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Toku Warrior

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Ok, this is the section where you can post any and all types of wallpapers that you either find online or create yourself for any cartoon series, TV series, games and movies that are not Kamen Rider, Super Sentai and Anime. DO NOT post any WP's of hentai and/or porn. If you have a wallpaper that you think could be post but are not sure then please PM an admin or moderator and ask them. Again, no posting Hentai and/or porn WP. If you do they will be deleted and you'll recieve an official warning, no questions asked. This is the first and only rule to this wallpaper section and it will be strictly adhered to.

I ask that an admin or mod sticky/pin this thread for wallpaper section reference like the other wallpaper sections.

Here are some of my own personal wallpapers.










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I have a whole folder on my desktop full of Desktops. I collect them. Doctor Who is one of the folders. Likewise with Kamen Rider, WWE, New York Yankees, Washington Redskins, Ghostbusters, Power Rangers, Digimon, Pokémon, Bionicle, Transformers, Yu-Gi-Oh, Percy Jackson & The Olympians, etc.





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Nice one Spleach.

Bobby, some nice additions but please refer to the starter post and thread title. No anime, Kamen Rider or Super Sentai/Power Ranger wallpapers are allowed in this thread.

Other series like Metal Heroes, Ultraman and Godzilla are allowed cuz they're not as discussed as those other three genre series topics are.

Pokemon would be the hard choice here. If they use images from strategy guides, comics and gaming magazines then they'll be allowed but none with images from the anime.

this will all be for future reference.

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