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Westworld (HBO)


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This could be good.

The Seventies had some amazing concepts in movies, but mostly not the technology to make the effects perfect, so it all looked kind of cheesy, even if the acting was pretty great. So far,the attempts at capturing that in our time have been faltering (but not entirely unsuccessful).

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big fan of the original movie, quickly grabbed it when re-released on dvd.

i've just seen the first episode of this series and i love it. although i can't see some of the big actors in this staying longer for one season, i can just imagine the cost in wages! unless they just have them making brief 5min cameo's for 1 episode out of every 2-3?

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3 hours ago, Sully said:

The only thing I've heard about Westworld Season 2 is that it'll take 2 years to produce. but it'll be worth the wait!

That I can agree with. I'm thinking the second season we'll get to see what happens after the park was taken over. 

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Finally got round to this series. I've just finished episode 1.

All I can say is wow. This is all i could have hoped for. The original Westworld was an amazing concept for its time, it was originally written by Michael Crichton (writer of Jurassic Park, Andromeda Strain, Congo, The Sphere and many other science fiction novels). The idea was basic yet brilliant, what happens when technology outgrows humanity's control? Now in this day and age that ideas been explored a lot but back then it was a very new concept. Its also likely that we have Westworld to thank for both Jurassic Park, which is a similar kind of story but with dinosaurs, and Terminator, its themes and main antagonist both having much in common with Westworld's.

The Gunslinger (Yul Brynner) is the original Terminator.


From what I've seen so far this series is doing everything I hoped it would. More depth and secrets, exploring of how Westworld works, how humans act in such a place and, most importantly of all, what dose humanity do when its creations grow beyond its control.

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