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  1. Those fossils look amazing, I am actually a bit jealous of that possession haha xD Oh well, congratulations on having those! They look really cool. Say no to feathered T-Rex
  2. I'll check the blog out once I'm done with my work!
  3. A pleasant surprise, hopefully? Anyways, thanks! And it's understandable that you'd not want to spread the scans. But yes, I AM interested and it may be slow or whatever, but this is better than nothing, no? Then, I'll accept this wonderful opportunity that I've been given. Ooh, fossil hunting, how goes that? Sadly, where I live I doubt I could find any dinosaur materials, alas. I did have a passion for paleontology once, but it has since then evolved into a passion for video games (tho knowing me my video games will be clustered with dinosaurs) and/or just writing fiction in general. While I suck as a writer, that's true, I do have some wonderful ideas, even some revolving around dinosaurs because obviously, they can make anything better. Alright, do so! I see. Well that sounds interesting but I don't live in Japan alas, though, if anything, I'd be buying it for collection's sake (I'm a collectionist of sorts). But yea that's an interesting offer, I'll keep it in mind if I ever get to buying the manga! But of course!
  4. Hello and sorry if this reply seems stupid. But I wanted to know if there was a specific site where you uploaded the translated work? I'm also a huge fan of dinosaurs and honestly, I'm shocked at the considerable lack of dinosaurs in fiction as a whole. That's when I searched for older dinosaur anime/manga and stumbled upon this. I tried so hard to find it's translation and failed. Anyways, my searching led me to here where at last it seemed like I had found my nirvana after all. Uhum, sorry for the horrible jokes xD Anyways, I just want to know if you could potentially share the work? I'd love to read this manga, it definitely seems like something I'll enjoy (I hope so at least, dinosaurs are a huge plus for me anyway) I'm sorry if you already shared it here and it escaped my notice. Thanks in advance! By the way, you should check out Fourteen (1990). It's a weird manga that I ended up enjoying way more than I thought I ever will. It's stupid at times, but also insane and in its wild insanity, does it dance oh so wonderfully. The art may not be the best, however. If you check it out, do let me know. EDIT: I thought I should let you know that yes, I'm new and I did make an account to get this specific manga haha xD Interesting site tho, Guyver was amusingly my first anime ever, and while I want to get into the manga, my brother told me it never got finished and is left in hiatus? Anyway, because of that, sadly I never got to reading it.
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