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Genetic Engineering in Fiction: Guyver vs Hitman

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This will probably be familiar to those of you who've played the Hitman franchise games.  We know that the engineering in Guyver involves massively genetically enhancing humans with alien technology to massively increase their strength, agility, resilience and other factors.

For those of you familiar with Hitman, you'll know the story, but in that franchise, the main character is Agent 47, a genetically enhanced assassin employed by the covert International Contracts Agency (ICA or simply "Agency").  47 was created from the enhanced DNA of 5 of the most prolific (fictional) crime syndicate bosses who allied with each other for 47's creation.

It should be noted that unlike the Guyver units or Zoanoids, 47 isn't truly super human, but his strength, agility, senses, intelligence and resilience are at the height of human ability.

So I guess we can discuss how Agent 47 would do in the Guyver Universe, as well as compare and contrast parallels between the two universes as far as this topic goes.

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I doubt he'd do any better than a normal human would... Unless he is zoa-formed, or acquires a Guyver unit.

His extra abilties might make his Zoa-form or Guyver form slightly better than others... But considering we are talking that even scout class Zoanoids are still many times him in strength, speed, senses and resilience over his already superior human traits, he would be done in fairly quickly.

Good hits with fancy weapons might allow him to make some kills, sure... but that is still not much better than normal humans could do.

The genetic modification of Agent 47's world is nothing compared to the Guyvers at all. Unfortunately, as scientific as the Guyver lore actually is, it is still closer to the edge of science fiction than "science-reality" like in Hitman.

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Seeing as Agent 47 is nothing more than a bio logical enhanced human with abilities that would put him on par with a super soldier such as Captain America.  I doubt he would be able to hold his own against as Bio Boosted human.  As the Bio Booster Armor gives a human the ability to hold there own against even a Hyper Zoanoid as evidence when Sho was unconscence and was able to easily dispatch members of the Hyper Zoanoid Team 5 and Enzyme II with ease.

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As far as combat ability 47 is very much outclassed by zoanoids considering that most modern day weapons simply lack the firepower to put down a mass production type zoanoid like Gregole who was able to take a point blank grenade blast and was more or less fine. He is also out gunned by  bio blaster type zoanoids like Vamore or Gaster. Agent 47 and zoanoids have  very different jobs, which is why comparing the two is almost unfair. while one is designed to take out high priorty targets without being caught the other is deigned to crush enemies with overwhelming force, mind you Cronos was able to conquer the entire planet in a single day with relative ease. Agent 47 does not have the combat ability to go toe to toe with most things in Guyver. 


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