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  1. How long has a title for volume 33 been on the Wikipedia page? Someone brought it up on the subreddit.
  2. Vol 1 = $15, 2 = $20, 3 = $25, 4 = $30 (new), 6 = $37 (new). I'm currently buying Reborn Vol 5 from someone on the Guyver subreddit, so i just need Armageddon vol 7. Then I'm gonna buy the Japanese volumes from 8 and above and try to read them!! I have almost all the translations on HDD but I'd love to be able to read the Japanese(with Furigana) myself.
  3. I just got two more Viz manga in the mail, and I'm using a Funko Legacy of all things as a new type of Zoanoid. I mean, Funko? Who knew?
  4. Can I just say, I so much love that you guys took my thread seriously. Thanks and sorry I wasn't here for most of it.
  5. First of all, let's look at the issues with Guyver: Dark Hero being canon: - We have to ignore the first American movie entirely. It copies and Americanizes too many events that happened in Japan, and basically replaced the manga. Solution: Not hard, just don't watch it. - Then, If we omitted the scenes with adult Asian American Mizuki, the story of Sean Barker is actually different enough that it isn't copying too much in the manga, like the first movie did. Solution: Skip the opening scenes until Sean is already in Utah an
  6. If possible, Guyver could use a Hunter X Hunter 2011 treatment. The reason I liked HxH 2011 so much is because I had already seen the original tv series twice, they used a lot of the same VAs, and the characters looked and acted the same. Just ignoring the lack of gore in the Guyver 2005 series for a second, it had all new VAs, different looking characters, different personalities, different events in the story, it was a mess. If we got a new Guyver show right now, and even if it didn't have the original VAs, but they still SOUNDED similar, looked like the manga/ova characters, same event
  7. I happen to think the human creation myth, coupled with Alkanphel's vendetta against the advents for trying to destroy our planet, and the question of Sho being more of a villain to the world because Alkanphel is trying to save it with the Zoaloards and Zoanoids, is actually a pretty strong concept. The best part is that, in many cases, not all of Chronos is bad, and some characters have very grey standings. When I watched the Hades Project Zeorymer OVA, I definitely got the same vibes, based on how Takaya followed the "bad guys" POV. Guyver is not just a good vs evil story, that's part of why
  8. Guyver and Berserk both started around the same time. Both are dark. Both are "still going". Only one has WAYYYYY more recognition than the other. It's not fair. "Have you heard of Berserk?" - "Oh I love Berserk, thankfully I can always find the manga at a bookstore when I finish a volume" "Have you heard of Guyver?" -- "you mean MacGyver?" --"No this guy" *shows pic* "Oh, isn't he from that really horrible movie with Mark Hamill?"
  9. Honestly, I thought it had more to do with whichever unit they end up with, rather than the user. In the 2005 series, they showed Agito's unit as black and red even before it takes him over, and I thought that was a nice detail. Guyver II-F has a pink unit because the manga jumped the shark to have fan service. I'm not complaining, I'm just telling it like it is. No scientific reason, she's just "the pink ranger, pink cause she's a girl". Imagine if Lisker's unit was also pink. He wouldn't have been as intimidating, but he still would have kicked ass.
  10. I was thinking this figure from Sakamoto Desu Ga would make a good Sho with a head switch: https://myfigurecollection.net/item/287879 He wears a standard Japanese uniform like in the show, and he's sized proportionately to the BFC figure. I have seen some Kamen Rider figures where the jacket is open if you want a more dynamic look. I'm still considering which head to use (Yeah I'd have to buy 2 figures to make this, but worth it). It's probably super easy to find another figure to match figma proportions if you collect the figma instead. Hell, you could even have 2 heads, one for the mang
  11. Let's just go off that, throw caution to the wind lol. I actually found a cool thread about Kid Goku's strength: https://comicvine.gamespot.com/goku/4005-19765/forums/the-kid-goku-respect-thread-1611793/ My initial guess was that Guyver in its base form could be as strong as Goku after his training with Master Roshi, and then after Korin Tower, Goku surpasses the power of a Guyver, because it seemed when he tried to fight Mercenary Tao, that was when physics went off the rails. Like I said that's just a guess, considering they can both jump high, punch through brick
  12. Wait wait wait wait. Guyver can only lift 7 tons?? But Malmot picked up a box truck and threw it into the ground(in the OVA). Then, Gregole overpowers Malmot. Then Guyver I overpowers Gregole with ease. Is that really only 7 tons of force?
  13. This happens on volume ten from Guyver Advocacy, pages 168-170. Imakarum has some of the same powers as Alkanphel and cut off Aptom's leg. Ends at page 181. Keep looking around for the rest of the chapter, some sites have uploaded them scattered.
  14. We all know the Guyvers are immensely strong, fast and powerful. Plus they have pretty amazing awareness using the orbs in their helmets, and the ability to react very quickly(mostly referring to 2005 anime when Guyver I shot down a bullet headed for Tetsuro) which is also a skill. However that's just in one fictional universe. So what other characters have near the same attributes in American comics and other anime? For instance, one specific character has been bothering me. Goku. Now the main difference between a Guyver and a Z Fighter is that a Guyver's strength is always constant, and if t
  15. Hey Guyver1, I like how you had put the figma guyvers in front of the Zoanoids in this photo. In your opinion, How do the figma scale with the Zoanoid figures? I only have my 1/10 Guyver I so far and I'm still considering which line to stick with, BFC or figma+BFW. Expensive proposition either way, but Guyver IIF is a steal right now. According to this site: http://warriorguyver.com/gfa/cronosenemy/index_mainpage_files/height.htm Zerbebuth is supposed to be 7.5 feet tall, so even at figma height IMO, those BFW figures aren't really doing it justice, but it does look a lot better than
  16. New image I made for the thread using action figures and a concept art from an Aliens video game! - edit damn I I think the eggs should be smaller or the figures should be larger. What do you guys think? How's the coloring? at first I didn't even think about resizing the figures because when I pasted them into the background they looked so good already.
  17. I'm rewatching the Dragonball dub. I've never seen it uncensored or from beginning to end. Up to the Red ribbon arc.
  18. At least Guyver is still on the first list page. Though judging based on the content, maybe it's time that Guyver changed magazines(or should have done earlier)? I'm a little surprised at all the bishoujo titles because I thought those were more seinen. It's pretty clear that Takaya brought Guyver IIF back to compete with all the big-breasted rivals(or at least try to).
  19. My bad, didn't mean to look down on Thancrus. I was just pointing out he was an agility type, not an armor type. Agility types generally take less damage before they go down. However as you pointed out, no way to escape the dreaded HFB.
  20. Okay I joined the group. Thanks.
  21. Does anyone here know where I could either download(public license) or buy a custom 3d model of Guyver I? I want to use it on VR Chat, and see how many people recognize Guyver...but mostly just because it would be living out my fantasy in VR. Preferably anime/manga style instead of Dark Hero style. Thanks.
  22. Unfortunately my interest in my favorite anime and manga has been slipping a little bit and the only reason for that is actually not the same reason as most of you might have. I am STILL holding myself back from reading the last 3 books because I WANT to read them in 日本語. It's taking a lot longer to learn than I thought (and I screwed up a bit so I had to restart). It's been many months since I started and left off on volume 29. I was thinking I'd like to reread Guyver to re-motivate myself and I was wondering... how did you guys do it? Did you start from the beginning of the manga, or did you
  23. I'd say the more likely explanation was that they were Gregole 2.0, stronger than before. Kronos is constantly revising their soldiers, much like a technology company.
  24. I haven't played the Mass Effect games, sorry. The "Reaper" looks cool though.
  25. Personally I like the animation more in the older one. An OVA requires a lot more animation work than putting together a TV series where you can cut corners(imo). Some of the animation in the 2005 series is very static and not very fluid. While the designs are not completely consistent in the old OVA the animation is a lot more fluid. Six of one, half a dozen of another right? I mostly prefer the OVA because it uses the same art style as the manga.
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