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Kenji Murakami

Son of Mine art gallery

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Since I have quite a bit of art for my series - some gifts, some commissions, and some I've drawn myself - I figure now's as good a time as any to show it off. I really do enjoy getting them.


Here's some of my own art:

post-760-0-63702300-1439918795_thumb.png post-760-0-43668900-1439919062_thumb.png post-760-0-27813200-1439919188_thumb.png post-760-0-73674800-1439919204_thumb.png post-760-0-42653100-1439919977_thumb.png


Here's some that Ladena made for me, back when she was a common presence on the site:

post-760-0-67505800-1439919429_thumb.jpg post-760-0-42869200-1439919488_thumb.jpe post-760-0-69344600-1439919740_thumb.jpe


Here's one by Jess, back when he called himself Ryuki:



And, I can't remember who made these last four, but I'm very grateful for them all the same:

post-760-0-44620200-1439921921_thumb.jpg post-760-0-95289100-1439923051_thumb.jpg post-760-0-09446900-1439924275_thumb.jpg post-760-0-93416600-1439924663_thumb.jpg

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Some more by me:


post-760-0-20184100-1457331722_thumb.png post-760-0-16479200-1457331752_thumb.png post-760-0-74968200-1457332076_thumb.png post-760-0-73443900-1457332093_thumb.png post-760-0-80786700-1457332152_thumb.jpg post-760-0-69340000-1457332263_thumb.jpg post-760-0-32129600-1457332312_thumb.jpg post-760-0-07990500-1457332350_thumb.png post-760-0-36154700-1457332506_thumb.png post-760-0-15696100-1457332580_thumb.png post-760-0-92157500-1457332648_thumb.png post-760-0-00639900-1457332724_thumb.png post-760-0-59573700-1457332751_thumb.jpg


Some I made online:


post-760-0-76640300-1457332894_thumb.jpg post-760-0-41513200-1457332919_thumb.jpg post-760-0-29620200-1457332945_thumb.jpg


And some more gifts:

From Ladena:


post-760-0-36135600-1457333046_thumb.jpg post-760-0-88318000-1457333069_thumb.jpg post-760-0-83594500-1457333123_thumb.jpe


From Ryuki (Jess):


post-760-0-39720300-1457333233_thumb.jpg post-760-0-92684600-1457333258_thumb.jpg post-760-0-96768900-1457333289_thumb.jpg post-760-0-95828300-1457333640_thumb.jpg


And from an old member of the board named Razell:


post-760-0-49885600-1457333397_thumb.jpg post-760-0-77486600-1457333417_thumb.jpg post-760-0-83975600-1457333449_thumb.jpg post-760-0-24831700-1457333525_thumb.jpg post-760-0-62614600-1457333567_thumb.jpg post-760-0-72854700-1457333606_thumb.jpg post-760-0-46392300-1457333674_thumb.jpg

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I like that commission pic, it reminds me of one I done of Purg'stall years ago before I knew what colour he should be!. Though better posed than the one  I did way back in 1999.  Who done the pic Kenji?

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Kenji is it ok to include this art in big GFA update for SOM?

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