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hi all, so I've decided to create this blog to share with you my love of prehistoric fauna. Over the last few month's I've been dealing with a lot and one thing that really helped was taking up a real intreast in what has been my faviort subjects since childhood. Please note that I don't clam to be a paleontological expert, I'm merely an amateur. 

So this blog will be for a lot of different things related to the prehistoric world, fiction, film, comic, manga primarily but also to talk about the real world facts as well. It also save on space if I confine it to a single topic.

So to start off, along with working on the Blue Hole manga, which I'll talk more about in the future, I've taken up fossil collection and hunting. Here's my collection at present. 

Spinosaurus Tooth



Mammoth Tooth - partial



Basilosaurus Tooth



Mylodontidae (Sloth Species) Tooth



Carcharodontosaurus Tooth - Small



Arthropleura Exoskeleton - My oldest specimen at 310 million years old.



Megalodon Tooth



Edmontosaurus Rib - partial



Cave Bear Paw



Woolly Rhino Bone - joint?



T. Rex Tooth Fragment




Rebbachisaurus Tooth



and finally one of the Ammonites I picked up, literally, from the Jurassic Coast.


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I plan to due a those Blue Hole Chapter summaries I promised this weekend and I'm starting work on chapter next chapter tomorrow.  

Also here's my one and only dinosaur character, who is heavily inspired by one of my faviort novels.

Moby Dick


Artwork done by Cobravenom at Devientart and bio by me.

"It was the whiteness of the whale that above all things appalled me."

"To the last I grapple with thee; from hell's heart I stab at thee; for hate's sake, I spit my last breath at thee."

In a dark, possible future mankind is broken. We have sucked the world dry of its resources and replaced them with poison, we have scorched and branded it with our arrogance and self-loathing.  We have destroyed and usurped, and in doing so sowed the seed of our own destruction.

The world is no longer ours. We in our arrogance created life and shaped it as we saw fit, spawning living nightmares and dreams. They were our works of art, testaments to our greatness, our children, our pets, our slaves. But, as is always is the case, as time passed and we blindly walked to our doom, our slaves raised up. The great beasts could never be truly tamed and as our grip grew weak they broke free. 

While much of the world is still bare and burned by atomic fire, just as much of it has been born anew. Savage and beautiful plants constantly battle to reclame the earth and in both the green and burned lands the great beasts roam. Their forms are as varied as our imagination and their power is great. Freed from their chains and cages they have spread across the world creating new ecosystems to replaced the ones we destroyed. 

Mankind still exists but we have diminished much. We have lost much of the ancient wisdom and folly we knew. We hide in the old cites that were not consumed by fire or forest and dwell behind great walls built both before and after the world burned. Yet even in this dark age we still have technology though little of of it is new. We scavenge, cannibalise and re-purpose old technology, making it work for us as best we can, though since most of the old natural resources we had once depended on are now gone and we have neither the knowledge, time or safety to build and maintain the more complex machines that harnessed the power of nature, fuelling our technology is another constant struggle

Though we breed as prolifically as we always have sickness, mutation, the plants and the great beasts insure that we will never rule again and promise only our extinction. However our greatest plight is one of food. Most of the plants in this new age are inedible at best and poisonous at worst. What plants we can grow and cultivate are constantly under siege from sickness and insects. Meat is also hard to come by, for all our food beasts passed away long ago. So he have gone back to the old ways and hunted as our oldest ancestors did. Yet even in this we are beset with tragedy and misfortune for even the smallest of the great beasts can prove dangerous prey. As such there are none who are more venerated then those men and women who take up the role as hunters and chief among them are the "Land Whalers".

Land Whalers, as their name implies, hunt Land Whales also know as Long Necks. These giant herbivores were genetically engineered as food animals and are the only beast of that kind that still live,  though they have become as wild and savage as the world they now live in.  They were based on the extinct species of dinosaur called Supersaurus though they are somewhat larger then their template and lack some of the anatomical features such as protruding teeth and back spikes. Their improved teeth, large guts and powerful immune systems allow them to consume virtually any type of planet life and when they breed they produce large numbers of offspring. These factors  combined with their great size and strength have allowed then to flourish were lesser beasts would have gone extinct. In fact they are a keystone withing the ecosystem of the world, provide an important sours of food for many predators and scavengers as well as acting a controlling factor for plant life. To humans however they are not only a prime source of meat but also fuel. Within their bodies, the Land Whales carry large amounts of  a special fatty oil which can be used to fuel fires (which are used to keep warm, cook food or keep away predators) or our ancient engines to provide power, electricity and moving vehicles. 

The Land Whalers hunt whales by using land ships (and in very rare cases sky ships). These mobile fortresses are constructed from a large number of scavenged materials but the foundations for all of them are giant vehicles who's original purpose has long been forgotten. Their movement is primarily powered by great engines however much of the machines computerised systems either cannot be worked or do not work at all, meaning that much of the ships functions require manual labour. These whaling ships look to be little more the giant, slapped together, rust buckets but the crew's work tirelessly to maintain them and they are much more durable then they may first appear. These ships are equal parts hunting ship, refinery, butchers and home to its crew and they travel far and wide for whales, sometimes never coming back to their homes for years at a time. This is done primarily because the ships need to gather enough oil and meat to sell and not just to maintain its crew and fuel supply.

The primary weapon of a whaling ship is its harpoon cannon which is mounted on the prow. The harpoon its fires is exceptionally large and one alone in normally powerful enough to slay a land whale from shock and blood lose (though there are some some large and tough old bulls who can be found still alive with a harpoon and sometimes two in-bedded in them). While the harpoon is the main weapon, the ship also carries a small assortment of other weapons and vehicles (which vary from ship to ship) that are used in the hunt. Once a whale is killed it is brought alongside on powerful cranes to be harvested.

However while whaling ships and their crews seem invincible, they are in truth in more danger then those who hide behind their walls. For while out in the wilds there is much wealth in meat and oil there is also fear and death not only in the form of the common predators, whom the whalers often clash with, but also the Named Ones.

The Named Ones are the most feared of all the creatures in the world. They are unique individual who's size and power surpass all other and are the supreme rulers of the ecosystems they inhabit. These monsters, for no word fits them better, have world wide renown among the surviving humans because of the destruction they have caused, destroying many land ships and even cities. They are not all of one species however, rather they are unique individuals of their kind who not only possess unnatural size and strength but also seemingly supernatural powers. In fear and reverence the humans great them the honour and distinction of a name. 

Their is Timor Jack a savage and scared amphibian horror who rules the country of that name as well as the sea and islands around it. Their is Lord Tom of New Zealand, a giant, three eyed, flightless bird that can run faster then the wind and is said to summon lighting. Their is Morquan the king of Japan, a vile, fire breathing tyrant. Their is Don Miguel the old turtle with mystic hieroglyphics upon his back who haunts the coasts of Chile. There are many Named Ones, greater and lesser, but one name stands above and apart from the others. The White Land Whale, Moby Dick.

He is a giant among his own kind and even among the Named Ones, he is perhaps the biggest creature to ever exist on earth. He is a nomad who's skin is a tapestrie on which the history of his long life has been written and every scar on his flesh is a chapter of that story. Despite being a herbivore his wraith is legendary and his roar makes even the greatest predators tremble, in fact he is often more likely to attack others then they him. He has destroyed countless land ships,  several cities and has even killed a number of the Named Ones. Yet despite all this there is something truly tragic about this behemoth. He is always alone and despite the fact that he has been known to save other herbivores from predators and humans, they fear him and also keep their distance. There is also something otherworldly about this creature and none knows how old he is. He seems to appear and disappear like a passing storm or cloud of mist, some even saying that he summons or turns into these things and vice versa. Their are others who say that he has been seen in two places at once. Their are also those who claim that he is not only nigh omnipresence but also immortal, swearing that even when he has been dealt a mortal wound and lost gallons of his black blood the next time he is seen he will be as fit and well as ever with the only sign of the event having ever happened is a new scar or harpoon in his flesh. However the greatest tale they tell of him is that it is not only his greatly scared flesh that earned him his name "The White Land Whale" but that when he truly becomes enraged, his skin glows with an appalling, white radiance that burns like a dead sun.

It is he above all else we fear, it is he whom we believe will bring us our final doom and yet it is also he who will the carry the only trace of our having ever existed on his flesh.

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Been a while to get here but here's the overview of Blue Hole's Prologue.


The prologue opens by discussing the Blue Hole caves off the Bahamas and about monsters that are rumoured to lurk within it's depths. It talks about the Bermuda Triangle and other locations across the world known as "cursed seas" were strange occurrences are documented to happen. It then moves on to the discovery of the Coelacanth in 1938 and one of the cursed seas of the coast of Africa, near the islands of the Comoros. It is here were our story begins proper.

Gaia (the women appearing on the cover of the manga) is a Comoros native and a fisherwomen. She, her Grandfather and her deck hand Diego our out night fishing for a very valuable catch, Coelacanths. The fish a worth a lot of money and could not only help her pay of the rent on her boat but make her entire village wealthy. However her Grandfather wish's to leave the area, a spot were many of the prehistoric fish are known to gather, for other monsters have been known to swim in these waters and this is also the place were Gaia's father met his end years earlier. "They do no belong in this world" he says "They come from another world  and have gotten lost here". It is then the boat is attacked by a large sea creature, a mosasaur. Diego is thrown overboard and as the ship sinks Gaia's Grandfather slips from her grasp into the jaws of the ancient beast.

The next day, Gaia is picked up by a research vessel from the UK under the command of Captain Fox. He and Prof. Wizard interrogate Gaia who is still in shock. Poaching Coelacanths is a very serious crime and they are also interested in the state of her boat, as the damage on it appears to have been caused by an unknown creature. They also show her a severed arm which has a bite mark that dose not match any shark. While she cannot explain exactly what happened, with the threat of being arrested hanging over her Gaia cuts a deal. If she shows them the hiding place of the Coelacanths she can go free.

Gaia, Wizard and the Captain head down to the ocean floor in the ships submersible and soon find their goal. The Blue Hole is a massive cavern like structure 100 meters below the surface. From the hole pours an ominous blue light. At the Blue Hole the water's temperature and salt content changes, ultrasound is reflected from it and magnetic readings are abnormal. Soon shoals of Coelacanth begin swimming out of the Blue Hole as the group look on in awe, with Gaia pointing out that there many fish here yet she's criticised for taking a few. Unfortunately the shoal also attracts the attention of the Mosasaur Gaia had encountered the night befor. As the Captain is about to leave the area, Gaia grabs the controls and attempt to ram the sea reptile but this only results in it turning it's jaws on the sub. Things look grim but befor the Mosasaur can do to much damage a Plesiosaur rises out of the Blue Hole and snatch's the other animal in it's jaws befor diving once more. As it passes through the Blue Hole, we get a glimpse of an ancient sea. 

The group are able to return to the surfs without incident but are clearly shaken by the experience. Through there collective mussing they come to the conclusion that the Blue Hole is gateway through time.

In the closing panel of the chapter we are told that Gaia left her native land and Prof. Wizard returned to UK, specifically the University of London. The world continued to turn as if nothing happened for the next six months...


and thats the Prologue. Translating this chapter was one most rewarding experiences I've ever had. It took months to get all the martials I needed, the original manga, its 1996 French translation and then actually sitting down for days on end using google translate and common sense translate the first volume. This was a totally new experience for me as I do not speak any other language other then English, my sever dyslexia insuring I had no time to devote to learning even French at school, nor had I ever attempted manga translation. Fortunately I do have a supportive family member who did read the language to a degree, so I had someone to turn to if I was unsure of a sentence, and provided me with equipment needed cut the manga pages so they could be scanned.  To be able to site back and read it in full is a true joy as is sharing these over-views with you.





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  • 2 weeks later...

Two movie reviews today. First...

Actium Maximus: War of the Alien Dinosaurs


Plot Summery - The wretched colony world of Actium is crumbling under the ego of its dictator, Grand-Automaton Polpox. Rebel Laffrodites, a religious minority, are being exterminated in a government run campaign and to distract the citizenry Polpox has put on a grand carnival, an Actium Maximus where alien dinosaurs fight to the death in a gigantic Colosseum. Space Hunter Axezun is commissioned to scout the farthest reaches of the galaxy for new combatants. He and his crew find much more than bloodthirsty monsters on their quest however, they also discover a secret which could alter life in the galaxy forever.

Review - Oh boy starting below the barrel with this beauty. I ran across this film by accident while hunting for dinosaur related content on IMDB and really could not believe what I was seeing. I was so shocked and intrigued that I stopped the trailer half way and bought then and there. Actium Maximus is easily one of the lowest grade films I have ever watched. The only saving grace of this film is it's premises and world building but little else. The dvd cover description compares it to the Dark Crystal and in the weakest of ways thats true, this films sci fi universe has no ties to any standard sci fi narrative or universe put to film, for the most part, that I can think off. Like the Dark Crystal it has no connection's to earth or humanity (almost) despite some very human characters, another world(s), another time but minus the wonder. Thats about the only interesting thing here, the film is of the quality of a student film and if rumours are to be believed it was never meant to be released but to simple act as a concept pilot for a tv series. The practical effects look like they were made in someone's garage and the digital ones look worse. With easily some of the most terrible green screen I've ever layed eyes on and even poorly done colour editing to try and make some scenes lighting consistent. Speaking of editing, well that sucks too, day and night are interchangeable from shot to shot, one scene will randomly cut to another while others will get long and unnecessary transition sequence. Virtually none of the location shots even remotely match up with style of the practical effects used, you'll get an establishing shot for paper mashie alien city at night that cuts to one of a very contemporary earth building in broad daylight. Speaking of which any indoor location shots are just normal buildings with a load of poorly put together tat to make you "believe" your in an alien zoo or ship. The aliens are mostly just people in different colour cloaks and what ever halloween masks they could find on the day, a few others are just almost immobile puppets dangles in the air or sock puppets, one of the main villains is a guy painted blue (badly), the main evil aliens are just pillars of rock on turnstiles with a few pipes coming out and the main antagonist, the Grand-Automaton Polpox looks like he's made of two made it two heavily decorated cardboard boxes with lots tubes coming out and two massive blue globes for eyes. The human actors are some of the most wooden and inexpressive you will ever see. Dialog is either in monotone or had been so badly altered/synthesized thats it's almost unintelligible to the point that subtitles had to be added for you to understand them, no it's not meant to be an alien language becuase you can just make out that it used to be a normal sentence. Speaking of subtitles, every single bit of text in the film is as cheap and poorly rendered as you can imagine. The titular Alien Dinosaurs are cheap rod and sock puppets which look bad even in their best shots and much like everything else there green screen is awful. It's also painfully clear they only had one of each and just used different colour filters to make it look like their were multiple monsters on screen. Also all fight scenes consist of slow waling animation and flailing sock puppets, with the odd biting of stationery models thrown in, to give them some small credit at least they included some minor blood and gore despite the non-existent budget although that novelty is ruined by these wonky fight scenes lasting 3 minuets plus. 

All in all, you'd need to be a very special type of person to not be uninterested and bored stupide by this film, in some places its so slow that even the "so bad it's good" vibe looses it's bite, so if the trailer didn't do much for you don't bother and even if it did don't get your hopes up as even I struggled to get real entertainment out of this, and trust me if I'm flagging at times it has to be bad. If you really are interested then watch it for free on YouTube, I only bought it because I'm building a physical copy collection.

My Score: 1/5 

IMDB: 2.4

I'll be posting the other film review later today.

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Ok  so today turned into tomorrow but here I am.

The Jurassic Games


Review: Before I go into this review proper there's a little diatribe I want to get into before hand so you can properly understand my feelings on this film.

I've always loved monster, alien and animal attack films of B quality or lower, always, and while I've not watched every single one I've seen enough to get a general feel for this genre and how its changed over the years. For the last ten years or so these types of film have really sunk to an all time low. What I mean is that they have gotten lazy, they have gotten bad and they try to coast on the idea they are so bad they are good. But worst of all they never really try. It's got nothing to do with being cheap, or having the less then stellar actors or the cheap CGI, films had all these problems years before many of us were born, it's simply that none of them want to put real effort in. Say what you will about the SYFY channels original films, which is where a good bulk of this genre was coming from for a while, but despite how low budget, badly acted or poorly written you could tell that people did honestly try. They are a C list films at best but they still gave it their best shot one way or another. Thats not to say there were no "we stopped trying" types out there. I believe that the turning point that landed us in the land of less then mediocre and "we wish we were so bad we we're good" started with a little film called "Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus" a complete joke of a film that is just plan awful. It's classed as a so bad it's good film but here's the thing, most films that carry that title and do it well are films that never set out to have it. Birdemic is a shining example of that. Those that can pull it off intentionally are few and far between. Films like "MS vs GO" are not so bad their good, they are just plan bad but if your seeing them for the first time they can trick you into thinking otherwise. After this film did well for what it was the ball started rolling down hill. Tons of films coming out every years with bad stories, bad acting, awful effects and worst of all no effort. After the Mega Shark films finally died off (yes there is way more then one) it was succeeded by other shark films, hyped beasts and the big one Sharknado, a film that from what I understand raised the bar a little only to be dragged back down when sequels were made and again the novelty wore off. 

Then comes The Jurassic Games, a film thats in the same ball park as the mountain of trash I just mentioned but feels like it's worlds apart. It's nothing super original, it takes ideas from most films of this type you will have seen and mashes them together, Battle Royal, Hunger Games, the Condemned, The Matrix, Gantz and Swordart Online etc but with dinosaurs. The massive difference here is that despite the fact the film knows what it is it still tries. The story is cheesy but is played strait, the acting is not the best you will ever see but at least there's actual acting accruing on screen with none of the caste feeling like 2-D, cartoon character in human form. Action is a mixed bag but there is quite a bit of genuinely intense and well choregraphed  stuff here.The CGI for this type of film is some of the best you'll ever see. There is some stuff thats not as impressive, the affect of peoples heads exploding is laughable, dust affects could be better, model integrations with humans is not the best and there is a swarm of trilobites that is easily the worst affect in the film. But for all that you have so much other stuff that's pretty damn good, the dinosaurs easily are the best to come out of the "C grade or lower" market of films in the last 15 years and the way the film put them to use is just amazing at times. Other uses of CGI within the film are also pretty good to such as 3-D maps, screen and walls.

Simply put what makes this film good is that it really tried with what it has and succeeds more often than not. It's still a C list movie and it ain't perfect by a country mile but damn if it ain't the best C lister I've seen in far to long.

My score: 3/5



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Ok folks I just got back and here re my thoughts. I'll give a short none spoiler review then a full run down of the film. I wont lie, this will be a some what biased review given my love of all things prehistoric but I'll do my best to keep it fair.

Jurassic World - Fallen Kingdom


Story - It's 3 years after the fall of Jurassic World and during that time the dinosaurs have roamed free on the island with the world seemingly content to leave them be. However the islands dormant volcano becomes active, threatening to wipe out the dinosaurs once again. This brings up a lot of debates as to wither the dinosaurs should be allowed to go extinct once again or should they be preserved. In the middle of this controversy Claire and Owen become part of a team, put together by a private benefactor to, to capture and relocate the dinosaurs... but all is not what it seems. I wont spoil any more then that but I will say the later trailers do give quite a bit of the game away so if you avoided them then thats all for the better. Even so there are a few surprises through, a lot of good dinosaur action and some good moments of tensions, humour, emotion and even terror. No real problems with it's passing. It's got some nice twists and while it dose seem to tread over some old ground at times, the film dose it in it's own unique way and the latter parts are more it's own.

Character - I found all the characters to be in general to be good to ok. None gives a bad performance but none gives a great one either. The good characters are likeable and the villains are totally detestable. The biggest flaw here I would say is that only one character has any kind of arc and only to characters get any real depth. It's all good but not deep. No Thanos's here.

Effects - What can I say everything looks wonderful. I'm not a CGI hater and all the dinosaurs look amazing. While not as used as many would like, there are more practical affects here than JW 1 and they are pretty good themselves. Sets and costumes call look authentic and well made. What else can I say "Film look good".

Sound - On the music side we flip flop from great to passible. Some themes really stand out while other just blend in. Nothing bad or abrasive fortunately. All the dinosaurs sound great. 

Overall - Fallen Kingdom is not a perfect film. Comparisons to the Lost World are not completely unfounded as it's first half dose tread on similur ground and the characters while good, are not deep and static with little change over the course of the film. On the flip side the film is well made, what parts of it that run parallel to the Lost World are unique enough to be enjoyed on their own, nothing here is a direct copy and past job, and while later parts of Fallen Kingdom to pay some homages to early films it's here were the film truly comes into it's own. A pretty good and entertaining film but not one thats overly deep although it dose have it's moments. I loved it.


Ok Spoiler time: YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!


The film opens with a team of solders during a dark and stormy night on Isla Nublar. A two man sub is exploring the lagoon with a helicopter team on standby with another man operating the lagoon gates. Soon the sub finds it's target, the bones of the Indominus Rex. They extract a sample and send it top side however as they make to leave a large shadow looms out of the gloom. The top side team try to contact the sub to no avail, it's then that the helicopter team spot the T. Rex luring in the forest. The man on the ground is chased by the Rex and makes  it to the choppers ladder. The Rex bites onto the ladder but it breaks, but unfortunately for the technician the Mosasaur  rises from the water and snaps him up. The chopper team is able to escape but there's a problem. The gate controls were damaged by the Rex and the doors didn't close properly, allowing  Mosasaur to escape into the open ocean.

After the title sequence we get news feeds of what is taking place on the island, public reactions to the event and Ian Malcolm as part of a official debate on what to do about the situation. Malcolm is pushing for just letting nature take it's course, not just for the events on the park but this is a genuine chance to put the genie back in the bottle so to speak. Mean while Claire, who had been the head of operations at Jurassic World, is now the head of a Save the Dinosaurs group along with Franklin, a former IT tech at Jurassic World, and Dr. Zia, a paleoveterinarian. The group seem to be making some head way but a governmental press announcement confirming that the their will be no official action dashes their hopes. 

Shortly after Claire is contacted by Eli Mills, the right hand of Sir Benjamin Lockwood, the former business partner of John Hammond. Claire travels to the Lockwood estate and we learn that it was in a lab beneath the mansion were the first steps towards Jurassic Park were taken. Lockwood puts forward his idea to privately, and illegally, transport the dinosaurs to a new island that will act as a preserve for them, no parks this time. During their conversation we get a glimpse of Lockwood's granddaughter Maisie. Eli states that an animal of key intreast is Blue. As the last raptor in existence she must be preserved, however only one man is going to be able to have a chance at even getting close to her.

Claire goes to find Owen who is busy building a cabin in the woods. The two talk and we find out the pair split up some time ago, although they still have feeling for eachother. Owen is not keen on the idea of going to the island although Claire dose catch his intreast by mentioning Blue. She tells him were her plane to the island will be and leaves. Claire, Franklin and Zia make their way to plane with no sign of Owen, however as Claire takes her seat Owen pops up saying that he wondered if they'd ever get there.

They make their way to the island, which is now dominated by smoke from the active volcano. They land and meet up with Ken Wheatley and his team of mercenaries. The plan is simple, they are going to reactivate the parks tracking system, all the parks dinosaurs had trackers implanted when they were young and they are powered by heat and motion, and this will allow them to better track the animals for removal. Claire is needed as the system requires her hand print to be activated. As they travel they get to see a Brachiosaurus walking past the parks visitor centre. They successfully get the system operational again and begin tracking the animals, Claire noticing that quite a few are located round the old docking area. Ken states that his team have been capture dinosaurs already, the big ones are easy to find. They eventually get a lock on Blue, Owen, Zia and Ken head out with a team to bring her in while Claire and Franklin stay behind.

Back at the Lockwood estate we get to see Lockwood integrating with his dinosaur loving granddaughter, they talk about her mother who had died in a car crash years befor. We also get a sense that something is not quite right about the situation.

Owen is able to track down Blue however his efforts to gain her trust are wasted when the mercs try to tranq her. Blue attacks one of them and is shot, putting her in critical condition. Owen starts to argue with Ken, who promptly tanqs him. It's at this point were it's revealed there is an ulterior motive behind this op, Zia tries to threaten Ken but as he points out her chances are lower then his. Zia is able to avoid being killed by pointing out Blue's condition and that's she's the only one qualified to try and save the raptor. Ken and his men take the pair and leave Owen for dead. At the same time Claire and Franklin are locked inside the operation system bunker. It's at this moment the volcano begins to erupts. Owen, while paralyzed, has a close encounter with a Sinoceratops and is able to get back enough muscle control to avoid being stepped on. Unfortunately he's situation only gets worse as a magma flow starts heading towards him. Owen is able drag himself away, slowly regaining control of his body until he can start running. Claire and Franklin try to escape the bunker, which now has magma dripping though the roof, but their attempt to open one of the inner doors only succeeds in allowing a Baryonyx into the room with them. The creature is held, somewhat, in check by the dripping magma giving them enough time to escape through a maintenance hatch... just in time to see the mountain blow it's top. Owen then comes running out of the forest, a dinosaur stampede hot on his heels.

 As they flee the stampede, them make it to one of the old gyrospheres which offers them some cover. However as they try to get inside, Owen comes face to face with a Carnotaur. The animal attacks him but gets distracted by a Sinoceratops. There is a brief scuffle that ends when the herbivore runs off. The Carno again sets it's sights on Owen but is killed by the Rex. However the magma and volcanic ash is now much closer, causing the Rex, Owen on foot and  Clair and Franklin in the sphere to get moving. After a dangerous race to the sea they and a number of dinosaurs have no choice but to go over the cliff face. The damaged sphere begins to sink but Owen is able to get Claire and Franklin out and the group head to shore. From there they see both the Rex and a Baryonyx being taken to the docks and Claire states it was all a lie. 

During this time Maisie has begone to suspect what Eli is doing and tries to inform her Gandfather, who stats they he will see to the matter later as he dose not fully believe her.

Back on the island the last of the dinosaurs are loaded aboard the mercs ship, with Ken going out of his way to pull teeth out of the live dinosaurs mouths with a pair of pliers for his personal collection. As the ship starts to depart, our trio make a mad dash for the ramp which has yet to be raised, using an abandoned jeep to get the last of the way. As everyone looks back at the island we see a lone Brachiosaurus slowly making it's way towards the dock, our heroes can only watch as the poor animal is engulfed in smoke and magma. 

At the Lockwood estate, Eli meets with a man named Gunner who is going to set up an auction for the dinosaurs. Gunner is sceptical of the whole thing, especially after hearing that the dinosaurs will be delivered late, but Eli is able catch his intreast by saying that the money from the auction is going to be used for a new bioweapon venture, created from the DNA of I. Rex, the Indoraptor. Meanwhile Maisie makes he way down to labs. After watching some old footage of Owen and his young raptors, special attention being made to how Blue as a youngster was more intelligent and seemingly empathic then her siblings, Eli walks into the room arguing with Dr. Wu about Blue's condition. The reason Wu wanted her is becuase he require her genes to help make there new weapon more controllable. With her genes an Indoraptor would recognize her as it's mother and through Blue it would learn the behaviours they want to copy, which it can then pass on and so forth. The current prototype Indoraptor is a killer that they barely have under control. As Maisie is trying to hide, she accidently gets to close to the Indo's cage and a dark clawed hand (with a very noticable thumb) reaches for her. Maisie gets away in time but is caught by Eli who locks her in her room. Eli is then called in to see Lockwood, who berates him for doing all this and in his own house. With the threat of legal action put against him, Eli choses to murder his mentor but not befor dropping a few cryptic words.

On the boat our trio are able to find Blue and Zia who is trying to save the raptors life. The catch is that they need to do a blood transfusion to save her and there's only one dinosaur on the boat thats a close enough match... the Rex. Owen and Claire sneak into the Rex's container, the big girls is out cold, to extract the blood. Unfortunately some guards notice the open door and close it, the sound and being stabbed with a big needle being enough to rouse the Rex. Claire is able climb out of the roof and get the door open for Owen. They get back to Zia and are able to save Blue. A short time later the ship reaches it's destination and the dinosaurs are moved to the Lockwood mansion. The heroes travel as part of the convoy, hoping to be able to sneak away at some point but are caught by Ken and his men although Franklin is able to slip away. The dinosaurs are moved into very cramped holding pens, Owen and Claire get one to and Zia and Blue are taken to the labs. Eli tries to get Claire and Owen on side but when his words fall on deaf ears he makes it very clear what's going to happen to them. 

Not long after the dino auction gets underway, previously we had seen a number of buyers from around the world making their way to the mansion, and a number of dinosaurs are sold and transported ofs the grounds. Meanwhile Owen has a plan to escape their cage, there's a very headbutthappy Stygimoloch in the cell next to them. Owen encourages the animal to keep headbutting the wall until it breaks into their cell, the wall being made of only brick, and then gets it to charge strait though their cell door. The little guy then runs off while Owen and Claire try to plan their next move. It's then they run into Maisie, she had escaped her room, found her dead grandfather and used a dumbwaiter to hide from Eli and get to the lower levels. After earning her trust the girl agrees to help them. As they move to the upper levels they see that the auction is about half way finished and to increase buyer intreast they are showing off the Indoraptor as a potential future product. What is particularly eye catching is that the bioweapon can be made to attack a specific target though a laser/sound system. Using a custom rifle, one of the guards points a laser at someone in the audience, with the Indo immediately focusing on them, then by pressing a button on the side of the rifle a high pitched noises is sounded that sends the Indo is an aggressive attack mode. The display instantly has people bidding for the Indo, which was not meant for sale but as the price goes up Eli relents. Wu is not happy, the Indo is only a prototype and worse it will be out of their control. Selling the dinosaurs was bad enough, as it would allow other people to start copying something that Ingen had the monopoly on, but by selling the Indoraptor as it is any buyer is instantly put on an equal footing with their own research which results in loss of competitive edge. 

After seeing the Indoraptor, Claire and Owen agree that it cannot be allowed to leave the mansion. Owen uses the Stygimoloch from earlier to cause chaos in the auction, causing all the buyers to flee. As chaos breaks out Eli and Wu take steps to secure the situation, Eli trying to track down Owen and Wu trying to move his research. It's in this confusion that Franklin is able to slip into the labs and uncuff Zia. Wu and his men attempt to stop them but Wu is knocked out, he's dragged off my a guard and never seen again so I assume he's safe and sound, and Blue is let lose and begins attack the guards. Mean while Ken makes his way into the auction room to see whats happening, the place is deserted apart from the Indo still in it's cage. Ken takes an intreast in the beast, it was not on the island, and tranqs it. With the Indo seemingly out cold, Ken goes into the cage to collect one of it's teeth. As he tries, the Indo's tail raises  causing Ken to look round. The Indo drops it's tail at the last second and as Ken looks away, what can only be described as a genuine, malevolent grin crosses the Indoraptor's face. After the Indo dose the trick again, it clamps down on Ken's arm when he's not looking and bites it off. As Ken screams and cowers, the Indo slowly moves in and then strikes. Gunner and a few buyers try to escape in the elevator but get caught by the Indo. Meanwhile Owen and co are cornered by Eli and his men, Eli revealing the truth about why Hammond split from Lockwood. Maisie is not his granddaughter, she's a clone of his daughter. Befor Eli and his men can act further the Indo appears and kills the guards while everyone scatters.

What happens next is a long and deadly cat and mouse game between Owen, Claire, Maisie and the Indoraptor with Blue jumping in later on. They defeat the beast by using it's own programming against it. They are standing on the glass roof above Lockwood's private museum, specifically right above a very big Triceratops skull. Owen and  Maisie seem trapped but the Indo is forced to be carful of the glass which cannot support it's weight. Claire appears and uses the laser/sound rifle to force the Indo to attack Owen, breaking the glass. The monster is able to just about climb back up but Blue pounces on it at the last second causing it to be impaled. 

The heroes meet up the lab where Franklin and Zia inform them of another problem, toxic gas is leaking into the holding pens and the ventilation system is damaged. If nothing is done the remaining dinosaurs will die. Claire at first seem to want to free them but changes he mind at the last second, their not on an island anymore. As the dinosaurs seemed doomed to die, the primary gates open and they are set free... by Maisie. "They are alive, like me." The dinosaurs flee the mansion and Eli is killed in the process. Owen tries to get Blue to come with them but the raptor choses her freedom.

In the epilogue we are treated to dialog from Malcom along with images not only of the freed dinosaurs but the others that were sold and being transported across the world. The genetic power is truly out now, no longer confined to an island or one organisation. It's out there and none can predict the changes, for change is like death and you never now what it's going to look like till your staring it in the face.

Welcome to Jurassic World.

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I've decided to expand the topic I'll talk about on this blog, it gives me more to talk about and will prevent continued thread posting.

Anyway today I'm talking about another subject I enjoy greatly, Super Robots. Specifically a review for a manga I recently read.

Salacia - The Silver Mermaid


This was something I was thinking of translating myself one day but it turns out someone beat me to it. A 3 chapter manga by Go Nagai, Salacia tells the story of how humanity is forced to live beneath the ocean due to global changes. We are at war with a race of altered humans known as the Dugong Empire, a group of former humans who fused their genetics with that of sea life to be able to survive in the this new world. The Dugong vary in appearance to from sea life with human faces and arms attached to more 50/50 hybrids. Some look cool some don't.

Anyways due to the threat they pose humanity has created a super weapon to fight back, the titular Salacia. A Mermaid styled mecha to battle aid in the fight against the Dugong. It is piloted by our two protagonists, Ushio and Marin. One thing to note is that despite it's a appearance Salacia is not a super robot, it looks like one but in reality it has more in common with real robots. It's not powered by any kind of super power source like Photon Energy or Getter Rays, nor dose it possess any super weapons being limited to two cannons on it's shoulder and later a beam weapon from it's forehead. They eventually create several more  each with one unique weapon of their own. The ****pits for this mecha are housed in it's chest area, with the breasts being the viewing portals.

I become interested this manga many years ago when I saw a few scans of it on a website. Since I've been a fan of Nagai's bots for years I was interested to see what he'd do with this set up and the kind of super mecha he'd come up with. Unfortunately  I found this manga to be very disappointing. Salacia being more a real robot then a super one was a little bit of a let down at first but I still think it's a pretty cool mecha.

The setting is cool, the artwork and fight scenes are is great and some of the villains look really cool. But thats all this manga has going for it. 

First of it's far to short, at three chapters long it had very little breathing room to tell a story and it dose not use what little room it has well. To compare, the Steel Jeeg manga is only ten chapters long, but despite being short and simple it's well balanced for what it is. Salacia on the other hand moves at a break neck speed at times giving us no time to get to know any other characters other then the heroes, who are themselves very simple. The two primary antagonists of the story are little more then one note villains, which is very disappointing give how cool Nagai's other Mecha villains are. On the flip side the manga really dose drag it's heels sometimes most of which is tied to it's intruding comedy. Comedy is not a stranger in Nagai's works but the problem is that multiple pages can be given over to it  at the worst times, such as when they are trying to launch Salacia to stop a dugong attack and people are being eaten alive. This comedy is also of the adult variety, nothing explicit per say and again this is not uncommon for Nagai's work but due to how it's used and the aforementioned situation going on at the time, it just makes it feel even more time wasting. For example due to the cramped nature of the ****pit, Ushio and Marin end up colliding with each other, with Ushio's head ending up next to Marin's lower body or Marin's cloths being torn off.

But there is a much more horrible side to all this as well, something that makes all these scenes of nudity and touching, comedic or otherwise (that crops up at baffling times to) very distasteful and effectively ruined the manga for me. You see our protagonists and the pilots of the other mermaids are 12! It's stated that they picked young candidates due to the limited size of Salacia's ****pit but thats a pretty poor excuse to have underage nudity and borderline porn in your manga. Again it's not the first time Nagai's done this, they guy loves to throw this stuff in just to get a rise out of people (a particular scene from the original Cutie Honey manga jumps to mind) but it happens so often and to the stories own detriment that it stopped being funny or shocking very quickly and just left a bad taste in my mouth. That and also the reveal of the Queen of the Dugong Empire... Octo*****... I wish I was joking.

So to sum up, Salacia is a manga that had a interesting premise and ideas but had a lot of poor choices really drag it down and stop it being good.


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Some other artwork I've commissioned over the years.

Super Naturon Shenron - By The-Devils-Corpse


A what if from DB GT, Naturon absorbed SS4 Goku and defeated his fellow dragons. My first ever commission.

Saruman of Many Colours - By rhardo


Jiren the Grey - By rhardo


Tyrant-092: Port Attack - By BacusIllustrations


Zoalord Purgstall - By BacusIllustrations


Me and my Digimon Partner - By EmeraldSora 


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Giant Gorg Review



In 1990, an island emerged about two thousand kilometers south-east of the country of Samoa. It was named New Austral Island because of its close proximity to Austral Island. However, due to a secret concerning the new landmass, an organization called GAIL covered up its existence. Though absent from the map, it was still very much afloat. As part of the cover-up, Dr. Tagami, a university professor obsessed with the island, was killed.In his will, he instructed his son, Yuu Tagami to meet with his former student, Dr. Wave, in New York. Shortly after he arrives, he, Dr. Wave, Doris (Dr. Wave’s sister), and their dog, Argos, are attacked by GAIL. They escape with the help of Captain, an old friend of Dr. Wave’s who Doris describes as “a bad guy.” With Captain’s help, they make their way to Austral Island, though not without trouble. There Yuu is saved by a seemingly, sentient robot called Gorg that the locals believe is the island’s protector. The story unfolds from there, as the Yuu, Gorg, and friends try to uncover the secrets of New Austral Island while fighting off the forces of GAIL.

The best way I can sum up this anime is that its a great adventure story. There is a real sense of travel and exploration that other such series never quite manage to capture. Part of this lies in the fact we follow our heroes all the way from New York city to the island and beyond with no real breaks or cut aways that have them leapfrog to other locations in the blink of an eye. Also the fact that each episodes title screen a map of the island with the heroes location being the main focus. 

On the technical side of things Gorg was great for its time and is still impressive to this day. The animation is good and the artwork is beautiful, I also cannot remember much, if any, reused animation. The music and sound  for this series is also top notch.

Character wise, Yuu makes for a very good young protagonist who really dose grow over the course of the series. His fellows however are a mixed bag, Dr. Wave is an interesting character but he's very underused and falls to being the comic relief a lot. Depending on you mind set Doris will ether be ok but bland or painfully annoying because she's very much a normal girl who never really signed up for all this and is with the group because their being chased, and as a result she acts like a young girl would i.e. she's prone to complaining about the situation more often then not. Argos is a Great Dane who is somewhat anthropramophic, mainly in his expressions and more comedic moments, but pretty much acts like a dog would. The Skipper is a very enigmatic character who the group rely on in any combat situations, he's got extensive combat experience that proves invaluable throughout the story. The locals of a near by island join the group on their travels, Aroi and Sarah are children of similur age to Yuu and Doris but come from a completely different lifestyle and Manon while part of the group comes of a bland, normally finding himself driving or fixing the tank or acting alongside the Skipper. The villains are likewise a mixed bag, Rob Balboa and Lady Lynx are very good while many of the secondary villains and goons are more generic for the most part.

The titular Gorg is a mecha inspired by the first era of the genre. He's a huge automaton with a mind of his own. While he dose obey Yuu at times , others he will act out on his own with his purpose being revealed later. Gorg also dose not attack unless provoked, such as himself or his companions being attacked, or the island is threatened, such as attacking an excavation machine. Gorg also lacks any kind of weaponry of his own, relying on strength, skill and his environment to get and edge over his advisories.

One thing to not about this series is the threat that hangs over our heroes and its more grim moments. While not as bloody as some anime, people get shot and die here, their are no "piolets ejected" shots to show that Gorg didn't just kill someone. There is also a very uncomfortable scene near the end of the series that actually made my mouth drop with shock.

On the whole while Giant Gorg is not a perfect anime, its a pretty good one and I highly recommend it.


Note: Yuu's voice actor is the same as Krillin and Luffy's.


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A little somthing special today.

I commissioned Lucithea, creator of Guyver Alfa, to do artwork of my Prometheus Guyver.


Been doing a little reworking on his bio and weapon systems. Mostly minor but noticable changes include...

Vibration Globe - A single metallic orbs located between Prometheus's eyes that produces sound waves. It is primarily used for verbal communication but it can also unleash a highly destructive sound wave known as the "Sonic Buster". Upgrade: Prometheus's Vibration Globe can also generate powerful infrasound waves that can induce sever affects in anyone in it's radius, including fear, sorrow, depression, anxiety, nausea, chest pressure, paralysis and hallucinations. This "Sonic Terror" can cause lesser targets to faint outright. The Globe can also be used for voice mimicry and echolocation.

Mega-Smasher -  Two high-power particle cannons contained beneath the chest armour. Upgrades: The armour's energy regulation and output for the  Mega-Smasher have been greatly enhanced. The weapons charge time has been reduced by 25% and the energy output can be controlled so that power can be regulated. This was done because when fired at full power Prometheus's Mega-Smasher can destroy an entire city. This also means that the weapon can be used multiple times at a weaker setting since it's power reserves are not all used up at once. Due to the significantly high power output of his Mega-smasher, Prometheus's particle beam is red in colour when fired at full power.

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So according to the latest research, T. Rex had little to no feathers.


Some are overjoyed at having their childhood depiction back (after a fashion), others saddened at the loss  of their fluffy rex. For me, while I'll always have my childhood love of dinosaurs as they were depicted in Jurassic Park, we have to go with what the facts tell us. Scales, feathers or whatever, Dinosaurs are awesome.

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Ok rather then keep flooding the "What Anime You Watching" thread I'll post this here.

Captain Earth


Watched this series after Dancouga. Got it on a whim to.

I've heard this show has a bad reputation and I cannot see why, it's not perfect or great by any means but I've seen a lot of other shows far more worthy of contempt. 

Plot: High-school student Daichi Manatsu works for the Globe (グローブ Gurōbu) organization to pilot a giant robot called the Earth Engine Impacter (アースエンジンインパクター Āsu Enjin Inpakutā) to protect the Earth from the invading alien force known as the "Kill-T-Gang" (キルトガング Kirutogangu), that intends to drain all the life force of mankind to empower their immortal existences. In order to aid Daichi, Globe starts gathering allies including Teppei Arashi, a Kill-T-Gang whose memories have been erased and trapped inside a human's body; Hana Mutou, a mysterious girl connected to the ship Blume; and Akari Yomatsuri, a 17-year-old genius hacker. Together they form the Midsummer's Knights and fight the Kill-T-Gangs who are in search of more of their allies.

To describe how this show plays out, thing EVA or RaXephon but less complex for the most part. Not dumb but not as high brow ether. that said the show starts of rather poorly because someone thought it would be a good idea to dump you into this world with a ton of unexplained and confusion terminology. While the other to shows did have confusing starts to a digree, that was intended and they tried not to blow your mind right out of the gate. However once you get passed the first episode things start to slot into place quickly. The characters are all intreasting and likable, although like the series itself they are not as deep as they could be. Mech wise, the Impactors are kind of like Dancouga in that they are giant robots built around more realistic ideas while the Kill-T-Gang's true forms are more a long the line of true super Robots, interestingly the Impactors are shorter and have more powerful weapons while the Kill-T-Gang are bigger and faster. Only real big problem with the show is one I have with most modern anime, pointless fan service.

All in all an ok show and worth a watch.


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I really did pick a good time to start taking my Giant Robot collecting seriously again, because with ever passing day more and more old shows are getting releases.

For example at the end of the month Shin Tetsujin 28 is getting released... I don't recall using any dragon balls but someone is granting my wishs.


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Currently trying to burn through a few of my older series I've had sitting on the shelf for years, Grendizer and Gaiking. While I love these old 70's shows they can really be a slog when your not in mood.

Recently I got my hands on Aura Battler Dunbine and while it was very good it gave me a pretty good idea why I picked Super and giant bots over the real kind. Giant and Real robots are like super heroes, their unique and they have character. Real robots, for me, feel so impersonal even when their unique models. Their just a tool to be used, they lack, if I can put it this way, a soul. Despite how good there series was I ended up going back to my older robot shows partly for that reason.

With that in mind, once I've finished these 70's series I'm going after a very big franchise I have never watched befor. The Brave Series. This comes from an era of robot anime thats relatively unknown to me. My primary experiances are with post-EVA Mecha as well as a lot of older classic. As a result the 80s and early 90s are new ground for me. I've seen a few series from that period now with Godmars, Goshogun and Dancouga but the Brave series is an important one I've been meaning to get to. According to my research it was the Braves that helped keep the Super and Giant Robot genres afloat in the era ruled mainly by Real Robots.

So what better place to start than the beginning with The Brave Fighter Exkizer.


On that not I first became aware of the Braves thanks to SRW V an Brave Express Might Gaine



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Ok a few things to talk about today. First and foremost I've had everything on hold because I've been playing Resident Evil 2 Remake. My review, is a bloody great survival horror game and I highly recommend it.


Next an update on my fossil collection. As I've been saving up to try and get better fossils (which means more expensive) what I've been collecting has been cool but not overly eye catching.

Achelousaurus - Toe Bone


Agujaceratops - Bone


Triceratops - Tooth


Centrosaurus - Bone


Plesiosaur - Tooth


As a bonus, my insect collection...


And my  tooth collection around a model T.rex skeleton and an Archaeopteryx fossil replica.


One the Super Robot side of things, I had to cancel my view of the Brave series. I've had a few DVD series to watch and some I ordered have gone missing in transit so I just said screw it and am downloading them. So I'm currently finishing up the series Super Robot: Red Baron, a live action series.


Finally something of an announcement on the manga frount, no changes to how I'm doing Blue Hole but to what I do after. Because Blue World is only in Japanese it will take me longer to translate that series so while I get that figured out I found this...


Dino Sapian came out about a year or so ago and as far as I can tell has no English translations at all... but it has been released in French. So as long as none picks it up by the time I finish Blue Hole' I'll keep my teeth sharp on this while I get set for Blue World. From the looks of it it's your general humans turning into monsters (dinosaurs in this case) and going on bloody rampages style story.

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I just don't blood believe it! Rapped up Red Barron and have started watching Starfleet, a Thunderbirds style show that was made in japan under the title X-Bomber.


But heres the kicker, this series was also created by Go Nagai! The man's portfolio is ridicules, no matter what I do I keep finding his work!  

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Ok so I have working on a Resident Evil themed self insert character. But befor that, because this character is named after me, I might as well get this out of the way.

For those who don't already know, my name is Paul.

These commissions were done for me by plaguebr of Devient art and the I used myself as a model for the first.

G-Paul - Stage 1


Paul’s Note:

My name is Paul, please tell my family I loved them. I've barricaded the door so I won't be able to get out and hopefully it will stop me from hurting anyone who eventually comes in.  If I hurt anyone I'm sorry.

Not sure how much time I've got, I feel (Writing becomes eligible)

**** I feel bad. I was on the underground platform with my family when it happened. Panic Screaming Blood Zombies

As I was looking felt a pain in neck, turned saw  wo  woman. Smiling. Disappeared into the crowed. Saw family moving with crowed. Safe. Knew what happened couldn't put them at risk. Ran away (Writing become eligible once more)

Feel bad, pain all over but r e a l bad down left side

Skin changing wha he uc

H u r t

F A M I L Y (Letters written with such force the pen ripped through the page)


G-Paul - Stage 2


BSAA - Golgotha (G) Virus Briefing Notes:

We have had unconfirmed reports that the G-Virus may have been used as part of a bio-terror attack on London. As a result this information is being issued to all BSAA operatives so that they may be better prepared to combat this threat should they encounter it in the field.

The G-Virus was developed by Dr. William Birkin, a virologist who worked for Umbrella Inc.

Unlike the T-Virus which typically causes cellular necrosis in infected organisms, the G-Virus is able to bring its host back to life with regenerative capabilities effectively granting biological immortality. As a result creatures created by the virus, here after referred to as "G", are highly resistant to small and medium calibre weapons as their bodies can repair damage almost as soon as it's inflicted. Because of this, operatives are advised to engage G's using heavy weapons when the option is available. G are subject to continuous mutation and reactive adaption, with no two individuals being alike. They grow larger, stronger and more deadly the longer they live so it is of the utmost importance that they are located and terminated ASAP. G almost universally have extra eyes growing on their bodies. These eye's grant a greater field of vision but are also more vulnerable to damage. Unlike the T-Virus, the G-virus is not transmittable via injury so operatives who survive an encounter need not fear secondary infection. G are capable of spread the virus however. They accomplish this by implanting "embryos" into another creature's body via forced oral insertion. G will generally seek out host with compatible genetics, specifically the host's blood relatives, to infect but they have been known to infect random individuals a well. While an anti-viral vaccine exists, hosts must be treated immediately in order to prevent the creation of another G. If they cannot be treated they must be terminated due to the risk they pose.

There are two types of G.

G-Primary - A host who was infected directly with the virus, generally via injection. G-Primary benefit from all the aforementioned abilities the G-virus grants. They are documented as being extremely hostile and should be dealt with caution. The virus robs it's host of their mental faculties, meaning G-Primary function predominantly on pure instinct. While they are capable of limited speech, this is theorised to possibly be a tactic to fool it's primary targets into leaving themselves vulnerable to infection. On very rare occasions G-Primary have displayed vestiges of their former selves, however this is fleeting and should be ignored. There is currently no cure for a person who has begun mutating into a G-Primary. To date only two G-Primary have been documented, classified as G-Birkin (Racoon City Outbreak) and G-Miller (WilPharma Fiasco).

G-Spawn - The result of G-Virus embryos gestating within incompatible hosts. The embryo will rapidly mutate and fatally erupt from the hosts body in a matter of minutes. The embryo will then quickly grown into an adult G-spawn. G-Spawn are a shadow of their progenitors. While large, their bodies are malformed and disproportioned, making them generally slow and cumbersome. Their regenerative powers are also lacking, making them far more vulnerable to standard issue weapons and they seem to lack any adaptive capabilities. That said they are still physically quit powerful and use ambush tactics to make up for their lack of agility. G-Spawn have universally been documented as vomiting up embryos as an offensive tactic and some have been recorded vomiting a poisonous slime. There has been one case were a group of G-Spawn appeared to set up some form of "nesting area".

During the current operation should a G-Primary be positively identified, it is imperative that any blood relative it may be tracking be taken into custody for their own protection and to prevent the creation of more G-Primaries.

Currently we have reports of a creature fitting the description of a G-Primary being sighted in the London Zoo.



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G-Paul - Stage 3


Bravo Team Member’s Report:

Name Redacted: Start from the beginning.

Agent Fuller: O... ok, so after incident at the zoo Alpha Team had suffered heavy casualties. What was left of them had joined up with the G’s relatives and the group was trying to find a secure extraction zone... at least that’s what we were told at the time.

(Agent Fuller inhales deeply)

Agent Fuller: We thought we’d be sent in to get them but the high ups had other ideas. The G had apparently been badly injured during it’s fight with the Alphas, they wanted us to track it down and terminate it before things got any worse. Reports from men on the ground suggested it was heading in the direction of the British Museum. So that’s where we decided to start looking. Do you want me to tell you about the trip there?

Name Redacted: No thank you Agent Fuller, please just skip to the part where your team started tracking the G.

Agent Fuller: Sure. So we get to the museum and we quickly find pretty convincing evidence that the G had entered the building.

Name Redacted: Which was?

Agent Fuller: There was a very big hole were one of the entrance doors had been. To be honest we didn’t like the idea of going in there. It was getting dark by then and the museum didn’t seem to have any power running, a very bad place to be monster hunting.

(Agent Fuller inhales again, his breath a little shaky)

Agent Fuller: So we go in there and as we suspected the place was pitch black, a horde of G could have been in the building and you’d never have seen them. We were rather lucky at first, there weren’t too many zombies and despite the dark the G’s trail was easy to follow. We tracked it to what I had been told was the Greece section of the museum and that’s when...

(Agent Fuller begins showing signs of agitation)

Name Redacted: Are you able to continue, we need to know what happened.

(Agent Fuller takes several deep breaths and becomes somewhat more relaxed)

Agent Fuller: Sure... y... yes. Me and... John found it first. As we swept the room we passed one of the display walls which it turned out, the G had been lurking behind. We both heard it and as we turned all I saw was a... a... wall of glowing eyes and teeth! The thing lunged at us but John was fast enough to push me out of the way...

(Agent Fuller becomes agitated once again)

Agent Fuller: Everything went crazy after that. John screamed. That sound...that ****ing sound as it chewed him up! We opened fire, it dropped what was left of John and attacked. We were too late, it had mutated further. Bigger and tougher... and how could something that big be that fast! It was like a god dame nightmare! The next thing I knew it was on Brenda... I saw it bite...!

(Agent Fuller begins weeping)

Agent Fuller: Something happened to me when I saw that... my brain misfired... I froze up. I ****ing froze up! I just stood there as it slaughtered them all! They screamed... screamed and cried for help... but I just couldn’t ****ing move!

(Agent Fuller suddenly becomes very calm)

Agent Fuller: Then it all stopped. It was as if sound itself had died for a moment. Then I heard it walking, I felt it walking to. There was this awful noise, wet and organic. I didn’t want to look but... but something inside forced me to. The G was standing over Whitehouse...

Name Redacted: Agent Fuller...?

(Agent Fuller refused to communicate further. He was taken back to his quarters under guard. He was found dead the next morning. The coroner listed the cause of death as suicide)


G-Paul - Stage 4


Sherry Birkin’s Notes:

Of all the viruses Umbrella unleashed, the G-Virus is the one we know the least about. We’ve never been able to get our hands on any pure samples for study, all we’ve had to work off of is the strain in my body which hasn’t been any help. When Claire gave me the DEVIL vaccine all those years ago, the G within me was weakened and assimilated, apparently losing many of the properties of the original strain. I wonder if that’s why it’s never been as widely used as the other viruses. Do people see how dangerous and unpredictable it is or is it just that its samples are rare? Maybe it’s a bit of both. There have been two cases were G was used to try and create another, more stable bio-weapon. There was the T+G Virus and the C-Virus. Interestingly from what little we can gather the T+G Virus was created by combining the T-Virus with antibodies designed to fight G, while the C-Virus was created using the strain with me and the T-Veronica, which seemed to reactivate and alter some of G’s properties. Is it possible that G in its true form cannot be combined with another virus?

Father what did you create?

I’m being sent to the Britain to act as an advisor to the B.S.A.A operatives working to combat the resent outbreak in London. This is due to positive identification of a G. They called me in as Leon and Clair are currently on assignments of their own, leavening me as the closest thing to an expert we’ve got to hand.

They’ve sent me everything they’ve’ got on this new G. It’s name was Paul King, a 29 year old male British citizen of Romani decent. From what they can tell he had nothing to do with the terrorist group responsible for the outbreak. According to his relatives, who are currently still in the field with what’s left of their rescue team, Paul disappeared during the initial outbreak break. I suspect he was likely infected around that time. Later that day reports were coming in about a “mutant man” being seen around London. Likely the G was starting to track it’s family and infecting others with it’s embryos along the way. The existence of the G was confirmed when a group of soldiers had the bad luck of walking right into it. They were all killed but their camera’s allowed for a positive ID. The G then made it’s way to the London Zoo, where it’s relatives and other survivor had fled due to it being outside the quarantine zone. The G engaged an army blockade near the area and was able to break through after it mutated into a stronger form. This event caused a massive breach in the quarantine zone, allowing the T-Virus to spread even faster than it had been. At this point the B.S.A.A operatives had arrived in London and Alpha team was sent in. The G then broke into the zoo hunting it’s relatives which caused mass panic, allowed animals to escape their enclosures and naturally brought the T-Virus in it’s wake. Alpha Team had to fight their way through the chaos to get to their targets, losing almost half their team in doing so. What was left of the team engaged the G and were able to injure it, although they payed a heavy price in doing so. Alpha team and the G’s relatives are currently trying to find a safe extraction zone. Bravo team were sent in to hunt down the injured G, only one of them coming back alive. The G’s current were about are unknown.

I can’t help but feel sorry for Paul. Befor this he was a good man who's passion in life was dinosaurs. He’s wasn't like my father or Miller. He didn’t ask for this, he didn’t want to be a monster. Now he’s hunting the people he loves most, he’s going to hurt them and he can’t stop himself.

Paul I can’t cure you, but I promise that I’ll do everything I can to make this right. I’ll help protect your family from you.




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Ok I was just getting ready for my next chapter of Blue Hole, translating the chapter and doing the scanning and editing this weekend, when a sudden urge hit me. This urge was to check on what may be, aside from my fossils, some of the most cherished stuff I've ever collected. The magazine series The Ancestral Trail.


While I don't have every little piece of the series, I have every magazine bare the 0 issue. Well I checked on them and sadly they are not in good condition, thats not to say they aren't looked after but I never sealed them up, most were pre-owned and time's taken it's tole. They were printed in 1992, so almost as old as I am, and they are simple deteriorating due to age.

This is going to force me to do something I was planning to do for a while but I'm going to have to do it in a way I'm not overly happy about. My scanner is to small to scan the magazine's full double pages so I'm gonna have to bit the bullet and take the staples out, effectively mimicking what I had to do with Blue Hole. Normally I'd never dream of taking apart something so precious but these have never been reprinted, so I value saving this series over destroying my collection. I should also note that there are no online versions of the series either so I cannot just download them. I'm also going to have to try and rebuy, if I can, some issues due to how they've detreated.

It's something of a bitter pill to swallow but needs must when the devil vomits into your kettle. I'm hitting this as soon as I finish my next Blue Hole Chapter. Might even do a little review of the series while I'm at it.


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