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Days of High Adventure..


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Hey all, this has been rattling in my head for a bit, but I need to get this out there...

With Marvel having recently re-acquired the rights to Conan the Barbarian (and having him as part of the Savage Avengers), I have been wondering...what do you think would happen if everyone's favorite Cimmerian suddenly ended up in the Guyver-verse?

Now, before some of you would say "he wouldn't last five minutes," let me put this in perspective...we are dealing with a man who comes from an age where sorcerers, wizards, monsters, demons and Crom only knows what else were the order of the day...and he held his own against them all.

To further my point, here's what happened when Mephisto attempted to make one of his infamous deals with the Barbarian (as seen in the pages of Conan: Battle for the Serpent Crown):

As crazy as it sounds, I think Conan would be able to hold his own against the forces of Chronos.  What say you?

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