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Electromagnetic Pulse Effects

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While figuring up a rough draft of what abilities the Stellar Warrior Guyver would potentially have -- assuming Sully doesn't already have this written up; I'm planning to submit it to him regardless and let him see what he thinks of it -- something occurred to me that has me scratching my head in puzzlement. Specifically, I'm curious about the effects of an electromagnetic pulse. It goes without saying that EMPs can short out electrically-powered devices within the area of effect. So my question is thus:

What, if any, effect would an EMP have on a Unit-G of any type?

I'm not entirely certain there would be any effect, but it would also depend just how "organic" the Unit-G is. Mutronics has a line of dialogue indicating that the Unit-G is a device composed of organic and inorganic compounds; Takaya, so far as I've heard, hasn't said one way or another just what the Unit-G is. My personal plan, so far as things went with Gabe and leading up to his bonding with the Stellar Unit, was that I was going to theorize that the parasite from which the Unit-G is derived would be passingly similar to what Michael Bay did with Transformers (where the Cybertronians were a silicon-based lifeform with their own "genetic code", in a manner of speaking), but have the Unit-G parasite be mutable enough to take on not only the inorganic properties of metal and crystal, but also the organic (carbon-based) properties that life on Earth possesses.

I'm likely way off base yet again on things, but the thought crossed my mind, and I'm curious to see what other people think.

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Here is my take on that. Others feel free to correct me. The Unit-G is for the most part an organic device. While it does have inorganic parts it boosts and runs on bio energy. Not really "electronic" like we know it. Even if the inorganic parts do use some kind of electricity the device, when not in use, is stored in the boost dimension/hyper space. The amount of energy it is exposed to there far surpasses any what pulse will issue. (Practically anything exposed to the boost dimension rift outside of the armor is obliterated within the few seconds it is exposed. Also keep in mind the control medal has enough juice running through it to A) run the suit to B) keep the human alive C) when needed, materialize matter and procedurally place it where needed to rebuild any damage done to the host body and armor D) keep a complete copy of the hosts memory and upload it in seconds E)charge and release the smasher cells. Not to mention it can open a portal to another dimension while shielding its host. I have seen it mentioned many times the amount of energy needed to just create a warp hole is more than the total energy in our known universe. Though that might just be scientists saying "Its not gonna happen".

If anything I would think the EMP would be absorbed and lost within the suits energy matrix. Or simply pass through it.

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Cyber Guyver wouldn't be a happy camper.

That would be an understatement. remember how badly he was hit by Angels EMP blast just from her flying? yeah, i think the Purg'stall style zoalords, Angel and Stellar would have him saying "im not going out there" anymore, if they use such things a lot.

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Guyvers would be mostly impervious to EMP... Only a direct electrical discharge into the CM would have effect and mainly because the CM is wired directly into the host brain and would be like getting a ECT as the discharge passed from the CM and into the host brain...

We've seen this in the Mange when Elegan accidentally managed in passing to tap G1's CM with one of its tendril whips and resulted in the unit auto de-activating and Sho being rendered unconscious for awhile... But the Guyver itself has been electrocuted with minimal to no effect, aside from possible muscle spasm, etc. that probably has more to do with its effect on the host side than the unit...

For the Boost dimension, it does expose whatever passes through it to intense energy but this seems to manifest mostly as heat and it doesn't vaporize everything... From what I gather from the Manga, the best example is the moon/meteor/planetoid the Creators sent to destroy the Earth was deposited on a collision course with Earth via sending it through the Boost Dimension... It came out smoking a bit, as if heated, but otherwise intact... Massive of course but it wasn't smoothed out as if melted or anything... So mostly it seems the boost energy is just raw energy but not so intense as to ensure everything passing through it would be vaporized.

What usually causes most destruction is the blast field when a unit is activated and the unit G transitions from the Boost Dimension into normal space time... it's basically a spherical type worm hole, coming from a different dimensional perspective it looks like a sphere to us and it's the even horizon of this worm hole that causes the destruction of anything nearby...

Same thing like other Sci-Fi depictions of wormholes... Like Stargate, the event horizon of that opening has been shown to vaporize anything in its way, including otherwise indestructible alien battleships.

Now, the Cyber Guyver is different as he's a mostly composed of nanites and thus like the name implies he's part machine and it's the machine half that's vulnerable to EMP... Though, like the STTNG's Borg or SG's Replicants... CG can adapt to most things, given time...

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