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  1. Thanx Cannibal!!! Here we go with a little update! The two crappy side fins are placed there only to have the idea of the entire thing, i think i'm mostly done with the "face": I've also dona a little photoshop coloration, really basic, just to see if it seem like it has to: What do you guys think? Like it?
  2. It's still wrong, but i'm getting it better!! A few fixes and i'll get what i want!
  3. Man, u r amazing!!!!!!!! The last of your works i saw was Imakarum (and that was awesome), but this one is a huge step up in comparison! Great job mate!! (does it means something that we both chose Aptom to be the subject of our artworks? )
  4. You got the point mate!! Well, i'm trying to find a simple and fast way to get the body done, it's pretty hard to understand how all those "layers" of "insectoid armor" are wrapped around him (i'm using the datafile as reference) so i think i'll try to get all the body from neck to knees (without arms, that i'll do after) in a single sculpted chunk, hoping everything goes well I always try to do every figure in scale (and same detail level) with BFCs (even if i don't make posable figures), the previous head sculpt was too big (another poin that made me go for another sculpting session...), but the new one is perfect!! Yes, the fins were only a "bone structure" for the giant "omegablast ears" and the spikes! I'm really happy you guys like what i'm doing!! Thanx for your support!!!
  5. I don't like some proportions (spikes on the sides, shape of the upper part of the head and how the beam socket is placed (doesen't look part of the head, it seems more something placed there...))... Plus, it resembles Aptom, but when i first saw him in his omegablast form, i remember i clearly saw bio freezer in his shapes as well, thing that doesn't appened when i looked at this sculpt... That's why i consider it a fail... Anyway i'm already on the second try, here's the work done so far: It seems to be really too much "toothy", but in real life it does'nt look so, that's because the pic is enormus but it's real size is 10 millimeters, and i think i'm happy with it now!
  6. Hi Aether!!! Nice to see u again!! i'll post some older stuff soon, for now i'll share with you guys the very first step in the new thing i'm doing, wich unfortunately turned out as a complete fail... But since i told i wanted to share the "entire process", i'm going to share even the sh***y part... Here we go with the head sculpting fail:
  7. Man u r amazing!! Those Libertus are my fav!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Hi mates!! Two years ago, "talking" with Aether about a few custom guyver figures i have in my collection, this post came out: i wonder what your process of making models is then?? i think you should make your own guyver model thread and let us know how you do it ...you could put your future guyver projects up aswell and update it to let us see how you are going?? Well, for a long time i had to stop my handcrafting passion, but i'm back and i'm working right now on a figure again, so i decided to share my work with you!! Stay tuned then!!!
  9. As Cannibal said: Maybe it's because I don't understand american humor, but i couldn't stand more than 2 mins... XD
  10. Awesome idea Aether!!! Mail sent!!!
  11. .:P:.

    guyver collections

    2 years and not a new post??? C'mon guys, i saw a lot of new mates joined the forum, show us what u got!!!!
  12. .:P:.

    guyver collections

    Yes! Yes!! Yes!! A female Guyver 2 (non posable...) model is in my plans, but i have to complete the remover, Balcus, a couple zoanoids, a Cronos labs diorama and a chrysalis before starting works on that... Thanx Ryuki but i make my models from the beginning to the end and don't use already existing models...
  13. .:P:.

    guyver collections

    Thanx!!! It's a recast (pretty rare indeed), but it's taken from the max factory gk, look here on the right of the SD team: http://japan-legend.com/guyver_advocacy/vdf/qdig-files/converted-images/med_vdf-070.jpg By the way i have custom models in my collection, for example this one (work in progrss): Nice to know that... :lol:
  14. .:P:.

    guyver collections

    [quote name=.:.' date='20 April 2009 - 12:41 AM' timestamp='1240184463' post='36301] WOW!!! Awesome thread & amazing collections, some of those are really impressive!!! I'll put some pics of mine soon!! Not that "soon" as i wrote, but here some pics of my guyver figures, i'll post the rest of my collection soon (hope not next year... )...
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