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Favorite Spaceships (Spoilers Possible)

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Title sums it up and feel free to throw you hat (ship) in.


The Special Class-1 Astro Combatant Ship - Desura II

The second flag ship of Leader Abelt Dessler as well as his seat of power post his exile.


The Desura I was Dessler's original flag ship and was a standard dreadnought found in the Gamilas Empire  all be it with a golden control room to replicate Dessler's thrown room and the ship's hull was painted in the distinctive blue of the Imperial Guard fleet, and the bridge crew was composed of Imperial Guard officers. It was destroyed during an assassination attempt on Dessler.


The complete Desura II is composed of two separate spacecraft. A smaller and more lightly armed core ship provides command functions both when operating independently and when docked with the larger Desura II hull. 

Desura II - Core Ship


Desura II - Complete


The complete ship is about 638 meters in length.

The Desura II is crewed by soldiers and officers of the Imperial Guard, but it also carries several hundred armed Garmilloid robot troops. Stored in compartments along the outer hull, the robots can be deployed on individual jetpacks that allow them to manoeuvre freely in space toward enemy targets.

It's standard armaments consist of: 

6 480 mm triple-mount positron cannon turrets, 6 330 mm triple-mount positron cannon turrets, 6 330 mm triple-mount positron beam turrets, 51 wing, aft, and ventral mounted torpedo launch tubes.

The Core Ship is armed with:

6 point defence guns around bridge and 4 bow torpedo launch tubes.

It is also armed with harpoon cables that can be fired into another object to secure it or to anchor Desura II in place and has the ability to directly access and override control of the computer systems of other Garmillas facilities.

The Desura II's most iconic weapon is it's Dessler Cannon.


The Dessler Cannon is the same type of weapon as the  Wave Motion Gun used by the Yamato. The Wave Motion Gun  was a powerful weapon capable of destroying anything as large as Australia. Its energy comes from the Wave Motion Engine, which is a large device that behaves as a high-power capacitor. This "capacitor" charges up the power input to the critical point of 120% at which point the person in charge of the firing mechanism releases the final safety lock and fires the weapon when ready. Due to the massive need of concentrated power, the "barrel" of the weapon is required to be long, and in the Yamato's case, the barrel is the whole ship from the engine to the firing gate. Light emitted from the cannon is so intensive that crew within the light range of the cannon must wear Anti-Shock/Flash goggles in addition of tinting the window.In Yamato 2199, a detailed explanation and system diagram of the wave motion engine and the wave motion gun are shown. The wave motion gun's proper name is the "Dimensional Wave Motion Explosive Compression Emitter". The wave motion engine sits at the core of the ship's reactor unit, and provides power by expanding compactified higher dimensions that are curled up as Calabi-Yau manifolds. With the expansion of the higher dimensions, energy is released into the wave motion reactor into the gravity wave compression chambers and the tachyon particle oscillator control unit. A super-gravity wave is created and directed towards the muzzle of the wave motion gun, generating a stream of micro black holes. These micro black holes rapidly evaporate and have their mass-energy fully converted into Hawking radiation in the process, and that is the source of the wave motion gun's destructive capabilities.

Dessler was able to develop his own version, the Wave Motion tech the humans possess haveing been given to them by another race, and the cannon was originally believed to be a fixed part of the Dimensional Mobile City Fortress Second Baleras. The Fortress functioning in a similar fashion to the Death Star.


However in reality the Desura II was docked in fortress's cannon.

Given that the colour violet is a shorter wavelength than blue, the output of the weapon is likely more powerful than the Yamato's Wave Motion Gun due to denser energy particles. The Dessler Cannon has been shown to decimate an entire enemy fleet in one shot and engulf a planet in flames and eventually destroy it.




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  • Shin Mefilas changed the title to Favorite Spaceships (Spoilers Possible)

I don't have A particular favorite, I have several ships I love; but one of them surely is the Heart of Gold.

Powered by the unique Infinite Improbability drive, the ship travels by having the ship's computer calculate precisely how improbable it is for the ship to -be- in the desired location and feeding it into the engine, the matchbox-sized, eponymous Heart of Gold - which itself only exists because someone had a finite improbability calculator work out how improbable it was for something like it to exist. The genius of the move led to the death of its creator when he was lynched by outraged scientists who hadn't thought of it before.

There is, in practice, nothing the ship can't do and nowhere it cannot go, since, in principle, nothing is truly impossible; just improbable to a varying degree.

Unfortunately the side effects of having something in your ship that makes literally any concept a possible reality are unpredictable (at least without the ship's computer) and lead to some peculiar situations.


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22 hours ago, Salkafar said:

Then there's this beautiful piece of crap...


Always did love that big, red, rust bucket. Slower then the speed of dark and still going after 3 million years.


Lets see now...

Moya from Farscape.


The Arc Hammer from Star Wars


and I'd die of shame if I didn't include the Derelict from Alien.


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  • 2 months later...

All good ships, there's so many that i like, i honestly think it'll be to hard for me to chose an absolute favourite.

The sdf1 from macross/robotech, who doesn't like a giant transformable spaceship?


The millennium falcon( the fastest piece of junk in the galaxy)


The white star from babylon5, a minbari/vorlon built advanced battle ship built specifically for war against the shadows.


The gunstar from the the last starfighter,( one ship to protect the frontier against a whole armada!)


Childhood fav, 


And i can't forget the phoenix from gforce(battle of the planets) flies through sky,space and sea, also transforms into a fiery phoenix which can fly through just about anything all without the occupants bursting into flames!




Theres so many more, but thats enough for one post, plus its 5 in the morning, time for some sleep!

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