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Beginner Japanese


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all japanese is written in 'japanese' which comprises of three scripts.

all japanese will be written with kanji, hiragana and katakana where appropriate.

the only exceptions will be childrens books.

do you know what the scripts are for? katakana is used for mostly loanwords, and names. hiragana is used for grammar and particles, verb conjugations and sometimes is used for common terms like greetings etc. Kanji is the meat of it, is used for most stuff along with hiragana to give it it's grammatical context etc.

to compare it, you could say CAT is the equivalent to katakana, cat is the equivalent to hiragana and :) is the equivalent to kanji.

lucky for kanji learners, guver is a boy's manga which means it is aimed at young boys who are not fully through school yet. as a result, furigana (small hiragana) are written beside each kanji.

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:confused: can I ask where the hell you learned to read Japanese? Apparently I'm going to need a teacher to teach me the proper grammar of the written language.

I know Kanji is the borrowed Chinese caracters (and Japanese students are required to learn 2000 caracters from the Kanji script) katakana is for foreign words and hiragana is true Japanese words. So, are you saying that the Guyver has all three scripts in it?

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even the title of guyver has both kanji and katakana 強殖装甲ガイãƒãƒ¼

å¼· kyou (kanji)

æ®– shoku (kanji)

装 sou (kanji)

甲 kou (kanji)

ガ ga (katakana)

イ i (katakana)

ムba (katakana)

ー extender of the last sound.

I'm still learning to read japanese.

admittedly, I'm pretty good, but not as good as I am at reading english.

you don't need to have a teacher, but these days, it is easier to get a teacher. when i started learning, the internet was new and japanese was not very common as a college course etc. my start in learning to read japanese was trying to translate guyver. it's the reason this website and guyver advocacy exists. I learn by talking to my friend in japan and I have various dictionaries. for firefox, get something called rikaichan and get yourself onto twitter and follow some japanese people. there is a member of this forum called lycanthrope bata. he doesn't visit very often but i talk to him often on twitter. it's difficult, but then learning is difficult. when you are challenged, you learn the most.

oh to learn grammar, try a program called rosetta stone.

maybe you can try the japanese governments site. https://www.erin.ne.jp/en/ that's free, whereas rosetta stone is EXPENSIVE.

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Yeah, I went shopping for Japanese language tutorial CDs with mom during the summer holiday this year; I am not paying $80 just for a cardboard box with three or so damn CDs. Especially since I have a truck that kills gas like I kill cookies.

I think I would learn better if I had a teacher; I seem to learn things faster if I have someone good to teach me the subject.

Thanks Ryuki. :smallbiggrin:

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if you like, for a start, would you like to try reading something?

you can use as many tools/ books/ reference as you like, but see if you can tell me what this very simple sentence means -


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ok, I'll write it also in hiragana for you. ãょã†ã¯ãんよã†ã³ã§ã™ã€‚

it's odd the kanji not displaying correctly.

do you have support for east asian languages installed?

it would be in your windows language and regional settings.

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you're getting there, you're learning already ! :)

you got 'this day' right or 'today'.

your romanisation of the hiragana is not quite there, but good!

when you see a small symbol, it is modifying the one before it. so when you wrote kiyo u, it is actually kyou.

that would all be written as kyou ha kinyoubi desu.

a breakdown of the grammar, kyou is today. kyou ha, means 'concerning' today. kinyoubi is friday. youbi is day. kin is money. so to remember that it's friday think of it as 'payday'. desu means 'is' or 'to be'. I'll let you come up with the answer based on that.

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nope, I said you can think of it as payday simply to remind you of the breakdown of it.

it doesn't mean payday, the same way as our sunday doesn't actually mean sun day when we say it.

it's just a good way to remember the word.

it means today is friday :)

how did you find it? do you want me to give you more challenges?

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ok cool :)


yes kanji is very specific, that is why kanji is often used in place of hiragana. there are some cases where hiragana is preferred and that is usually for colloquial terms and slang. it is because the phrase is not necessarily using a literal meaning.

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I would assume it is blue like all the other cronos uniforms.

are you using a visual comparison? good stuff.

here, I believe you are confusing 人 with 入.

notice this ウェールズ is in katakana.

the first symbol is ã¼ã.

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In the anime it looked black, but I wouldn't know since his entire body was covered by the cape. Now that I think of it, in the manga it looked a little too light to be the same blue color as the other Zoalords....it might be a lighter color.

I think I've got part of it right: "Boku ha ueeruzu person desu".

I noticed that boku is a masculine word used by males, but I'm having trouble translating the katakana.

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yes you've got that part right :)

and yes, boku is definitely masculine,

the katakana is not a very common usage because japanese people don't always recognise the term.

they would usually use the term イギリス人 or 英国人, much to my dismay.

unfortunately it's an all too common issue with other countries.

I think his romper suit looks lighter at times because of the aura he gives off.

I always pictured it as a soft blue, a little way inbetween deep sky blue and navy blue.

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