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I never understand the concept of blog, so I never had one. This is the first. Now I know that the blogger can write in his blog whatever he wants :mrgreen:

On the last friday I bought a bike:

Atemi Diversion 100 (2008) for 150$ (it cost 190$-210$ in the shop).

Weight: 14,5 kg

atemi1.th.jpg atemi2.th.jpg

Last time I had a bike - was almost 10 years ago, and that was this model of "Aist" (but green):


And last saturday I had a ride trough my town with 3 of my friends. Now here's what we have:

1) First of my friend crushed second's rear derailleur (rammed him from behind);

2) Then the second friend used a bike of the first friend and fall hardly on his first 20 meters (broke some important plastic stuff on the handlebar);

3) Then the first friend torn apart his drive chain...

4) And I broke the reflector on the right pedal.

At least we alive :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:


sorry for my poor english x))


Later I will post something, and video with me doing crazy stuff! x))

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wow! what on earth were you doing for those bikes to get so badly damaged?

were you riding over walls and stuff???

I haven't ridden my bike in a very long time.

I rode over glass and got very bad puncture. i haven't been able to fix it yet.

I tried 3 times. failed.

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No, all of this events happened on a good surface and not at a high speed :mrgreen: It's funny but at that day nothing happened to us while we rushed through cross-country, stairs, road kerbs and other dangerous places.

And the first friend had torn his drive chain because the second broke that plastic stuff on the handlebar x)) After this he can't switch a speed or something. Ah, the first friend is heavyweight - 110 kg, so... x)) I think the model of the bike he has is not really suitable - cheap bike with front and rear suspension:


(but white color)


Here's my old bike (photoshop of that blue bike):


The fork is bent, because I rode on it "through" the brick wall :lol: I wonder where is this bike now, my dad gave it to someone when I became too big for it.

EDIT: I also had punctures on this old bike. There was a lot of them, and even when I replace an old inner tube with the new one - punctures chased me. Because there was some unknown defect of the tire and we loved to ride in bad places х))

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I don't know if my bike is actually any good at all.

i only used it for riding in the town.

I don't like it actually. my old one was rusted all over, but i really liked it. this new one just doesn't seem to work right, it is heavy and teh gears are clunky and the brakes do not work right.

sometimes if you want a good thing you have to go to a shop that is not famous.

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Yeah I fell several times already x)) But those was soft landings and there was only a little scratches (and my bike is also fine x)). Yes, I must ride carefully sad.gif

The cat is really awesome. I have a video with this cat, I'll upload it someday, actually this photo is a frame from that video.


The next pack:

56e63ab0a357t.jpg 91f941975f58t.jpg 7c6e9a7696cct.jpg dbda2a14ace3t.jpg bb771cd719aet.jpg e5b403fc0293t.jpg a179c7298c13t.jpg e8c6bf815e94t.jpg f5f119583ac0t.jpg ff3ff388afa2t.jpg 6d14fa0b8021t.jpg

On first photo - my bike with that plastic stuff totally smashed. On second and third - derailleur of my friend's bike (it was devoured by a chain)

c19a2d76db81t.jpg 20be3449685et.jpg cbc1c8bda615t.jpg

+more photos later...


Heh, my bike is pretty good for its price. From april till now it run ~800 KM and there was no need in repair x)) (punctures doesn't count x)).

The maximum length of a single trip was 91 KM (85% highway, 15% cross country).

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Guinness had produced "Original" variant in 2009 in Russia (In honour of two hundred fiftieth anniversary). So we bought 2 anniversary packs which contain cool tulip glass:

647cb5017b94t.jpg ebe28c0e0613t.jpg b7c6dbb3c8bdt.jpg c3492a8eb95bt.jpg 196edd31e024t.jpg 638720b8a93dt.jpg a55ab8834f0ct.jpg fbe1d4639a3bt.jpg ba11c4b72d75t.jpg 7fefaadfbd9et.jpg fdb09034e002t.jpg 715b4322df8ct.jpg 1a3a82348166t.jpg

Before 2009 there was only "Foreign Extra Stout" here in Russia. But now it's gone from stores. I hope they'll return it back (in 2010), because it was far more tasty.

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Finally we have snow in Moscow region. Maybe I should buy skis :mrgreen:


I'm finished with editing of a new album of my noisecore band Cerkov'. This is noisecore, so don't read this and don't download it if you don't like to listen noise and nonsence :lol:

rapidshare.com/files/318602158/2009-n1-invalidnoe.rar.html - 39 MB

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And omg again, we have ~+35 +40 Celsius last month and it will be like this till ~15 august.

But the worst thing is forest fires and peat fires in Moscow region. The smoke is very thick, I can't see anything further than ~250 meters from my window right now :confused: :confused: :confused:

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I overclocked my videocard (HD 3650, DDR2 512mb, 725MHz, 800MHz(DDR) memory).

I think it's a good card, maximum values was: 904.5MHz and 1098MHz(DDR) memory. Without any manipulations with voltage and without adding any coolers on the memory chips. Core was overclocked by 24.7%, memory 37.3%.

Here 3DMark's results. I also overclocked cpu (Athlon 64 3200+, 2000MHz) to 2500 MHz with voltage increasing from 1.4 to 1.55 volts. Here is the comparison of default config and full overclock:

2006: 3022 -> 3989. Gain 32%.

d754ac3a879at.jpg 095a6c42c681t.jpg

2005: 6735 -> 8895. Gain 32%.

d97472418c5et.jpg f99764789078t.jpg

2003: 9304 -> 12323. Gain 32.4%.

bc9f6b2cbc15t.jpg 2ecf4967bcbdt.jpg

And GTA 4 benchmark (with latest patch):

default config: 13.03 FPS

with overclocked videocard: 14.40 FPS

with overclocked videocard and cpu: 17.18 FPS - Gain 31.8%

I think it is a good result.

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Painted my bicycle yesterday (thanks to my friend Philips who done 90% of work :biggrin: ):

(warning: big pics (1-2 MB each)! smaller versions in my next post)

001ji.th.jpg 002mfy.th.jpg 003gnx.th.jpg 004ooe.th.jpg 005khv.th.jpg 006pxb.th.jpg 007rao.th.jpg 008yfq.th.jpg

+ before painting:


We used simply method (because of laziness) with spray paint. The only thing we done before painting was deoiling of the surface (scratches will be mine!).

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