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nice articles.

1. Yeah it happens, poor gal. But honestly, she should of known better then to wear that to the airport.

2. Speed dial, it's logical the fella had his dearest family on speed dial. With the crash, the phone could of been open and pressured with just a few buttons, constantly dialing any of three or four keys randomly.

3. I can understand them wanting to create their own versions... but it's incredibly silly because it will likely remain public knowledge as to why these new holidays were formed and modeled after western influences to begin with. In other words a needless complication.

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Here's a bit of interesting topic. . .

Your Chance To Catch The Show About Diseases That Pleases

This is a series that aired in Canada and apparently never made it out of canada but for sci-fi fans who like realism in their deadly disease of the week episodes, it is apparently a must see and the first 2 seasons are now being aired online at the Hulu video website.

And some more news...


Canadian Retailer Uses Honesty and Anti-US Sentiment To Sell HDTVs


Israel Deploys Crowd Control Skunk Bomb for the First Time


"Clean Coal" No Longer Oxymoron at New Power Plant

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Water Invisibility Barrier Protects Against Tsunamis . . . In theory anyway.


WaterMill Automagically Pulls Clean Drinking Water from Thin Air


Portable, Lens-less Medical Scanner Uses Digicam Sensors to Spot Infections on the Cheap . . . Now if they just cut the cost of our medical bills :doubt:


Why Animal Fat Might Not Be So Bad for You . . . Time to face facts, the officials really don't know what is healthy or not. It's just a play it safe game that often back fires on us, the consumers. :bleh:


Lab-Grown Smell Receptors Could Pave the Way for Artificial Noses

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My god the artificial noses article is what I've been hoping for. Finally a chance to reproduce smelling. i haven't smelled roses or poo for more then 2 decades.

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that air water thing sounds a bit concerning to me...

the water in air has a purpose, it plays some role in hte ecosystem and taking it out of the air in such a way could have unseen ramifications.

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Man practicing a quick draw shoots himself in leg


I'm all for practicing movies scenes ...but with a real loaded gun?

Parolee falls through ceiling at feet of deputy then tazered



Flaming squirrel blamed for small Calif. wildfire


One very unlucky furry animal

With southern California fighting wind-driven flames and spot fires breaking out across northern California, firefighters have fingered at least one arsonist: an unlucky squirrel.

Redding firefighters say the squirrel set off the blaze when it shorted out a power line, caught fire and dropped into dry vegetation.

Battalion Chief Gerry Gray says it took 18 firefighters and six fire engines to fight the fire that started behind a Redding restaurant.

The fire briefly threatened a home before it was contained Monday.

Redding Electric Utility spokesman Pat Keener says about 200 customers might have noticed their electricity flicker when the squirrel shorted out the high-voltage power line. But the incident did not cause a power outage.


Video games feature ads for Obama's campaign


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wow.. that house is so ugly.

i could not live there.. I mean.. where's teh shelves?

where the personalisation?

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That usually comes after you move in, the images are just of the architecture which is vitually always spartan as it is meant to highlight the house and not the interior decoration.

I think it looks really cool and the illusion on that one side that looked like it had one side lower was a nice touch. The interior gives plenty of natural lighting and like any house can be decorated to the content of the owners tastes and desires.



Check Out the World's Most High-Tech Planetarium

Tribology is still a not fully understood phenomena but it looks like we can already put it to some use...

Researchers Build X-Ray Machine With Scotch Tape

HEADS UP, DIY project perfect for Halloween!

Haunted Ouija Board Communicates With The Dead (Your PC)


Single Neuron Un-Paralyzes Monkeys in Test


Utah Man Evades Police Cars In Souped-Up Golf Cart


UK Police Given Talking Gas Caps To Stop Them From Using Wrong Fuel


Mass Produced Carbon Fiber Cars Down the Road


Scientists Discover New State of Matter, Could Be Used To Upgrade Microchips


Interactive Mirrors: The Inevitable Future of Vanity


Apple Patent Forsees Gadget RF Connectivity Everywhere, From Shirts to Cars


Scientist's Flying Plasmonic Lens Could Make Chips Ten Times Denser


Rocket Car Will Hit 1000mph in 40 Seconds, Empty Bowels in About 5


Redrock's Cinematizing Kit to Turn Video DSLRs Into Proper Movie Cams


My Mobile Witness Ensures This Picture Message May Be Used Against You in a Court Of Law


Brits Arrested Over Counterfeit Wiis


Easy Hack Circumvents the Wii's 2GB SD Card Limit


Scientists Build Computer Circuit From Brain Cells

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great articles. I love the Muppet driver. Reminds me of the X-Wing novels when one of the characters strapped an Ewok doll to his own body to make imperialists think that his fighter craft was piloted by an Ewok. lol

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wow, that windows 7 actually sounds good!

vista always seemed like a waste of time to me.

all my programs run on XP and I never saw any reason to upgrade simply to get some snazzy see through windows.

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