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Prometheus Gigantic


The Golden Giant of Nothingness


"When you look into an abyss, the abyss also looks into you."


Profile Coming Soon.


Authors note: Wasn't expecting it to be ready until Friday so I haven't had time to complete the profile yet.


Big thanks again to rhardo and wansworld at Deviantart for the awesome work and to Salkafar for their input.

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Ok so the profile for the armour is ready. The Profile may be altered over time.

The Golden Giant of Nothingness

"When you look into an abyss, the abyss also looks into you."

This Gigantic armour is Prometheus's magnum opus, the pinnacle of all the research on Creator and Engineer technology he has conducted over the last 200,000 years combined with his own breakthroughs in study of Void Matter. When equipped Prometheus Gigantic stands over 14 feet in height and weighs more than 2 tons. The armour magnifies the users power 100 fold, making Prometheus strong enough to lift 500,000 tons. The armour is infused with the Void Matter making it effetely indestructible by conventional means. Unlike other any other known Guyver model Prometheus Gigantic does not draw power from the Booster Dimension. Instead the armour is equipped with both Null Energy Power Amps allowing it to draw limitless amounts of energy from the void as well as Void Control Orbs that allow to manipulate energy with incredible efficacy. The Power Amps also allow the armour to manipulate parts of its body even when severed. The armour also has incredible senses and can detect a wide variety of energy types including, but no limited to, thermal, radiation, electromagnetic, gravitational and even bio and psionic energy. The exact limits of its senses are not known but it is believed to be able to it detect almost anything happening within a 200 mile radius from it. The armour also augments the hosts mental capacities, making them 100 times greater. This grants Prometheus advanced hyper cognition, enhanced memory, probability calculation, causality perception and parallel processing. The armour also possesses reactive adaption and self-optimization abilities.

When not activated the armour is stored in the void.

Despite all this the armour is not perfect. Instead of waste heat the void based technology generates an new form of radiation called Strigoi Radiation, named after its discoverer. This radiation is highly toxic to all forms of life. Even short term exposure can be fatal to a normal Guyver and Prometheus is constantly being exposed while wearing the Gigantic. This combined with the null energy the armour uses, which deletes anything it touches, means that Prometheus (who despite all his enhancements is still at his core human) is constantly taking damage. The armour's regenerative powers are constantly working to heal his body but even then there is a limit. When not in combat he can wear the Gigantic for several hours but exertion and use of its weapons speeds up the radiation build up and energy exposure. If he wears the armour passed this limit he risks death or at least long term health problems. Even using it normally leaves Prometheus feeling drained afterwards. With this in mind it is possible Prometheus Gigantic would kill any other Guyver who attempted to use it. There is also a risk of him psychological damage as a result of the alteration to host's mind caused when activating and deactivating the armour. Also like all Gigantics it loses agility because of its size.

Despite its draw backs because it uses null energy not only to power itself but also its weapons, Prometheus Gigantic is easily one of the most powerful and dangerous weapons ever created. This is because null energy exists outside of reality, it transcends concepts such as time and space and renders nearly all powers that comes in contact with it useless. If not used carefully its power can destroy entire realities by accident.


Strigoi Beam - The armour can fire beams comprised of the Strigoi Radiation that builds up in its body. Most beings damaged by the beam will often succumb to radiation poisoning if they are not killed outright and the wounds it creates take a long time to heal even if that being has regenerative powers. It has two firing lenses, the smaller one on its forehead functions in in a similar manner to Prometheus's standard Head Beam but is significantly more powerful. The large lens above it can fire a beam with power on par with thatat of a standard Zx-Tole's Blaster Tempest. Both lenses can fire in multiple directions at once, the larger one also has a "hail fire" mode.

Phantom Null Blades - When activated Prometheus Gigantic's blade constantly generate moderate levels amounts of null energy. This allows them to literally cut through anything and can strike their target even if they try to flee to another dimension of that reality. The null energy also distorts reality around the blades rendering them almost completely invisible. The blades can grow up to three times the length of Prometheus Gigantic's body, are very flexible and move at incredible speed. This was done to counter Prometheus Gigantic's lack of agility.

Vibration Globe - Almost identical to Prometheus's standard version in terms of functionality. The areas either side and beneath it side open to reveal 3 extra globs which significantly increase the power of its Sonic Buster.

Void Control Orbs - These orbs allow Prometheus Gigantic to summon and manipulate null energy in a variety of way. One is to generate attacks such as the Void Cannon (which if used at full power can destroy celestial bodies as large as moons) and Void Bullets (small, compressed spheres of null energy that can be used in a variety of ways). Another is to use null energy to form a barrier around itself to protect it from damage or channel the energy into the Void Punch. Unlike the Gravity Punch, the Void Punch doesn't create a colossal explosion, instead it is designed to penetrate the targets defenses and pierce their body, then flood the target 's body with null energy erasing them from the inside out. The a variant of this is called the Void Kick.

Reality Smasher - Two Null Energy Blasters located under the chest plate. The power of this attack can destroy stars and even erase black holes from existence. However firing it severely diminishes the users's time limit.

Void Ram - Prometheus Gigantic channels extra energy to is barrier and accelerates towards its target. Anything the barrier rams into is erased. By channeling all of the armours energy into the attack, the Void Ram's power can match that of Alkanphel's barrier attack. But doing this also diminishes users's time limit.

Psionic Manipulators - Prometheus Gigantic channels psionic energy from is brain into the orbs on is palms allowing the armour to perform advanced telekinesis or unleash psionic blasts. However this can only be done in the direction their palms are facing. (When developing his gigantic armour Prometheus decided that maintaining the armours ability to block psychic assaults was of more value them making alterations that would allow him to make use of any psionic abilities his brain enhancements would give him. However not one to waste a valuable resource he developed the Psionic Manipulators as a compromise.)

High Frequency Needle Claws - The claws on Prometheus Gigantic's fingers can now vibrate at ultra high frequency allowing them to penetrate most materials . The armour is also able to generate any form of virus, venom, toxin and mutagen as long as it has the data on it's chemical makeup.

Black Lightning Phenomenon - Due to the advanced technorganic processes going on within the armour Prometheus Gigantic generates a large amounts bio-electricity within itself . This bio-electricity can be unleashed in the form of a explosive, black electrical discharge. The black coloring of the discharge is due to the current also containing Strigoi Radiation. This ability was not part of Prometheus Gigantic's design and was discovered by accident

Null Field - Prometheus Gigantic projects low levels of null energy in front of it distorting space/time (but not enough to actually begin erasing reality). Prometheus Gigantic is then pushed forwards by the waves/ripples created as

space/time re-converges behind it. This allows the armour to travel faster than light and achieve interstellar travel without breaking the laws of physics. This is similar to the effects of a Bias Field.

Void Shift - Using the void as a medium, Prometheus Gigantic can teleport. Since the void is without space or time it allows the armour to travel anywhere, even to other realities instantaneously. However the user must either know, see or sense were he wishes to go.

Ovipositor - This tail like structure's primary function is to allow Prometheus Gigantic to asexually generate offspring/bio-weapons. Prometheus Gigantic is able to manipulate, alter and optimize the genetics of the embryos in any way the user see's fit. These "Children of Prometheus" are based on the xenomorph species but are fundamentally different and created using the armours DNA. As a result their bodies are also infused with void matter. Because of their genetic bond, they view Prometheus Gigantic as their Queen and obey without question. They also share a mental like with user even when the Gigantic armour is deactivated. The ovipositor itself is prehensile and can be used as a clubbing weapon. Prometheus Gigantic can also spray a toxic, acidic substance from the ovipositor (the substance is akin to embryonic fluid) or channel null energy in the tip. This attack is called the Void Hammer, when it connects with a target it results in an explosion of null energy.

Dark Gigantic Control Metal - The Prometheus Gigantic armour came into existence when Prometheus Guyver fused with the primary control orb of his ship during a time of crisis. The orb generated the armour based of Prometheus's designs. The orb contains all the research data Prometheus accumulated over the last 200,000 years and still acts as his primary data store even now. This is vital because when he is force to deactivate the Gigantic armour he is not able to fully recall all that he had been doing on due to the drastic reduction in his mental abilities. The control metal is smaller than those found in other gigantic armours and actually recedes into the armour for better protection.

Supreme Eraser - Prometheus Gigantic unleashed all of its null energy in a colossal explosion fueled by its limitless energy reserves. This attacks power eclipses all of the amours other weapons and is capable of destroying a solar system. However as with its weaker counterpart this is an attack of last resort. The gigantic influx of null energy could erase the armour and its user from existence. If they does survive it's use the user must deactivate the armour immediately regardless of how much time they have spent in it beforehand.

Like the standard Prometheus Guyver, Prometheus Gigantic has multiple vision modes, a superior repertory system that allows the host to go for long periods of time without oxygen (a necessity for interstellar travel) and the ability to render itself invisible

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Ok this is a very rough outline of part of Promthues's story, Dark Oddysee. Its not finished and as I've said very rough.



Prometheus  has haunted the multiver for more than 200,000 years, making him one of, if not thee, oldest known Guyver in existence.  Exactly how this is possible is not fully understood but Prometheus himself has stated that the multiver is just made up of parallel realties. He says the simplest way to describe t is that multiverse is just a universe on a grander scale and every reality is a stars within it,  many are parallel but just as many others are older or younger. In some, time flows differently, you could travel to one reality for a day but upon you return find that a hundred years has passed in the one you came from.  Some are bound by the laws of physics while others are purely chaotic.  There are infinite possibilities.

On his travels he has seen so much and done much in his single minded pursuit of knowledge and power. Entire civilisations have fallen victim his research leavening nothing but dead worlds and dark rumours behind. Yet not every deed he has done has resulted in death. In some realties he is viewed as a savoir for finds cures for untreatable illnesses and lethal diseases, ending wars and defeating evil tyrants and savage life forms. However this all done for the sake of his work rather then any true desire to help and he has slain just as many valiant heroes as he has villains and monsters.


Yet despite all his power Prometheus is not as invincible has he firstt seems. The muliverse is a place  of infinite possibilities and in his long life has encountered beings equal or greater then himself. Such meetings have no always ended pleasantly or in his victory, especial during his early years and several of them almost or have resulted in his death. But somehow he has always survived ether by planning, quick thinking  or luck, learning and growing stronger from each experience. Yet even now there are some realties and entities he will avoid at all costs.


And so the seemingly endless cycle continued...or it would have if not for something that would alter the course of Prometheus's life. In was not an event of great importance in and of itself but the effect it would be monumental.

Prometheus was trapped in a megalomaniacal mania. Everything he did, every experiment, every life he took, every horror he unleashed and even why he continued on this seemingly never ending path was to achieve a great purpose. That was the reason  why had pursued power and knowledge, that's why he wanted to surpass the gods of humanity and all other Guyvers and that great purpose was...was...what?


That single question brought his entire world crashing down around him. Why? Why was he doing all this?! There was a reason wasn't their? There had to be, why would he have gone down this path for so long if there was no reason? But what was it? He tried to remember but all that filled his mind was data and research, nothing of meaning or consequence, nothing to explain why? Why?! What was the point of it all? He tried searching the vast stores of data he had collected, surely there was something in the oldest files. But there was nothing, just research data.  As he stared at the information in dismay a long forgotten memory came suddenly to the surfaced in his mind. He had erased the older files, they had been irrelevant data. NO! With no other option he tried to remember again, he concentrated so hard that thought his head might explode from the pain. But all that came were blurred images without meaning or context, like half forgotten dreams and nightmare.


Why couldn't he remember?!  He had to remember! Because he couldn't then...then...it was all meaningless. Everything he had ever done, all the research and experiments, every cold, calculated and cruel act he had committed would be rendered pointless. There had to be a reason. Then a  thought crept into his mind that made his blood run cold. What if there had never been a reason? What if he had simply deluded himself into believing that to stop himself from going insane because he couldn't remember why he was really doing all this anymore. Had he been born on earth? Was he even Adolphus Strigo or was that just another fantasy?!


He deactivated his armour, something he almost never did because of paranoia, and truly looked at himself for the first time in many 100,000 year.  He barely recognised what he saw. His olive skin had become sickly and pale due to lack of sunlight, abnormal muscles budged under his flesh and his eyes were sunken and inhuman looking. But worsted of all were the scars, hundreds of scares from the many experiments he had conducted upon himself.  He was so repulsed by his own reflection that he hastily reactivated his armour.


There had to be a reason, there had to be! Was there a way to remember? He delved into his mind again, trying to find his clearest early memories.  He remembered landing on that planet so long ago. Finding the Engineer ruins and meeting the xenomorphs for the first time. He remembered searching for other places, making discoveries that lead him on this path. But none of them explained why? Then a word had leapt into his head. Paradise. The place the Engineers data files had mentioned. He had tried to find it long ago but had abandoned the search when he was able to travel across realities. In all this time he had never looked for it again, after leavening he had searched for the Creators but as with the Engineers he had only found relics and ruins. In the end he had given up the search for both in favour of his own research.  Maybe he should look for it once more, if he could find it would it bring him clarity?  Allow him to rediscover his purpose or perhaps find a new one? Either way it was a better option the wallowing in confusion and despaired.


And so he Prometheus began his quest to find Paradise and returned to the universe where he had take his first steps down this path so long ago. But he was not the only extra dimensional traveller to come to this reality. A team of Guyvers, sent by a party that had long opposed Prometheus, travel to this reality in pursuit of him. All of them had encounters with Prometheus in the past and they were going to find a way to stop him once and for all. During their journey they would clash with Prometheus's bio-weapons and form gain allies in the form of a squad of Colonial Marines and group a Yautja Warriors. They hunted Prometheus across the galaxy trying to discover why he had returned here after so long. Things final came to a head on the planet LV-961. Prometheus had finally found coordinates to Paradise in the Engineer ruins located on the planet but unbeknownst to him the Guyvers and their allies had arrived on the planet as well. The group launched a surprise attack on him but despite the many unique abilities of the Guyvers they could not match Prometheus in terms of raw power and were soon forced to retreat. They  where  however able to steal the data but not without cost as several of the group gave their lives to distract Prometheus long enough to allow the other to escape. The team then fled to Yautja Prime with the data.


Prometheus did not tolerate interference at the best of times, in his current state of mind he was even less inclined to do so.  He tracked the group to Yautja Prime and unleashed his full fury on it. His ship and bio-weapons engaged the Yautja fleet and quickly began to gain the upper hand. When a opening appeared he and an entire army of xenomorphs  descended upon the planrt,  leavening his ship to continue the space battle. Prometheus and his army attacked the Yautja forces without mercy, the red tied swarming over every city slaughtering everything in their path. But the Yautja are a warrior/hunter race and would not fall without a fight, bringing the pinnacle of their technology to bear against the invaders.  The battle was bloody and brutal, neither side gave quarter nor asked for it. But for all their valour the Yautja were being pushed back. The red  xenomorphs of Prometheus's army were unlike any other, their master had optimised and upgraded them continually over the last 200,000 years.  Armed with abilities unknown  to this reality, they had brought extinction to countless worlds and they would never stop.


 Prometheus himself annihilated anything that got between him and his goal, a citadel at the heart of Yautja Prime's capital city. At the entrance to the building the Guyvers waited ready to make one last stand.  They attack him with all of their might but once again found themselves out matched however they were soon joined by their Marine and Yautja allies. The group fought with everything they had and were able to eventual distract Prometheus long enough to for the three most powerful Guyvers to charge and unleashed their strongest attacks. Caught off guard,  Prometheus took the full force of the combined attack. His world was transformed into blinding light a searing pain.


A first the group was ready to rejoice but as the dust cleared their joy evaporated. Prometheus was still alive but damaged, although his body was quickly regenerating, and very, very angry. Blind with rage Prometheus prepared to unleash a full-power Mega-Smasher at the stunned group. But just as it was about to fire one of the Yautja appeared behind him, grabbed him around the waist and lifted with all its might. Mega-Smasher fired into the sky, the blast soured out of the planets atmosphere and into the side of one of Yautja Prime's moons, inflicting increasable damage to it.


Although he had save his comrades the brave Yautja's arms had been melted by the heat of the Mega-Smasher and fell to the ground unconscious from the pain or dead, none was shore. Prometheus was absolutely livid and worse he felt winded. In his rage he hard recklessly wasted too much power fighting his way to the citadel, that combined with the damage taken and the large amount of energy wasted using his Mega-Smasher at full-power had drained a  great amount of his strength. Such stupidity was beneath him! Fortunately the interfering fools didn't seem like they had enough strength to stay conscious let alone fight him. It was at that point he heard an explosion from the citadel.


Looking he saw a winged shape fly out of a newly created hole in the roof of the building. It was one of his xenomorphs, but why was it here? He had never commanded one to go to the building. He reached out to it with his mind but found he could not link with the creature. Why? The flying xenomorphs flew over his head in the direction of the nearest his  armies drop pods. Confused he flew into the sky and stared in astonishment at what he saw. He's entire army was in full retreat, making their way back to the building sized drop pods and blasting off . What was going on?!  He reached out with his mind, commanded them to stop but to no avail. Then a very familiar, alien mind touched his own. In that moment he knew what was happening and for the first time in many years he felt fear. He was betrayed, betrayed by his oldest creation.


 Project: Red.


Long ago when he first explored this reality he had encountered a interesting  mutation of the xenomorphs species, the Red Strain. Although almost physically identical to the standard species  aside from their colour, these red xenomorphs proved to be much more susceptible to his early experiment then standard breed at the time. So he had captured a young red queen, who in time became the mother of his army. She had undergone more extermination than any other creature aboard his ship and her power may even have surpassed her masters. To Prometheus she was both a powerful weapon and a companion. Being at his core human, he instinctually craved some form of social interaction and had treated Project: Red like a pet and would stand in her chamber at times talking to where about his work while she silently listened and watch. She had been with him for so long that he often let his guard down around her, he never would have suspected that one day she would develop ant-bodies to the virus he had injected so long ago, freeing her from his control. Then she had bided her time waiting for the chance to strike.


Now the time was right and her former master was weak and venerable. She would let her strongest children kill him while she used the coordinates the flying xenomorphs had retrieved to go to Paradise and from there she would begin her own great work. Prometheus fear gave way to anger as he saw the impressions she sent him. She would pay for this! But as he broke the mental link he knew what was coming.  He looked up into the sky and saw for shapes flying through the atmosphere towards him. The XenoLord, xenomorphs based bio-weapons upgraded using Zoalord genetic material and optimisation techniques . Under normal circumstance this would have been an interesting challenge, in his current condition however he was in trouble.

The XenoLords attacked their former master without mercy and it was all Prometheus to stay one step ahead of them. Worse yet it seems Project: Red had done a little upgrading of her own. When he did manage to land a lethal blow their XenoCrystal would detach itself and seek out any nearby organic material from which to generate a new XenoLord and on a battlefield like this on there was lots of that laying around. Despite his best efforts they quickly began to were him down until he could barely stand. But Prometheus had one final hand to play and just as they were coming in for the finishing blow he activated his Ultimate Eraser. A risky move but he had no choice. The surrounding area was bathed in null energy  and the XenoLord were erased from existence.  The deed done he hastily deactivated Ultimate Eraser however using it had drained the last of his strength and slowly blackness enveloped him.


When he awakened he was still laying on the ground but his view was filled with those who had stood in his way. The Guyvers had recovered and were debating on what to do with him, realising he was awake they stepped back in fear, ready to slay him. But one of the group wanted to know what had happened, why had his army turned on him? Weak and his mind in turmoil Prometheus looked at her and for a second she seemed familiar, who did she remind him off? He’d had had a similer impression back on LV-961. Shaken by the feeling he answered her honestly.   After listening to him the group debated what their next course of action should be. In time they agree to that they had no choice but to find and stop Project: Red somehow. But that left one question, what to do with Prometheus? One moved to kill him but the woman stayed his hand. She stated that if they were to have any chance of winning they needed him. The other one argued, stating that they couldn't trust this monster. But the woman countered that they didn't need to trust him and right now he was the lesser of two evils.


Begrudgingly the group decided to take Prometheus with them but only if he deactivated his armour until it was time for battle. For his part Prometheus didn't care, he didn't care if they killed him or not, if they left him or not or even if he had to fight Project: Red. He had lost it all. First his memory and by extension his purpose and now he had lost his ship (his home) and all his research.  There truly was no point in anything he did now or evrn. So he deactivated his armour without protest. The Guyvers were shocked by his appearance but said nothing.  The Yautja offered them a ship to take them on their way but none could be speared to go with them and the marines would not survived what they would have to face so they parted ways. Fortunately they had been able to copy  the coordinates that were stole so at least they knew where to go.


During the journey Prometheus was locked in a cell but he was lost in his own dark thoughts, indifferent to his surroundings. That was when the woman came to visit him. He looked at her, he still got that unceasing feeling that he knew her. She spoke to him but his mind was so confused he barely heard her. "Whats your name?" was that what she asked? "You know it already, I am Prometheus" he said. "No" said the woman "What’s your real name?"  The question stunned him, how long had it been since someone asked him that? Something about her voice compelled him to reply  "Adolphus, Adolphus Strigoi" he replied. Then there was a flash as the woman deactivated her Guyver unit and for the first time he saw her face. "It suits you" she said "How did you get a name like that?" Prometheus just started at the woman's face, he knew that face, her voice to.  He even remembered hearing those exact words before to. Why? Why did he know her and from where?!  His head started to hurt as half forgotten images appeared in his mind. Gritting his teeth and biteing back the pain he asked as politely as he could "Whats your name please?". "Atsuko, Hisakawa Atsuko" she replied. With those words Prometheus mind exploded with pain as the door to long forgotten memories was finally opened.


 He remember his brother, his sister-in-law, the children, his nephews. Oh how happy he had been to be an uncle, he'd spoiled those kids rotten. He had no family of his own, in fact he had been a lonely bachelor but he loved to spend time with his bothers family and their love was all he had needed.  The memories filled his heart with such joy, but that quickly faded as more memories came. He remembered working for Cronos, he had loved his work, it was cutting edge, it would change the world. Then Guyot had come along a down played it all, stating how all they had achieved wasn't  that impressive. His words had hurt Adolphus's pride, why wasn't he being allowed to be part of even greater discoveries? It was that pride that would destroy his world. At that time the Guyver units had been transported to Cronos Japan for study and Inspector Lisker had somehow activated one of them, becoming Guyver I.  Secretly Lisker desired power and wanted to dispose of the other Guyver units. Seeing an opportunity Lisker had tricked him into becoming Guyver II, using his wounded pride to bait him. That single selfish act would lead to the death of his brother and his family and forced him to go on the run as Cronos hunted him like an animal. Living in sewers then in the wilderness just trying to survive for months on end. V-Day came and Cronos took control of the world. The virus he had been infected with had begun to effect him once more, causeing him unbearable pain while his Guyver fought to save his life. Then She had found him, Hisakawa Atsuko, Guyver III. She invited him to join Zeus, fight Cronos and they would help him. They became friends and she taught him how to fight. He became strong, strong enough to defeat Lisker, but as always his brain was his greatest weapon. In his heart all he wanted to do was to make things right, to somehow undo his mistake. He proposed the Prometheus Project, using Cronos's own zoanoid technology against them. Many agreed but a few didn't, Atsuko included and their friendship became strained. As time passed a new desire grew in his mind, not just to make things right but to make the world betterso that none would ever have to suffer pain or injustice again. Like Prometheus he would use what he learned to create a new, enlightened world. Alkanphel fell into eternal sleep, Cronos began to splinter due to infighting. ZoaLords were assassinated, Zeus grew stronger and bolder. Slowly they pushed Cronos back. The final battle at Relic's Point with Dr. Barcus. The choice. His ambition had grown, he would make the world right. But he wasn't ready yet, he must discover more, become more then he could to fill his dream. However he could not do that here on this planet. So he stole the Relic Ship and left earth. But as he left he saw her staring after him, her eye pleading with him not to go. But he had to, he had to make it right.

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