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  1. So a little backstory. A long time ago I once applied an idea for a possible character to join the WG Universe and possibly recieve the Stellar Warrior Guyver. While my character didn't get picked Sully did offer to him a Warrior Guyver Type 1 unit like Jason's before he became Dreadnought. I thought the idea was great and like fans of the fan-fiction of the time had day dreamed every now and then about actually having a tiny corner of this fantastic setting to write in. Unfortunately at the time I just couldn't get my stuff together to follow up on the idea but I of course had always had ideas for the character and where he would've eventually ended up. The following story takes place during Seven Days of Hell part 7. I have no idea if it would've worked, when he would've gotten his own unit or any of that but figured I'd just put some musing up since I've recently rediscovered my enjoyment of the fan-fic. Hopefully you enjoy it too. --- The situation was bad and getting worse by the moment. Yuri had often heard some of the more battle hardened veterans always say at times that they had, ‘seen worse’ but if any of them tried such a comment today he would know they were full of drenn. The ACTF and allies from Dreadnought had united for an all-out assault on the Clan Ship to hopefully end the stalemated conflict over the technology within it. As the days of battle had progressed the balance of power between the factions had seemed to shift back and forth like a set of scales. While new warriors had come to join their side including Guardian, Dark Nova and even the mysterious W’kar character Chronos appeared to have done equally well with Warrior Guyvers Vamore and Thrancus as well as the newest threat Black Guyver Darzerb, a creature that’s name had already caused many ACTF soldiers to tremble with fear. The assault had initially gone well, the heavy hitters had begun to slug it out while the secondary forces clashed against each other. Yuri, whose mindset was more hit-and-run with quick but effective kills had done everything he could to support the others in their own battles while still trying to help keep the overall conflict contained to a manageable degree. It had seemed the battle was well enough in hand. Then W’kar was defeated. Yuri had seen this warrior already fight with considerable skill, seeming to almost instinctually know how to handle himself on the battle field with a savagery that one had to certainly respect. While his attention had been divided in multiple directions during the conflict the Russian did know that the large blue guyver was having some difficulty against the Black Guyver Darzerb but they were all taken aback when a gout of flame had swarmed over W’kar and left nothing more than a scorch mark on the ground. Now one of Chronos’s strongest warriors was free to bring destruction towards any target it wished. Yuri could hope that one of the more powerful ACTF guyvers would tackle this challenge but they all seemed to have their hands full with their own problems. With little choice Yuri felt his unit drain gravity energy to magnify his strength as he was going to need every drop he could manage to even face this beast. He teleported across the field directly behind Black Guyver Darzerb and cracked him across the back of the head with a punch from seemingly nowhere, the force of which echoed like a canon shot across the battlefield as Black Guyver Dazerb barely flinched from the blow. “Someone’s got a death wish,” it chuckled as its massive fist swung in a backhand towards him. It shouldn’t be possible for something so large and so strong to be able to move so fast on top of everything else at its disposal but Yuri could tell he’d never dodge the strike. Instead he simply teleported below the swinging limb as he slashed several time with his Vibro-Knives, each one didn’t even scratch the dark armor of his opponent. He followed up the slashes with a leap and another magnified kick that did more to give him separation from the monster that it did any real damage. Yuri flew away before he landed against the dirt and rolled back up to his feet, head beam already pulsed rapidly as it tried to strike at Black Guyver Dazerb’s eyes. The heat beams seemed almost pathetic as they splashed harmlessly across his opponent’s eyes. Yuri had hoped the separation between the two had been enough but he was sorely mistaken as Black Guyver Darzerb charged forward like a freight train, it shoulder tackled him and the momentum was such that it overpowered his gravity orb which meant he couldn’t even fly away or control his direction at all. Instead he focused more strength into his armor and simply struck it across the face over and over again which elicited a flinch and a grunt but little else. Yuri could feel them approaching something, the intent to smash him into pieces fairly obvious as he teleported away just before the moment of impact up into the sky. Dust and smoke settled as Black Guyver Darzerb swung around like a crazed bull. When it found its target again Yuri had already begun to charge a Mega-Pressure cannon, maybe this would have an effect on the beast. Before he could finish the attack though the headbeam on Black Guyver Darzerb erupted like a piercing lance that seemed to brighten the sky. Yuri couldn’t move fast enough as it ripped through the fledgling Mega-Pressure Cannon and punched through his shoulder. His arm was blasted clean off and a chunk of his right chest plate went with it. The pain raced through him like wildfire. Yuri slammed into the earth hard as his blood poured out and pooled beneath. “Thought that might happen,” he said through gritted teeth. While he personally preferred the physical approach he could tell just from their brief exchange that unless every guyver on his side launched a barrage of pressure cannons for him to absorb he’d never be able to charge enough to beat this thing down with his fists. He had known the time he’d need to launch an enhanced attack that might actually do some damage would leave him with little in the way of defense but Black Guyver Darzerb hadn’t shown much desire to use its long range weapons so he had gambled. And lost hard. Still on his hand and knees Yuri could feel the ground shake as the massive form rushed towards him and delivered a thunderous kick to his ribs that his body shield did nothing to dampen. Unfortunately, the force of the blow sent him soaring into the sky. If it had connected full force it probably would have just sundered him in half and his unit would have teleported him away t safety. Instead he felt more agony as his ribs reduced to powder before he slammed int the ground and rolled for several hundred feet until he was in a heap of armor and biomass. He could hear the others call out through their units in shock at his condition but from what he could tell none of them where able to come to his defense either. Another crater exploded from the ground as Black Guyver Darzerb landed next to him. Yuri’s gravity orb flashed as he used it to get to his feet and even though as he took a fighting stance, his missing arm away from Guyver zoaform, wracked his body with pain. “Heard a lot about Warrior Guyvers back when I was just another rank and file,” Black Guyver Darzerb said with its deep, booming voice. “Used to be terrified of the thought, never wanted to risk running into one because you guys would just chop me to pieces. But now that the playing field has been evened turns out you ain’t drenn!” A massive armored hand lashed forward and snapped around his throat and lifted him off the ground. Yuri snapped off several quick kicks to the torso and even smashed his forearm into his opponent’s with little effect. “And before you think that fancy control medal will save you, I already got an idea about that from when that punk W’kar snuck away.” With that a fist came thundered into his control medal. Yuri wasn’t sure what had cracked either his medal or his skull but since he didn’t teleport away neither was a good option. His armor began to melt and slide off his frame. Chokes and coughs barely escaped his through as his entire form started to feed on itself. “Pathetic,” Black Guyver Darzerb said before he tossed the remains away like so much garbage. Yuri’s form hit the ground and began to melt and pool. Heavy footfalls shook the ground as the massive form moved away to find another suitable opponent. It didn’t make it far before a blood curdling scream tore through the sky. Black Guyver Darzerb stopped midstride and turned to look over its shoulder at the source of the horrific sound. It had expected to see the remains of Yuri’s Warrior Guyver form as it dissolved into nothing. Instead the scene was far worse. Where Yuri’s body had been stood something else, something that barely had structure as the armor continued to melt and flow but instead of during into a pile of goo on the ground it seemed to absorb back into the body as it twisted and reshaped itself. Armor split and cracked like a grotesque chrysalis until it began to take a strange but almost recognizable form. Where had been a vertaible puddle of bioarmor and mass moments before now stood what could only be a Warrior Guyver Enzyme 3! “What the drenn?” Black Guyver Darzerb asked. The creature’s face cracked open to reveal a fanged mouth as it roared at him again as its claws flexed. Sickly green fluid that glowed across its hands began to seep from the armor. The armor peeled and burned away as the droplets passed over it but seemed to reform itself just as quickly as the acid seemed to melt it away. The creature crouched low, more acid seemed to drip from its mouth and caused the ground to sizzle in puddles that glowed a sickly green. Black Guyver Darzerb clenched its fist and rushed towards the fight that was obviously about to happen. The two guyver zoaforms covered the ground between them in the blink of the eye. The Black Guyver Darzerb swung a massive fist forward in a haymaker style punch but the Warrior Guyver Enzyme 3 snapped up in a leap as it raced across the extended arm for a stride before it leapt away and snapped a kick to the back of BGD’s head. BGD cursed as the claws dug a gouge of the armor and the wound began to smoke as the armor gave way to the acid that seeped into it. The WGE hit the ground and continued in its for legged crawl, chunks of earth flew into the air as it scrambled away before it turned around and raced back. BGD swung with backfist but roared in pain as the WGE met its arm claws first, more smoke seared from the wounds as it ripped away. BGD raised a hammer fist and brought it down but WGE flashed its gravity orb to leap back even faster before it came back in with more slashes that seemed to take apart BGD’s armor like paper. All and all this was a poor match up for BGD because even though its strength was immense its speed was lacking and this new creature seemed to be more than equipped to handle him. If his armor had been designed to adapt to such attacks chances are,he’d fair better but his unit was unable to adapt that well. BGD did finally managed to connect with a blow that crunched into WGE’s armor that made it soar away, but the creature twisted impossibly in the air to land on its feet. The cracks in its armor repaired themselves even as he watched. He knew he’d only have one real chance and thundered forward again. The WGE matched the move and at the last moment before they collided flames ripped forth from BGD’s mouth and swarmed across WGE’s form. The creature screamed in pain and with impossible speed leapt free from the blast as it soared over him and landed on the ground in a burning pile some distance away. It rolled to put of the flames but didn’t know if that would help. BGD went to view the remains but before he could approach it WGE stood up. Flames still danced across its forms but they went out one by one and with his enhanced eyesight BGD could see the burned and ruined pieces of armor, some spots that appear to have melted through all the way to the bone began to recover and within moments its armored form was almost completely intact again. BGD wasn’t sure of his next step when the call for a general retreat for the Chronos forces. Warrior Guyver Vamore appeared and placed a hand on its shoulder before it teleported them both away. The Warrior Guyver Enzyme 3 stood and watched as the other retreated before a sudden explosion ripped through the Clan Ship. A blast field surrounded the WGE as dark gravity energy filtered into it to reinforce it. The shield managed to protect just enough that the blast tossed it through air. The shield only held up for so long, but it absorbed enough of the damage that the injuries it did suffer healed before the damage could build up and destroy its form. WGE stared at the immense destruction around it for several more minutes before its form began to shift and melt again and from the muck emerged Yuri in his Warrior Guyver form but it seemed muted, almost how Jason had once described his armor when it was powered down. The strain was so much that he collapsed into unconsciousness there amidst the destroyed remnants of the battlefield.
  2. So I have a question, if plasma is considered a state of matter what happens to the base substance if its converted to a plasma state from say a liquid state. My example would be something like an Enzyme 3's molecular acid. If it somehow could energize its acid to shift from a liquid state to a plasma state would it retain similar properties to its liquid state or would the conversion into a plasma based state overwrite the base abilities of the acid in its liquid state?
  3. Hello all, eons ago back when WG had its own forum I ran around the boards under the name Vengeance and occasionally posted stuff but mainly just crept around enjoying this great world constructed by all those involved. The other day I was feeling nostalgic and decided to look up the old WG.com and I was actually surprised to see it was still going, posts from Sully and Matt weren't so crazy to see and I even remember I was just sooooooo close to being able to introduce a character into this world I spent hours and hours delving into. Just thought I'd stop by to say hello, say thank you to the entire writing staff.
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