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RIP Jason David Frank


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This hit harder than I would think it would. 


When the Power Rangers first aired, I was in third grade. It was perfectly centered around someone my age. That and my Dad together watched the 'new' Godzilla films that were coming out at the same time. I say that only because I knew somehow there was something Japanese influence about it. 

So I was in class talking to my own classmates about this new evil Green Ranger. How he stacked to the others. How the Rangers would win etc. Then become happy that he eventually became good. Then how he lost his powers but the Red Ranger had some of it. More discussion about that. Then he became the Green Ranger again but now he has a limited amount of time and power before the Green Ranger ended. Then it happen and that was the end of that. 

Then we got the White Ranger which if I remember is completely original. But his big reveal was a big deal to my kid mind. 

I eventually grew out of Power Rangers mainly due to the original actors going away and concepts of what the Power Rangers were, were not interesting. 

As an adult though. Seeing what the family courts can do men during divorces though. It is brutal. 

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