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Zoanoids abilities, strengths, power growth and how many Neo-Zektoles would it take to defeat the Guyvers/ Zoalords?

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At the start of the series, we had simple empowered infantry units along with some bio-blaster type zoanoids like Vamore. Now it seems like zoanoids keep on getting stronger with new abilities like the Unus. However, Chronos still seems
to be using their gregoles and ramotiths. Wouldn't stronger processed types be more useful to Chronos and does processing have a limit in terms of strength?

I thought that maybe zoanoids could never do as much damage as the guyvers and zoalords at the beginning of the series. I'm pretty sure they were meant to be fodder, but we've seen zoanoids with the hi-frequency blades, barriers,
sound weapons, regeneration, and bio-blasters like Zektole's that could do as much damage as a mega-smasher. I may be wrong but it seems the only ability the guyver's have that the zoanoids don't have is gravity control. That being 
said, all the zoalords seem to have it but that may be due to the zoa-crystals constantly supplying them energy. The guyver's megasmasher cannot be used as frequently as the gravity controller so energy might not even be the issue. 
However, the guyver may be a entirely new realm of conception from zoanoids where their gravity controller is too difficult to manifest within a zoanoid body.

Neo- Zektole and Enzyme 3 are both similar in that they have a diminished life span. In exchange, they're given new perks that normal zoanoids shouldn't have such as Zektole's overloaded ability pool and Enzyme 3's regeneration. If Chronos developed zoanoids strictly to defeat a current foe instead of processing them to serve for life, couldn't they spawn enough overpowered zoanoids to take care of the Guyver's or maybe even the rogue zoalords (if they are immune telepathic waves and they still listen to the non rogues). Would 100 Neo-Zektole level zoanoids be enough to defeat a zoalord or even exceed? How about 1000 since Chronos seems to like pumping out random fodder like they clone humans.

I know their loyalty is definitely questionable if they are immune to telepathic waves of zoalords but if we disregard that, how many would it take? How many Neo-Zektoles would it take to defeat the stronger characters in the series?

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Most of the issue of "How powerful can a Zoanoid be" has to do with energy. And mostly energy consumption.

See, as you know, one offs like Neo-Zxtole and Enzyme 3's use far too much energy, and will literally burn themselves out in a short amount of time. Even though I don't know if it has been said, but I am betting that the Unus are probably not long lived units. Probably only a few years with proper maintenance.

The best examples of this, are the Libertus and Griselda. They have only a few years to live, and after a battle they require major changing in tanks, rather than just eating... But they are extremely powerful Zoanoids, surpassing the levels of Hyper Zoanoids.

The difference here, seems to be philosophy. Cronos seems to want a stable and reproducible army. It's why there is a lot of lower class Zoanoids like Ramotith used as base Zoanoid designs. They seem to have the highest percentage of compatibility, for still very decent abilities. Sure, Balcus has made a few one offs for specific issues, but his genius is trying to get a stable army for Alkanphel, that may need to live in space for untold amount of years. Where as Hekkering, who is just as good at designing Zoanoids, has taken the opposite philosphy and made extremely powerful single units with short life spans. So while the Libertus are certainly superior to most hyper zoanoids, they are less superior in that they require much more maintenance for less use. ( Like buying a sports car and a family sedan. One is clearly more powerful, but constant use at peak will burn out the sports car faster than the sedan at normal usage)

If you take the Zoalords as an example however, there is one important thing that separates them, from essentially a high level Zoanoid: The Zoa Crystal. Which as we know, is essential to keeping their power levels as high as they are, and providing long life. Without it, they can start to age dramatically (Carleon) and die.

And even the Guyvers have their orb which siphons energy from the boost dimension. Without it, the Control Medal would most likely be unable to keep the bio creature from dying, or seeking alternate sources of bio energy, and is also why the Gigantic has 3 orbs.


As for How many Neo-Zxtoles it would take to kill the Guyvers and Zoalords?

Well, without the Gigantic, we know one Neo-Zxtole is already superior to a Guyver in a few ways, and as long as he is good as Neo-Zxtole, and the Guyver doesn't under estimate them, they've won. But with the Zoalords, would be sacrificial moves to injure/hold them and having maybe 1-3 of them attack with the Blaster Tempest. But that would be very situational.

We know that Zoalords normal shields have issues with Megasmashers... And while a full two cell megasmasher shot might not KILL a shielded Zoalord, it would certainly likely injure them badly ( except maybe Shinn as he is pure shielding power, and was able to block the Gigasmasher for a short period of time) That being said, a full Blaster Tempest seems to be more powerful than a normal megasmasher, so it is certainly feasible that one Neo-Zxtole would probably do damage to a Zoalord with it, if it were given the chance to charge up.

As for the Gigantics themselves... It'd probably take a lot more, as the Gigantic was designed to fight Alkanphel, who is at peak, a lot more powerful than any 1 Zoalord... Which is why the Gigantics have had such an "easy" time with the ones they have killed so far.

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