we see the humans shooting rifles with bullets made from spidercrab claws. Spidercrabs are generally a lot weaker than a Tekkaman.
  6. Excuse me, sorry for asking. What is a temporal field generally made of and how might one work?
  7. About that texture problem. http://www.steeldolphin.com/htmltuts/painting_steps.html
  8. Thank you. I uploaded a head picture of the control metal as requested.
  9. This is a profile I created for a character I call Experiment Psi. It is not a full fanfiction. Experiment Psi Besides the humans and zoanoids, there were other experiments the Creators worked on while on Earth. One such creature was neither human nor zoanoid. It simply looked human on the outside. What made it significantly different was its bodily systems. Instead of a single stomach, it had two. The secondary stomach was not like that of most of the Creators experiments. It had evolved so that the creature, which was not normally violent, could survive under many conditions. This creature has survived ice ages without the need for much food, predators, and even volcanic eruptions. What gives the creature this remarkable ability is the way its secondary stomach works. It generates enormous amounts of bio energy via nuclear fusion. Instead of having to require high pressures like the core of a star. It utilizes a technique that bends the atomic nuclei inside of the organ. This creates an attractive force enough to bypass any barriers. Other carefully controlled atomic nuclei then fuse into new elements. A significant byproduct of the fusion is the element that makes up the control metals of a Guyver unit. Energy created this way is safely and effectively stored by specialized proteins. These proteins are secreted by the epithelial tissue surrounding the inside of the organ. Unlike human epithelial tissue, this type had evolved to handle high energy particles. Once the structures of the tissue absorb the energy, it releases as pure bio energy when needed. The metal itself enhances the immune system of the creature even allowing it to regenerate quickly but not as fast as Guyvers. The Creators soon caught notice of the creatures potential. It had the ability to survive harsh conditions, generate control metal material, and generate large amounts of bio energy. They quickly chose to study the creature. Due to the high, but biologically reasonable, pressures it generates in some of its organs, they called it Psi. Psi had seen the control metals on the Creators foreheads and wanted to mimick them to get closer. So it generated a control metal like device on its own forehead. It was nonfunctional, but close enough. The Creators grew curious of the device and adjusted Psi's genetic code to generate a real functioning control metal. Now all that was needed was to add the bioboosting symbiote to see if it could be enhanced. Instead of doing that, they wanted to see just how much the creature could handle. They temporarily shut off the control medal and injected the symbiote's cells into Psi's body. The cells invaded quickly and multiplied. Psi was soon on the verge of death but his immune system kicked in but in a strange way. About to die, his immune chose to bond the symbiote's dna to its own and survived. The Creator's turned Psi's control metal back on. Nothing seemed to happen when they did this. That did not stop them from continuing to experiment. They were intrigued. The creature too was curious about what happened. He had survived much worse so he didn't take this act too harshly. Psi chose to remain loyal to the Creators out of his own free will. This loyalty was misguided because soon after, they had experimented on a human to create Guyver 0. It was out of control and nearly destroyed the Creators. After Guyver 0 was neutralized by Alkanphel, they sought to use the Unit Remover on Psi because he was similar in species to the humans. The only problem was, there was no unit to remove. Psi's control metal and the symbiote dna was now part of its organism. The Creators were struck with terror. They could not take the chance of Psi going rogue so they had him killed. The Creators then left. Psi's immune once again kicked in again but was empowered by the control metal material in his body and the bioboost organims's dna. He regenerated but not in the same form as before. The shape his body now took resembled a Guyver but with major differences. For one, he had only one frequency blade that extended from the forearm out instead of the normal way. Second, he had a new barrier orb on the other arm. It generated in response to its needs for defense and survival. The creature gained the ability to "bioboost" at will like a Guyver, but despite appearances he was not a true Guyver and could not go rogue. Should his "control metal" be destroyed, he would not have a backup program to defend himself. Realizing what his Creators had done to him, he quickly went into hiding. He did not want to die again. Hundreds of thousands of years went by and Psi grew incredibly lonely. There was the need for a companion so he has been searching for someone to call a friend ever since then. Those he came across called him "Guyver Psi" simply because of his similar appearance and abilities. Stats: Strength: Subject's physical strength in it's "non-bioboosted" form is about 3 times that of a normal human. When bioboosted, the strength quickly grows to 2/3's that of a normal Guyver. However, due to psychic enhancement, his strength outmatches that of a normal unit by a small amount. Speed: In non-bioboosted form, subject can reach speeds of 75 miles per hour. The speed of a cheetah. Once bioboosted, unit can move at speeds of 300 miles per hour. In flight, speed is Mach 5 as the subject's species was developed for this. Reflex speed is triple that of a bioboosted human making him highly maneuverable in flight. Durability: Not quite as durable as a human but makes up for that in speed and power. In bioboosted form, the subjects durability is still lower than that of a bioboosted human by at least 10%. Megasmashers: The chest plates on these unit open up to reveal a much more compact version of the standard megasmasher on human units. However, being more compact does not mean weak. The small size is due to the fact that with all the gravity orbs on the unit's body, a hypersmash can be fired. It is three times as strong as a megasmasher. To conserve power and reduce mental straining, this unit is also capable of delivering a megasmash equivalent to that a human type unit without using the gravity orbs. The megasmash appears to be the weapon of choice for the subject because of his peaceful nature. Gravity orbs: The orb on the subjects abdomen not only controls the pressure cannon but stabilizes the unit during flight. There are a total of 4 orbs on the unit's body. Each orb is specialized for a purpose but may be used to supplement the power of another orb (mostly, the one centered in the abdomen). Pressure Cannon: The power of pressure cannon varies on how much time the unit has to deliver an attack. A single pressure cannon attack can be formed much more quickly than standard units or can be used to charge two pressure cannon attacks. A double attack drains the host but recovery time is quick. Frequency blades: On this model, there is only one high frequency blade on the right arm. Being on the forearm and extending away past the hand, allows the unit to use it like a rapier. Given, the subjects speed, the high frequency sword makes for the most effective weapon. The gravity orb can generate intense electrical energies that enhance the cutting ability of the forearm blade. The high frequency blade when boosted by electrical energy can cut through even the toughest of armors. Sonic busters: Located right at the chin, they can emit frequencies to shatter objects like a bioboosted human. When the mouthpiece opens up, the emission is focused into a narrow area capable of travelling 50 yards towards a directed target. Flight: The two gravity orbs on the subjects back are modified frequency blades. Like the Gigantic's frequency blades, they are flexible. They work in conjunction with the gravity orbs, that focus and spread the life energy of the host to manifest wings of light similar to the barrier formed around time of bio-boost. For battle, the wings allow the unit to hover in mid-air as well as maneuver like a bird. Shield: Subject's has extra defensive measures in the form of a bio-shield generator on it's left arm. The same shield can be used to electrocute anyone who gets too close. The wings generated on the back may also act as shields. At full power, the shields can partly block a megasmasher.
  10. Yes, but remember humans were meant to be weapons. =)
  11. I read an article written by Ryuki that the Guyver has two of everything; namely eyes, sensor orbs, and megasmasher. At first, I didn't understand why the Guyver would need two of everything until I found this. Here is a quote from a site "Flatworms are bilaterally symmetrical, with "mirror image" right and left sides, probably a development that arose during the evolution of a front end - if an animal tends to "lead" with the same end all the time, it will move most efficiently if both sides match. A preferred front end also leads to cephalization, a concentration of senses and processors in the front. A preferred front end becomes an actual head end. In an interesting development, the most active flatworms do not have their mouths up front, although that will become a common feature of heads in later groups of animals." The guyver is meant to be an armament so fighting is a very significant part of its function.
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