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Do you own a PS4 or Xbox One yet?



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  1. 1. Do you own a PS4 or Xbox One yet?

    • Yes!
    • Not yet. But I will be getting one when I can.
    • No....I don't know when or if I'll get one.
    • I have both of course. What a silly question!

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Do you own a PS4 or X-Box One yet? Yes? No? Maybe?


I recently purchased mine a few months ago. Haven't done much with it yet as I'm still playing some of my old PS3 games. Not much to choose from at the moment. 


But I know I will be playing on it more as newer games are released for it.  :whoo:

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No option for both?


For shame!


Fortunately for you, I will fix that for two reasons:


1. Because I have THE POWER, and I am going to horribly abuse it because...


2. I own both ^_^


Though, you did not specify as to which system that is owned, only that they own one or the other.


I play my Xbox One much more than my PS4 simply because I prefer the controller. I only one one PS4 game currently, and that is Bloodborne. And it is awesome.


I mean, even with the PS3, I only ever got exclusives for it. I must have something like 50-60 X-Box 360 games... But maybe 10-15 PS3 games.

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we need another option.


I have absolutely no interest in consoles in this day and age. I can get all my gaming fun on my pc. I don't want either.

well except for the wii u.

there are a couple of reasons for that. mainly because nintendo focuses on making great games and keeping it all in house and have a unique controller system.

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I have neither. I'm quite content with what I have at the moment. If I want to play online I go with the 360. If I want to play old school PS1 games and Japanese imports I'll switch over to my PS3. If I want to play something while I am out and about I will whip out my trusty GBA SP. I may one day consider getting a new console, but not until I feel the investment would be worthwhile in regards to a solid library. Right now I feel that there are way too many bland titles saturating the market.

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don't have any of them, got a Wii U tho and love it, great variety of games and the virtual console store keeps getting better each day also the game pad screen is a godsend for my current lifestyle where my family likes to hog the TV screen. XD I also still own my N64 with some games and of course my 3DS.

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