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  1. I just saw this movie yesterday, and I can honestly say this is one of my favorite science fiction films of all time. Sharlto Copley gives an excellent performance considering this is his first real film. The CGI is amazing and the alien weaponry effects are pretty brutal.
  2. I dreaded facing the Necromorph that kept regenerating. I loved when the doctor who created it finally got what he deserved.
  3. Dead Space was just released this past Tuesday, and I highly recommend it for fans of the survival horror genre. The atmosphere of the game is a lot like Alien with a bit of Event Horizon and John Carpenter's The Thing thrown in.
  4. To give a bit of a demo for the upcoming game, Spore, EA has released the creature editor for download. There's a free trial version with only one-fourth the parts and the full version is ten dollars. I purchased the full version and it is both fun and easy to use. All your creations can be uploaded to the Sporepedia and then used in the final game. Some of the things others have made are extremely creative and interesting. http://spore.ea.com/ (Official Spore site) http://www.spore.com/sporepedia#qry=ftr-ftrd (Sporepedia site)
  5. I just saw Cloverfield on Friday, and I thought it was awesome. It was just so different from almost any other movie I've seen.
  6. Well Loki (in the episode Fragile Balance)did do experiments with humans, but what he was doing couldn't even begin to compare with the Creators.
  7. Isabelle was pretty powerful, I kind of hoped she could regenerate from any killswitch they put in her or that it was a lie to keep her under control. It seemed that Jordan did get his mark removed. *spoiler ahead* Meghan, Garrity, and Marco developed abilities. The episode ended with Kyle offering Tom the shot and all of Seattle is now Promise City.
  8. Has anyone else watched this show on the USA network? The show is similar to Heroes (even though this show came before Heroes ) being about people with abilities. The season finale just aired and it was a pretty good way to wrap up the season. It's definately worth checking out.
  9. Seems like someone is a fan of "A Clockwork Orange."
  10. There have been two Bourne novels written after Ludlum's death by Eric Van Lustbader. The films also take only a very small amount of content from the novels. Like Marie in the novel is a Canadian finance officer or something and Jason was only portraying an assassin named Cain so he could catch Carlos the Jackal.
  11. I saw this movie on Friday and I honestly believe it's the best of the three. If you liked the other two, you should definately check this one out.
  12. http://www.gametrailers.com/gamepage.php?id=3067
  13. I loved this movie. How hot is Katherine Heigl? The look on her face seeing him in her bed after their one night stand was hilarious.
  14. Has anyone seen the new E3 2007 trailer for Star Wars: Force Unleashed? The Apprentice pulls a Star Destroyer out of the sky using the Force!!!
  15. He would have a better chance at stopping the Guyver Zoalord more quickly, but the GZ might take him as a more serious threat and just destroyed the Earth in a pyrrhic victory. (Sorry if I used pyrrhic victory in the wrong context )
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