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Guyver fanfic in progress

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No prob. Bk and I should also thank you. After reading this fanfic we got an idea about a good plot element for our fanfic. Kinda like a good thing that you won't see coming until the very end.

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That's true. Seeing as the story was inspired by the Guyver manga and Rhia's personality was inspired by you and TW and my friends at school.

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Well glad we could help. Be sure to check out the Quantum Guyver Reborn! fanfic when it comes out. You may be able to get some ideas from the story

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Well glad we could help. Be sure to check out the Quantum Guyver Reborn! fanfic when it comes out. You may be able to get some ideas from the story

I remember that guy from the RPG. :lol: It's been awhile since I heard about him.

Nice work on your new chapters, RC; I wasn't sure about the timeline in the beginning, but the clarification is much appriciated. Nice work.

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I'll keep an eye out for it then. In the mean time, here is the next chapter:

Chapter 3:

For an entire year, Rhia followed Alkanphel across the world. She rarely spoke with the other Zoalords, and she rarely left Alkanphel’s side for long. A good majority of the Council thought that she was growing fond of him.

She had to admit, she was attached to Alkanphel. He taught her what it meant to be a Zoalord and he was able to teach her to teleport, which took up a lot of her energy. He took her to various places around the world, showing her what was outside her island homeland. He was the only person that came close to being a father figure to Rhia.

“Rhia, there’s someone I want you to meet,” he said to her several days after the first anniversary of Cronos’ take over.

“You found the new Twelfth Zoalord,” she said and saw a tall man with long black, wavy hair, a dark visor, and dark Zoalord clothes. “Imakarum Mariblis, once Masaki Murakami. I assume that the Guyvers are still alive?”

“Yes, they are,” Mariblis said. “I will be hunting down the Guyvers in Japan.”

“With Zeus’ Thunder and the Guyvers running around,” Alkanphel said, “it would be best if you were to stay near a Zoalord at all times.”

“Meaning I’ll have to stay in a base until the situation is resolved,” Rhia said. “I understand.”

She waited for the two Zoalords to be a good distance away before she began to think.

His weariness confirmed what she had felt the past few days around him. He was suffering, and he was worried that it might lead to something permanent. She had noticed that his body wasn’t storing enough energy properly and she had heard from the other Zoalords that he was known to disappear for years without explanation. What it came down to was this: he needed the Guyver Unit in order to recover from his lethargy and stop his hibernation from killing him. He was counting on this new Zoalord to get a Unit before it was too late.

‘I’ll assist Imakarum in anyway I can,’ she decided.

A gun shot rang through the corridor and she felt something go through her abdomen. Warm blood dampened her clothes as she fell to her side. She heard noises, but they sounded as though they were far away. Someone shook her, trying to keep her awake, but her vision had already gone black.

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Guys, I have hit a bad writers block. Rhia has not died, but I need help getting my creative mind back on track. I was thinking about writing a chapter of the Zoalords (other than Alkanphel and Imakarum) having a heated discussion, but I'm not sure about it. Can anyone please help me?!

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Well, you posted in your last chapter that some of the Zoalords were not fond of the idea of a female Zoalord, or in this case a Zoalady, being on the council, to even exist or to even take Alky's place in the future.

So maybe they could have their heated discussion around Rhia, making some hints and links to Griselda (Shizu) as she is a Zoalady as well in being that Barcus and the others see her as a threat and that Rhia could end up being the same in their eyes. You could even have Rhia overhear their argument from outside the council room. Thus, giving her even greater motivation to prove them wrong and truly make something of herself in later chapters during the time she's still loyal to Chronos before the Guyver parts of it.

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The wheels are turning! Thanks Toku!

Edit: Chapter 4

She had yet to awaken.

Barcas saw her wounds heal right before his eyes before any of the other scientists got a hold of her. He couldn’t believe what he saw. Rhiannon had completely healed without any infection before she was examined. He had seen some strange phenomena before, but this was near impossible. Not even a Zoalord had this rapid healing capability!

The other Zoalords knew of this and began to question who she really was, and Hamilcar Barcas did not like it when the other Lords questioned their commander.

“I have to wonder if our Lord knew of this,” Kurumegnic, the only dark skinned Zoalord, said, “and if he did why he kept it a secret from us all.”

“Keep such thoughts to yourself!” Barcas said.

“By all means, Doctor,” Jarvil, the Zoalord wearing a turban, said, “the girl could prove to be a threat. If she were to turn against us, then she would be a force to reckon with.”

“I hardly doubt a human girl could harm any of us Zoalords,” Kurumegnic said haughtily. “That flat chest sorry girl is as harmless as a fruit fly. All women her age are weaklings after all.”

“I wouldn’t say that so quickly, Kurumegnic,” Amniculus said. “Lady Rhiannon is a strong and mature child for her age. By all means, she’s ideal to be a Zoalord.”

“She’s bloody sixteen!” Jarvil protested. “I will stand for a sixteen year old, illegitimate, female take the position of a Zoalord! It is unheard of that a female be as powerful as men!”

“Had I not known better, Jarvil,” Purgstall said coolly, “I would say that you would rather have an incompetent boy as a Zoalord over a competent woman. I would also point out that you turned it into a gender issue. What’s so bad about a woman being a Zoalord?”

“I have to agree with you, Purgstall,” Rentsi said, his black hair covering his right eye. “Women have certain abilities that we men just simply can’t use without strict discipline. In my honest opinion, she would be a more efficient leader than us.”

“Explain, Rentsi,” Caerleon said.

“Women have been known to be more creative than men, and Rhiannon is no exception to this fact,” he explained. “I’m unsure if you all know of this, but she does have a sketch book with portraits of all of us, including Alkanphel. In the background of the portraits she drew designs that she thought would best suite our personalities, most of them I thought were dead on and some I would never even have thought of before.”

“We all appreciate your words on the girl’s mind,” Kahn, an elderly Zoalord, remarked, “but what does art have to do with leadership?”

“She sees the world in a different way than we do,” Waferandos said. “I think I understand where Rentsi is going with this; Lady Rhiannon thinks in a different way that we never would consider until the last minute.”

“I’m still against a female ascending to the rank of Zoalord,” Kurumegnic said.

Sexists,’ Rhia thought in the infirmary. She shut her mind and she heard nothing more of the discussion. She rolled onto her right side and stared into space.

Kurumegnic had gotten onto her black list in a matter of seconds along with Jarvil. How the heck was she a flat chest? She had a normal sized chest, so she didn’t see anything wrong there.

Sin had always been a good friend to her and he was there when she needed advice from someone other than Barcas. Rentsi had been kind to her and she had shown him her sketch book, an honor that was rarely given to anyone.

Purgstall was also a good friend, but she never would think that he would stand up for her. Just thinking about him stirred something in Rhia, something she never felt before. She ignored it; she would think about it later. For now, the man held more respect with her than he did before.

As for the rest of the Council, she would have to prove herself loyal to Lord Alkanphel before they would ever trust her.

Edited by river_chaos

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Sorry, LordSpleach. I didn't realize that until you pointed that out.

Chapter 5:

Rhia returned to Japan with Imakarum and Purgstall the next day. The man that had tried to kill her was a Zeus’ Thunder sympathizer, and now Alkanphel thought his only heiress would be safer in her home country and in the one city that she knew every nook and cranny by heart.

Soon after nightfall, the Guyver Gigantic appeared and attacked Cloud Gate. Guyver 3, however, was scouting the building for the main command center.

“Are you sure you don’t want help, Mirabilis?” she asked Imakarum before she left the command center.

“This task was given only to me, Lady Rhiannon,” he said. “Remember Alkanphel’s orders; you are not to get involved.”

“I know,” she said and left with Purgstall. She didn’t say much, but Purgstall had a feeling that the young lady was tracking the movements of the Guyvers through the thoughts of Zoanoids because a smile flickered across her face. When they reached the emergency command center, she said, “The Gigantic unequipped his armor. Guyver 1 is regrouping with Guyver 3 and will soon go up against Lord Mirabilis.”

“Have I ever told you that your telepathic abilities scare me?” Purgstall said.

“I’ve heard you think it, but not out loud,” she replied.

“Is there anything that escapes your telepathy?”

“Not much, and no more questions, the fight’s starting,” and the command center shook from an explosion from the top level.

The two Guyver’s fell to Shinjuku and Mirabilis followed Guyver 1. Then Aptom the Lost Number appeared. ‘It appears that the newest member has powers nearly equivalent to Alkanphel’s power,’ she thought after Mirabilis destroyed a building with one attack while trying to destroy Guyver 1 and Aptom. She wished she could ignore Alkanphel’s orders and joined Mirabilis; the Guyvers were putting up a good fight against the new Zoalord, even when Guyver 3’s ambush didn’t work. The fight then took to the sky after Mirabilis transformed.

“Lord Purgstall,” one of the Zoanoids at the computers said, “there’s a news helicopter heading toward the fight. Shall we radio them to turn back.”

“No,” Purgstall said. “This could turn to our advantage.”

‘Indeed,’ Rhia thought.

‘How in the hell is she still alive?!’ she heard a human behind her and she spun on the dot.

“Don’t even think about,” she commanded the human and forced him to submit to her. Purgstall turned his chair around and saw what she was doing. “Drop your weapon.”

He didn’t have a choice; the Zeus’ Thunder operative dropped his gun and begrudgingly knelt before her and Purgstall.

“How did you get past security? Only Zoanoids are allowed here,” she said and mentally forced him to speak.

“I posed as my twin brother,” he said. “He was a candidate for Zoanoid processing, and I killed him and took his place. I had no idea the heiress of a Zoalord was still alive.”

Her anger grew uncontrollably, and before she knew it, the man’s head twisted completely around and his limp body fell to the floor. Her eyes widened in shock as she felt his life force slip into the void. “Oh my God…” she said and a sense of nausea began to wash over her.

Purgstall quickly led her to a trash bin and she threw up. She felt him rub her back and his mind brushed against her mind.

‘Are you alright?’ he asked her.

‘I…think so,’ she replied. ‘I…I had no idea…I didn’t mean to kill him…’

‘Take a moment to calm down,’ he told her and he returned to his post. “What are you looking at? Return to your posts,” he told the Zoanoids staring at Rhia in shock.

‘What have I done?’ she thought.

The fight with the Guyvers and Aptom was over. Mirabilis was still furious that Fukamachi and Makishima were able to give him that slip, but that made him all the more determined to get their Control Medallions.

He returned to Cloud Gate and met Purgstall in the emergency command center, and there was a clean-up crew there too.

“What happened here?” he asked Purgstall.

“Rhia killed a rebel by accident,” he said.

“That’s not like her to kill someone,” he said in shock. “What happened?”

“She forced the rebel to submit to her before he could fire his weapon here,” he explained, “then she had him tell her and me how he got passed security. After he told us that he killed and impersonated his brother, she became enraged and lost control of her powers.” He sent an image of a man’s limp body on the floor with his head turned completely around.

“Is she alright?” ‘She’s growing more powerful,’ he thought.

“No, she’s isn’t.”

“Where is she now?”

“In her quarters, but I would advise to give her some space until morning. She needs time alone.”

“Very well, I’ll tend to her tomorrow,” he tried to reach out to Rhiannon mentally, but was repelled by a wall. He saw the wisdom in Purgstall’s advice; she was deeply disturbed by her kill so much that she was using the emotion as a barrier in her mind.

‘I’ll have to report to Alkanphel about this,’ he thought and left the command center.

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Chapter 6:

She didnt come out of her quarters for a long time.

Rhia was out of touch with the world around her so much that she jumped when she heard someone knock on her door. The door opened and the person she least expected came in her quarters.

Lord Alkanphel?! What are you doing here? she said.

I heard what happened, he said and hugged her without warning. Rhia turned at least twenty different shades of red when he did that, and he was the only person now that even gave her hugs. I thought you would like a friend to talk to.

Thats….very kind of you, she said, her cheeks turning even more red. I wished I knew how to talk about this.

How about we start with how you feel about it, he let her go and they sat down in front of her glass cased cabinet. I may not be your parent, but I know that you need to talk about what you did.

I feel horrible, she began. Mother always told me that it was a terrible to kill a person without just cause, like protecting a helpless person. How do I justify what I did? He wasnt pointing the gun at Purgstall, the gun was pointed at me. Tears came to her eyes. I didnt have just cause to kill him, and…it felt wrong to take his life. I felt him enter the void. It was like part of my own soul had been ripped apart.

It appears that there is another lesson I need to teach you, he said and got up. She watched him, puzzled, as he walked over to her night stand and pick up…

Imakarum was walking down a hall in Cloud Gate when he saw two blurs, one white, one violet, zoom pass him and he heard Rhiannon yell, COME BACK HERE!!

What the hell was that about? he said and continued walking.

Give back my sketch book, Alkanphel! she demanded when she cornored Alkanphel on the level of the meeting hall. Mother gave that to me! Give it back!

Okay, he said and handed her the sketch book. She looked at him with absolute puzzlement on her face as she took back her book. Now, think back before you killed that man. Did he not say that he killed his brother?

She began to understand where he was going with this.

What he didnt tell you is that he killed a number of Zoanoids on the way to where you were. If he had lived, he might have killed more before he himself were executed.

I would never have thought of that, she whispered and looked at the floor.

This is your lesson, Rhia, he lifted her chin up. You have to move on in life. You cannot continue to live in the past, so starting today, you will begin your training to be a Zoalord, he told her and she bit her tongue to keep herself from objecting. Purgstall will be your mentor, and he will be keeping me and Dr. Barcas updated on your progress. I expect you to have leadership skills by the time we meet again. I hope you do well, Rhiannon.

He walked away from her and teleported away, leaving Rhia bewildered and shocked.

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Chapter 7

You need to make your voice more firm when giving orders, Rhia, Purgstall told her again.

Three months had passed since she had begun her training. Every day Purgstall would give Rhia command over Cloud Gate while he observed her giving commands and overseeing Zoanoid production. Each session grew longer and longer until he gave her command for an entire week. She had done perfectly well with the task, and Purgstall had even given her a rare complement. Yet, she still felt that she wasnt ready to take the position of the commanding ranks.

I know, she replied again. I just wished I knew why my voice is breaking so much lately.

Its probably nothing to worry about, he said and looked down at one of the computer screens, and it appears that you have a message.

Do you want to get it or should I?

Ill get it, he opened it and quickly said, Drop what your doing and come! The Council has been summoned to the Dead Sea.

What!? Are you serious? she jumped up and followed Purgstall to the helipad several floors below the command center. There was no helicopter. Out of curiosity: how the heck are going to get there?

He grabbed her arm and her question was answered. They teleported from Cloud Gate to the Dead Sea.

Right on time, Amniculus told them before Rhiannon fell to the ground. She still hasnt gotten use to teleporting?

Are you well, Rhia? Purgstall asked her. Youve never had this problem before.

It appears that the girl is still a weakling, they heard Kurumegnic.


What? Has she fainted now? he continued to mock her. How childish.

Amniculus knelt next to her and checked her pulse.

Somethings wrong. Her hearts beating too fast.

At this, Barcas rushed over and confirmed what Amniculus said. Then he rolled her on her back and they all saw her eyes change color.

She missed the launch of Cronos pride project and creation, the Ark. It took her several hours to come out of unconsciousness, then she overheard Barcas and Alkanphels conversation.

I warned you that a half breed child would possibly be unstable, the old man said.

Then run tests and confirm if she really is falling apart, the Supreme Commander said. If she is, then put her in the optimization tank before its too late.

It may be too late already, my Lord.

Just do it. I dont want to lose her; not after the hell shes been through, she heard something creep in his voice.

For you, Lord Alkanphel, I will do all that I can for her, the old doctor left his lords side.

Rhia retracted her mind, upset about what she heard. Barcas had called her a half breed. It sure as heck explained why she was so different, but what did that mean? Was she an experiment? If she really was falling apart, then why would Alkanphel want her alive so much?

At least he knows that I have feelings, she thought darkly. She rolled over to her side and thought, If I was an experiment, what was I meant for? Was I meant to heal him somehow?

She had healed in a matter of minutes after being shot in the abdomen, so it would make sense if she had other abilities aside from her telekinesis. Now the question became: what could she really do?

A scientist was close by, monitoring Rhias heart rate and thought waves. He was loyal to Cronos, but, like his colleagues, he was injected with the virus that insured loyalty to Cronos. He didnt need the vaccine any time soon, so he wouldnt notice anything if she were to kill some of the virus. She reached out to him, and he didnt notice her mind brush against his. She isolated a cluster of the virus and killed the cells. The scientist still didnt notice a thing. Rhia felt a vast sum of her energy be drained from the process and remembered that a majority of things were affected by distance, like teleporting.

She put him to sleep and got out of the bed she had laid on. She noticed he had bandages on his hand and arm; he had burned himself recently. She ran her finger from the back of the bandaged hand and ran it up to the edge of the burn up his forearm. This time she didnt feel exhausted from the effort. The scientist stirred and she hurried back to her bed.

He didnt know she had been up, and he didnt notice that his burn no longer pained him. When he finally did realize that his burn was gone, Rhia couldnt help smiling out of satisfaction and trying not to laugh at him going bonkers over a vanished burn.

Well that made my day, she thought, covered her face with a thin sorry excuse of a pillow, and laughed.


Should I keep this or rewrite this chapter?

Edited by river_chaos

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Chapter 8

Quit being so afraid, Rhia, Barcas grunted when Rhia turned her head away while he was taking five blood samples from her.

You try having a fear for needles, she shot back.

Then get over it, he said and she remained silent for the remainder of the blood taking. He didnt tell her why he was taking blood, but he had a feeling that she knew anyway. She could eavesdrop on any conversation, private or top secret, without them knowing, and it agitated the old doctor when she knew things she wasnt suppose to know yet.

She was still considered a child in his eyes, despite how mature she was for her age. The girl possibly might know more about all the Council members than she let on, which might prove useful if there were to be anymore traitors aside from Guyot. The only exception to this was Alkanphel; he was the only one that was able to shield his mind from her.

Well, thats it. You can look now, he said when he took the last sample from her.

She unrolled her sleeve and remained silent as Barcas left the room. He knew she was expecting the worst from the test. She was the only known half breed in existence, so more than likely the odds were against her surviving for more than a few more years. He only did this for Alkanphel.

Barcas, am I suppose to have a head splitting headache? he heard Rhiannons thoughts and the connection had been cut off almost immediately after that. He tried to contact her, but it was like shouting into empty space with his mind. She was unconscious again. He alerted the scientists in charge of monitoring her and left them to tend to her.

He soon regretted that decision. He was analyzing her DNA sequencing minutes later when one of the scientists contacted him.

Doctor Barcas, you need to come see this, the human said, apparently shocked. Rhiannon is--

Im on my way, he said and left his work.


Wow, this turned out shorter than I thought it would.

Edited by river_chaos

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Chapter 9

There was only the pain.

The pain numbed all her senses aside from her thoughts. It felt as though a thousand fire ants were stinging her constantly and a few had managed to crawl under her skin.

She couldn’t feel anything else except the pain. She could only wait…

And wait…

The first thing Rhia noticed was that the machines monitoring her vitals were far too loud. Then she noticed that the rest of her senses were jacked up as well. She smelled all the chemicals in the room, and she could feel every thread in the bed cloth under her fingertips.

“How is this possible?” she heard Purgstall say, for he was in the room with Imakarum, Barcas, and Sin. All four of them deeply concerned and curious about Rhiannon. “By all means, this shouldn’t have happened at all!”

“I have been wondering that myself,” the old doctor said. “Apparently there is more to this child that even Lord Alkanphel didn’t know.”

“Even Lord Alkanphel didn’t anticipate this?” Sin asked.

“It’s not surprising in the least, when you think of it,” Imakarum said. “None of us know much about her aside that we all met her on or after X-day, and I hardly doubt that her blood work is in the computer data yet. Alkanphel might know her full history, but he’s not ken on sharing it with me.”

She opened her eyes slowly, but didn’t move. She was on her left side facing away from the four Zoalords.

“Really?” Purgstall sounded surprised.

“He said that if that knowledge became common amongst the Zoalords, then her life would be in greater danger than if she were to remain an enigma.”

“So, we’ll have to trust our Lord about this until the time is right?” Sin asked.

“I don’t know,” Imakarum said. “As I said before: he’s not ken about revealing certain things concerning Rhia, even to me. I’m not sure if even she knows about this too.”

Why can’t they just say what they’re talking about? she thought irritably and looked at her hand. Her heart began to beat like a jack hammer. Her skin had turned to a gold color and hard brown skin covered her knuckles. Five gravity orbs protruded from her palm.

She sat up and only then did the other Zoalords notice that she was awake.

“Dr. Barcas,” she said, noticing a change in her voice, “what am I?”

For a moment, he didn’t say anything. She could sense that he was trying to figure out what he could tell her, and it was difficult to decide since he was acting under Alkanphel’s orders to not reveal anything of her unless it was unavoidable. Finally, he said, “You’re the only half-breed Zoalord in existence.”

Her BS radar went off.

“How in the hell is that even possible?” she asked. “I don’t have a Zoacrystal--”

“Yes, you do have one,” the old man interjected, “or I should say seven crystals.”

Rhia blinked three times. “Huh?”

“There is a mirror not too far from you if you want to look at yourself,” Sin said.

She got out of the bed and walked over to the mirror above a large sink. She had to admit: her Zoaform was kind of cool. Her hair was now twenty thick locks and each layer of locks varied in length; the longest locks came down to her knees and the shortest reached the back of her neck. Her eyes were completely white, and a giant, smooth Zoacrystal occupied the middle of her forehead. There were three more Zoacrystals in her chest and three in her abdomen. Various gravity orbs protruded from various places on her body. Her breasts were covered by some sort of crystal formation, but she thought it was a tad revealing since it resembled a bikini top.

“Well, what do you think?” Purgstall asked.

“I like it,” she said, “but I have to wonder what these thick locks are meant for.”

Barcas walked up to her and touched one of the locks. A jolt of electricity shot through his fingers and he jumped back out of instinct. The skin that had made contact had been burned.

“Didn’t expect that,” Rhia said with a smile. “That’ll certainly come in handy in a fight.” She ran her hand through her locks of hair and didn’t get electrocuted. Sparks emitted from the locks that she had moved as they rubbed together and generated more electricity. She smiled; she was going to have fun with her newly awakened powers, even if she was part Zoalord.


Sorry about the long wait. School's been busy, especially band.

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Ch 10:

To Rhias disappointment, Dr. Barcas mentally overheard her excitement to test her powers on the Guyvers and forced her to return to the Arizona base in North America.

They had one hell of an argument that made the three other Zoalords in the base teleport away before the foundation began to shake. In the end, about an hour or so latter, Barcas had to mentally command her to return to Arizona. It became apparent that Alkanphel and Barcas were the only ones who could give her commands that she could not disobey.

Now, a few weeks later, she laid on her bed in her quarters in the Arizona base, and she realized how rash she had been at the time. It was a good thing Barcas saw that, or she might have gone against Alkanphels orders and gotten herself injured or killed.

Its like I hit puberty all over again, she thought. It took her several days to return to her calm and collected mind. She apologized to Barcas about the fight and he told her what he found in her blood work.

Youre body is going through another stage of growth, he told her. In short, your body is reaching sexual maturity.

Are you sure about that? she asked. I really cant afford to be attracted to men or have any men chase after me with whats going on in Japan and here in America. Theres no time for that nonsense.

I have to agree with you there, but that is whats happening in your body, Rhiannon. The only way to avoid such trivial problems is for you to control yourself. I might be able to find a way to decrease your pheromones during those times, but it will be up to you to control your emotions. Do you understand?

I understand, that was the end of that conversation.

Since then, she stayed in her quarters. When she went to the training grounds, she observed the reactions of the lesser male Zoanoids and male humans around her. They all appeared to be attracted to her; the humans more than the Zoanoids. When they tried to approach her, she reminded them that the time was inappropriate and they snapped out of their trance. She did her best to distance herself from the men as she sparred with a Hyper Zoanoid. She was glad that the Hyper Zoanoids didnt succumb to her pheromones as much as the underlings around them and they were proving to be rather trustworthy body guards while she trained. There were a total of five Hyper Zoanoids present, and each of them took turns sparring with her. The other four that didnt spar with her at the time kept the underling Zoanoids and humans away from the area.

After an hour of this, she took a break.

I hope Barcas will find some sort of solution soon, she thought. Ive heard of love spells, but this is ridiculous.

Got something on your mind, Little Miss? one of the Hyper Zoanoids asked. He was the robust, power house of the five that sparred with her, and judging from his black hair and predominant cheekbone, he was probably of Native American descent.

Just agitated by the attention Im getting from the normal Zoanoids and humans, she said. I really cant afford such nonsense at a time like this, especially with all the havoc Zeuss Thunder is causing here in America.

Sometimes you just need to ignore those things, he said. Itll pass soon enough. Just humor them until they regain their minds.

Easier said than done, especially with this many men around.

Just hang in there.

Something touched her mind and she heard Dr. Barcas, Rhiannon, the Council has been summoned to Japan. Drop whatever youre doing and come with me.

Several hours later and a flight over the battle scarred Tokyo, Rhia sat with the Council in the meeting hall in Cloud Gate. Lord Purgstall had just finished telling them how Mirabilis had fallen at the hands of the Guyver Gigantic and now they viewed pictures of the damage done to the city. Rhia listened in silence, her rage growing at the words spoken by Purgstall and the objections made by Sin and Barcas.

Suddenly, she stood and walked calmly to the doors.

Miss Rhia? Caerleon said.

Ive had enough, she said, keeping her voice emotionless. I cannot stand to hear this idiocy anymore.

Rhiannon! Sin said surprised.

From the way I see it, its common sense to protect the city under your care, even if the Guyvers were the ones attacking it.

Keep such treasonous thoughts to yourself, Barcas nearly shouted. Else you might never take your place as a Zoalord.

The child does prove a valid point, Dr. Barcas, the other old Zoalord, Kahn, said. Lord Alkanphel would want us, his Zoalords, to protect the regions entrusted to us, but never to pursue the Guyvers. We can drive them off, we just cannot kill them.

Im surprised, Kurumegnic said, with an evil smile on his dark face. None of you see the poison in her words, the words spoken by a woman no older than sixteen.

Rhia glared at him; the tips of her ears burned red as her anger reached its limits.

How do we know shes on our side anyway? he continued. For all we know, she might sympathize Guyver 1, or to her, Sho Fukamachi. She might tear off Guyver 3s head if given the chance, but Guyver 1? All women are weak at heart, including her, which could prove dangerous to our glorious plans.

What gives you such ideas, Kurumegnic? Purgstall stood up, becoming angry. If our Lord Alkanphel trusts her enough to make her his heiress, then why should we have to worry about her betraying us? Or are you just accusing her because she is of the opposite sex?

May I remind you all about the woman that protects Guyver 3, Shizu Onuma. How do we know that little miss Rhiannon Maaka will not turn out like her and try to protect our enemy?

Rhia walked over to Sin and tapped in commands on his display screen. A news article appeared on all of their display screens:

Honda Akito was charged on August 19th 1991 with the involvement of the murder of Maaka Elizabeth whose daughter, Maaka Rhiannon, was the sole survivor of the terrible traffic accident on July 31st 1990.

There was a picture of the wrecked limo that had transported Rhia and her mother that night after the wreck. The limo was unrecognizable; it was a miracle that Rhiannon was standing before them alive and healthy. It was crushed like a broken accordion; the windows were shattered, one door was missing, and the drivers cabin was crushed.

My mother and the driver were killed, she said. Do you honestly think I could spare any sympathy to anyone that takes the lives of innocent civilians after what happened to my mother?

She stalked away, leaving the ten Zoalords to digest this new piece of information.

I had no idea… Rentsi said in shock.

I think this proves that Lady Rhia is not weak, Waferandos said.

Alkanphel said that her mother was dead, but I never asked how she died, Sin said in a low voice they had never heard from him before now. No wonder why shes so withdrawn…

Purgstall walked, swiftly, to the door.

Where are you going? Sin asked.

To find Rhia, he replied before disappearing into the hallway.

It didnt take him long to find Rhia. All the Zoanoids were avoiding the area she was at, which was on the same level as the meeting hall.

She was staring out the window overlooking the destruction wrecked upon Tokyo, silent tears streaming down her face. Her sapphire eyes were glazed with sorrow. This was the first time Purgstall had ever seen Rhia cry. He walked up close to her, without drawing attention to himself.

Rhia? he said gently and she spun around.

Hello Purgstall, she said, wiping away her tears with no success. I didnt expect to see you so soon.

Rhia, he said in the same gentle tone. Im sorry that you had to put up with all of that. You should not have had to revisit those memories.

I am use to unkindness, she said. Ever since I was very little, I have been an outcast among my family and my peers; my only friends were my mother and the driver and his family.

I guess Honda saw to it that you were miserable? he asked.

Yes. He hated me with a passion because I was abnormal, she gazed off into space. Not that it matters anymore, but I still remember the treatment I got everyday until Alkanphel took me in as his heiress.

Nor should you forget it, he said and clasped her right shoulder with his hand. It was cruel the way you were treated back then, but now it is the past. Learn what you can from it and move on. It is what Alkanphel has been trying to get into your skull the past few months.

She was silent for a moment then she said, Youre right. Its hard not to think of the accident, but I need to concentrate and better control myself in the future.

That I have no doubt you will. Im proud of you, Rhia, he told her through their mental link.

Thank you, her mental voice was almost a whisper and Purgstall knew she was ready.

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