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  1. So a little backstory. A long time ago I once applied an idea for a possible character to join the WG Universe and possibly recieve the Stellar Warrior Guyver. While my character didn't get picked Sully did offer to him a Warrior Guyver Type 1 unit like Jason's before he became Dreadnought. I thought the idea was great and like fans of the fan-fiction of the time had day dreamed every now and then about actually having a tiny corner of this fantastic setting to write in. Unfortunately at the time I just couldn't get my stuff together to follow up on the idea but I of course had always had
  2. So I have a question, if plasma is considered a state of matter what happens to the base substance if its converted to a plasma state from say a liquid state. My example would be something like an Enzyme 3's molecular acid. If it somehow could energize its acid to shift from a liquid state to a plasma state would it retain similar properties to its liquid state or would the conversion into a plasma based state overwrite the base abilities of the acid in its liquid state?
  3. Hello all, eons ago back when WG had its own forum I ran around the boards under the name Vengeance and occasionally posted stuff but mainly just crept around enjoying this great world constructed by all those involved. The other day I was feeling nostalgic and decided to look up the old WG.com and I was actually surprised to see it was still going, posts from Sully and Matt weren't so crazy to see and I even remember I was just sooooooo close to being able to introduce a character into this world I spent hours and hours delving into. Just thought I'd stop by to say hello, say thank you to t
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