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Well, I've never done a blog before so this'll be a first for me.

I just got done watching the Evangelion movie and now I have an image of Rhia going out of control like Eva-1 did while going up against the Fourth Angel. I'll have to draw it or write it down; it's cool and scary at the same time.

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....Oops... :redface:

Sorry about that. I'm working on a tri loom (a loom in the shape of a right triangle). Yesterday I realized that the nails I bought for being used as pegs to wrap the yarn around were too long to use.

Today was just another boring day at school. Algebra 2: just take notes and go on with the assignment. CBA (computer buisness applacation): take open book tests on the computer over Office program lessons.

Art 3&4: I and my art 4 classmates were either finishing up our oil paint still life, or we were working on our foreshortened pose assignment while the art 3 kids worked on their weird self portrait of whatever color schemes they chose. Art 3 and Art 4 are combined because of how small the classes are and they're composed of Juniors and Seniors. The art teacher is a hoot and she is easily the most favored teacher in the entire school. The funniest things tend to happen in art class with her (or with one of the random students in the class).

Right now I'm just sitting at my desk, waiting for dad to get home with the right nails for my loom project while I try to type up some new ideas for my fanfics.

Is this better Ryuki?

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certainly. it makes for a much more interesting and engaging read.

but really, if it is what you want, then that is good. if you are not writing with the intention of people reading then just ignore me :)

anyway, that loom thing sounds completely awesome.

it is so cool to make such things. handmade stuff is the best.

I have tried my hand at a few crafts in the past.

chainmail, tailoring, crochet and knitting, carving, more.

but never actually made fabric.

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I couldn't ingore advice from a guy like you even if I tried or wanted to.

A tri loom is used for making shawls. Mine is 7 feet long with 1/4 spacings between the pegs on the long rail and 1/8 spacings on the two side rails with the right angle. This is my first real loom (I've been using cardboard looms for smaller projects), but the basics of weaving is pretty much the same. The spacing between the pegs (or nails) is determined by how thick the thread/yarn you're using; the smaller the thread/yarn the smaller the spacing and vice versa. It's easy and cheap to make.

I have to agree with you, hand made stuff is the best.

Wait, what? You've done chainmail before! :shock: Awesome dude!

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yeah chainmail is actually quite straightforward.

you need a pair of hand bolt cutters to separate an already existing chain (if it is welded) and a pair of pliers to open the link and close it after you put it in place.

that loom sounds pretty straightforward too.

i guess all you really need is a frame and some pegs.

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School today was pretty much boring. We just did a review for a test in Algebra 2 and we worked on our PowerPoint lesson in CBA. Art 4 we worked on our current project (foreshorten pose) and talked about the next assignment wich is printmaking. Other than that, it's pretty much the same routine.

I did work on my tri loom today, though, and smashed my thumb several times in the process with a hammer. I started nailing in pegs after I got home from school, and I'll tell you, smashing your thumb several times is not fun. No fingers broken though.

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Here's an image of my tri loom.


Up close at the 45 degree angle. I was suppose to drill holes in the wood before putting in the nails, but as you can see I didn't know that until the wood started to split. Hopefuly the glue and nails I nailed in the inside will keep it together.

My dad bought me another one on eBay a few days ago, but I'll play around with this and see how a shawl will turn out on this one until the other one comes in.

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Today starts my Thanksgiving break for the week. Right now I'm catching up on some house work (my dad and brother pay me to do their laundry and clean their bathrooms). I started weaving on my tri loom last night when we got home; it is surprisingly easy once you get the hand of it. So far the shawl is looking good.


Thought yal would like to see this.

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I need help! I've hit writers block with my fanfic again. I can't decide if I want the next chapter to be a comedy chapter between Rhia and Purgstall, or if it should be when Rhia gets taken by Zeus' Thunder and gets rescued by some mysterious new character. Should I do both or something else?

Edited by river_chaos
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This is what I have so far with Ch17 and 18.


The helicopter flew across the California sky, carrying a well know Cronos VIP.

Agito Makishima smiled in his Gigantic Dark armor; it would be easy to capture the little half-breed.

The helicopter lurched suddenly and the door next to Rhia was torn off by Gigantic Dark. Before any of her guards could do anything, the Guyver shot them down with his head beam then grabbed Rhia by her arm.

Idiot, she said and zapped him with 260,000 volts of electricity, a meager amount compared to what she was truly capable of. He let her go and she began her descent back to the ground. Guyver 3 then destroyed the helicopter with his pressure cannon and went after her.

Rhia swore at her lack of thinking. She couldnt use any of her stronger abilities without the permission of either Alkanphel, Barcas, Amniculus, or Purgstall. Right now she couldnt do anything unless she came close to death. There was one thing she could do though to keep anyone from finding out what she had become.

She closed her eyes just before Guyver 3 caught her. He swore a long stream of curses; the half-breed had entered a self induced coma.

No matter, he thought. Her DNA will provide everything I need for my plans.

In a mountain range in North America… They had just finished putting together this secret outpost when their boss showed up in his Gigantic form. The scientist in charge of the assignment given to the outpost grinned at the sight of the unconscious half-breed freak. He would have fun torturing the little abomination.

Scott Eagle hated being dragged to where ever Zeus Thunder went.

His foster dad was an ex-Marine with a dishonorable discharge. His foster brother was the lead scientist of the outpost that he had been dragged to everyday to help put it together. He wasnt sure about his foster mom; she was a drunk, dead beat that watched TV all the time and did nothing else except eat and sleep. He had no idea how he ended up with them, but the Child Care system had dumped him on their doorstep and hadnt bothered to check up on him in ten years.

Today was one of the days that gave Scott another reason to hate Zeus Thunder. He heard the screams of a girl before he set foot in the warehouse that was a temporary outpost for the rebel group. Soon after he checked himself in he saw a girl his age with starlight hair being dragged across the hangar. Her violet clothes were tattered and torn and she bled from several cuts on her body. Her head rolled and her hair fell away to reveal long, pointed ears. His jaw dropped; they were torturing Lady Rhiannon Maaka.

Damn little freak! he heard his foster brother say as he passed her and kicked her in the gut.

What the hell are you doing to her? Scott nearly shouted and ran up to the unconscious Rhiannon.

Were interrogating her thats what, his foster brother said snottily. Were collecting as much data as we can from the little half-breed, and so far we havent learned much aside from her healing abilities.

By torturing her? She hasnt done anything wrong!

Shes the heiress of a Zoalord! She a freak of nature, and if you want a roof over your head until you turn 18 then keep your yap shut.

His foster brother strode off and Rhiannon was taken to a holding cell in the back of the hangar. Seven guards were posted near the door of the thick walled cell. Scott had seen it being constructed, but didnt have a clue what it would be used for until now.

He knew that this was wrong. If Zeus Thunder was going to start torturing innocent people like her, not to even regard her as a person at all, then he wanted no part of it. He was going to get her out of there.


They were harming her again.

Rhias conscious was in dormancy to keep Zeus Thunder from getting anything out of her. While she was dormant the Zoalord DNA remained inactive until she came back out, but there was another way. It was something Dr. Barcas could never have detected in the girl before her optimization, but it was there all the same. It was a subconscious being that had only came forward once before. Now it was coming forward again.

To the scientist, they thought they were getting somewhere when they saw the red lines appearing on her cheeks. Then her eyes opened and they discovered that they were on to something bad; her eyes were pure red with no pupils or irises. They sent another current of electricity through her and thats when it all went wrong.

She roared and sent the current back through the conductors causing the lights and computers in the room to short circuit or explode. The emergency lights came on and several soldiers hurried into the room to meet their deaths.

Everyone heard them scream, and then everything was engulfed in flames. The half breed destroyed everything and everyone around her. When they shot bullets at her they were sent back at them without even touching her. Finally they surrounded her, and learned that was a big mistake.

Seven points on her body glowed and a barrier formed around the demonic half breed. They unloaded their magazines on her, but nothing touched her. Her barrier glowed brighter and became solid looking. When they couldnt see her anymore, the barrier suddenly expanded and everything around her was destroyed.

What do ya think about this? Is it a keeper?

Edited by river_chaos
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Had a nice holiday over the weekend since dad had to go to work Thanksgiving day. I got to visit some relatives and talk with some friends of the family. It was fun to hear what's going on.

My writing is going slow along with my shawl project. Dad's been nagging at me because I haven't got one shawl done yet. How the heck am I suppose to work fast when I'm new with a tri loom and we're moving into a trailer in a rush? It's almost like he's telling me to go into hyper drive and make a crappy shawl for Christmas.

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