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Plasma as a state of matter

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So I have a question, if plasma is considered a state of matter what happens to the base substance if its converted to a plasma state from say a liquid state.  My example would be something like an Enzyme 3's molecular acid.  If it somehow could energize its acid to shift from a liquid state to a plasma state would it retain similar properties to its liquid state or would the conversion into a plasma based state overwrite the base abilities of the acid in its liquid state?

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an enzyme is something that  aids a reaction. it adds some piece of a molecule that destabilises another set of molecules.
to picture this.. you might have a stable compound which doesn't readily react with oxygen.  the enzyme would include some ions that will be very happy to react with certain atoms in the stable material. they will in effect 'steal ' those atoms and leave the base material with free ions which will then react with oxygen.
When something is or becomes a plasma, there are conditions that make it want to stay as a plasma. usually, that would be a very high amount of energy.. if the stable material was cooler than the plasma then the heat of the plasma will want to very quickly transfer into the cold material, so it would all heat up and any reactions that would normally happen, would probably happen an awful lot faster.

This is my best guess.

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A plasma is ionized and the electrons move freely through it. That means any chemical properties the original material might have had are null and void.

Also, organic molecules like enzymes are typically too large to occur in a gaseous state. They break down before they can do so; heat is not a friend of large molecules.

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