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New Intro to the opening GWOTG Story


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Hi guys,

I've started the re-write of the GWOTG. My plan is to effectively add a new layer of story into each part to connect all the original small stories of the Chronos Saga first. Here is the new beginning:

Relics Point Japan basement – 1995

At bottom of the huge Chronos base the Guyvers and their companions from the Chronos base are about to make their escape inside the ancient Relic spaceship at the core of the base. Guyver 1 is connected to the great ship in its control centre floating between the Control Spheres of the relic. It was then that Guyot crashed to bottom of the base exhausted from both using his Black Hole attack on Alkanphel which swallowed the leader of Chronos and from having to close the dangerous attack before it swallowed the Earth!...

“Come unit Remover!” shouted Guyot as the Zoalord saw the Guyver 3. Finally his plan was coming to fruition as he saw the Guyver 3 come to view. Even the arrival of Alkanphel had not stopped him, the fool since had being sucked into a black hole of Guyot’s making. To the shock of Guyver 3 and Murakami and the others they see the remover fly’s just above the ground and straight to Guyot and binds the right arm of the Zoalord.

“It’s attached itself onto Guyot’s arm” shouted Tetsuro. The Zoacrystal on Guyot’s head glowed flowed by the remover opening and glowing. Murakami could sense the zoalords energy flow towards the Unit Remover.

“Be careful Makishima, we’ve no idea what kind of weapon that may be!” warned Murakami.

“It doesn’t matter!” said Guyver 3 as he extended his vibrational swords and jumped and shouted “I’ll just have to blow his entire arm off before it can fire!” but as he flew through the air the zoalord aimed and fired his remover at the Guyver 3. To the shock of everyone he landed and his unit started deforming around him to reveal a shocked looking Agito under his armour.

<“Its energy reserves weren’t fully charged.”> Thought Guyot as the others looked on shocked at Agito as the Control Medal of Guyver 3 finally glowed and pulled his armour back together.

“What was that…?” asked a stunned Guyver 3 who was slumped on his knees drained from the ordeal of almost having his Guyver Unit removed.

“His armour looked like it was going to come off…” said Tetsuro.

“Does that thing have the power to forcefully disengage the armour?” asked Dr Odagiri standing beside Tetsuro who had both witnessed the attack from the Unit Remover.

<“That thing isn’t as gentle as that! The Unit Removers true effect doesn’t just involve disengaging the armour. It is able to complete spate the host from his Bio-Boosted Armour. The wave emitted by the Remover works to delete the Host’s data from the Control Medal’s memory. When this happens, the Control Medal will revert the armour to its state prior to coming into contact with the host.”> said Guyver 1 through the Relic Ship to the whole group.

“What do you mean by that?” asked Dr Odagiri.

<“What that means is that the Bio-Boosted Armour will itself turn back into a ‘Unit’!”> answered Guyver.

“It is fully charged with Bio-Energy Now. Hahaha… This time I won’t miss!” said Guyot once again his Zoacrystal glowing and the Unit Remover glowed with energy from him.

“That’s not going to happen even if it means my life!” said Murakami standing between Guyot and Guyver 3.

“As soon as I transform, get to the Relic’s entrance as quickly as you can. You must get everyone inside the Relic! And tell Sho, the minute that energy charging is complete, he’s not to worry about me, and launch immediately. Got that?” said Murakami still standing between Guyot and Guyver 3.

“If he does that…” said Guyver 3 as he’s cut off by Murakami saying “Listen to me! For whatever reason, Guyot seems to be quite weakened. I can’t possible hope to beat him even in his weakened state… but I can distract him and buy us some time. When the Relic starts to rise, I’ll hang on to the outer shell. At that time, you can just let me inside.”

“… but Murakami can you handle it alone?” asked Guyver 3.

“There are only two things that are important right now. One to escape with the Relic as it leaves Mt. Minakami, Two to ensure that Guyot has no opportunity to get his hands on the Bio-Boosted Armour. None of the Guyvers can be within reach of Guyot!”

“OUT OF MY WAY,” roared Guyot and continued to say “Now is not the time for some lab animal like you to be showing your ugly mug!”.

“Really? I really don’t know what happened up there, but you’re looking pretty exhausted. Not only have you lost all of your ‘Gravity Points’ which are essential for controlling gravity, That means you can no longer use your special gravity control any more. I’m thinking that in your current state, even I could take you down! How about that!?” said Murakami.

“Sh… Shut up Murakami!” shouted Guyot.

“BATTLE FORM…” shouted Murakami but nothing happened other than the crystal appearing on his forehead.

“Did you forget Murakami? Your body is nothing but a mere prototype for mine! As such the ‘Dummy Crystal’ implanted in you is easily made to resonate with my True Zoa-Crystal. Of course this would affect your physical body as well. It is easy for me to stop you moving whenever I wise to do so. And… It’s true that I’ve lost most of my gravity points but I have the ones of my knuckles. These are more than enough to finish you off! DIE MURAKAMI” shouted Guyot as he fired the gravity attack at him. But Dr. Odagiri jumped and shoved Murakami out of the way of the attack taking the brunt of the attack himself then falling over fatally wounded onto Guyver 3.

“Chief!” shouted the scientists that worked with him and had assisted the Guyvers. Murakami said the same as he saw the fallen friend. Inside the Relic Guyver 1 also too looked on ashamed that he couldn’t lift a finger or do anything at all with his focus on getting the Relic ready for their escape.

“Heh What a pathetic sacrifice…” said Guyot as the ground in front of him exploded and he was pushed back. Turning around to see what the hell attacked him he looked up and saw two Guyver like beings land on the Relic. It was Guyver 4 using the G.I.G. Armour which was short for Gigantic Integrated Guyver also known in that from as GIG Gold and Assassin Guyver using the Stealth Upgrade.

“So you two finally appeared to help the Japanese Guyvers?” said a sneering Guyot looking at their control medals. He knew of these two and that they somehow had found Creator Equipment to enhance their Guyver armours.

“Why would we leave them to face you alone you eighties power suit reject!” shouted GIG Gold.

“It would be wrong of you two to think of me being without help!” said Guyot as GIG Gold’s head sensors twitched and he barely had in time activated his shields as missiles exploded all around him.

“We Hyper Zoanoids want revenge for out fallen comrade Thancrus,” said Darzerb as he crashed to the ground beside GIG Gold sending him falling back.

Assassin Guyver was about to move to help GIG Gold when she came under fire from Zektoll. Knowing this was his moment Guyot turned around to Guyver 3 and fired the fully charged Remover at him. There was nothing Agito could do as the Guyver Unit fell off him and re-formed in front of him. With the other Guyvers being kept busy by the remaining members four of Hyper Zoanoid team five, no one now could stop Guyot as he walked towards the dormant Unit-G and picked it up.

It was like time stopped as everyone including the hyper zoanoids realised what Guyot was about to do. The Unit Remover fell from his arm as he now pressed on the back of the dormant Unit and the light of the control medal flashed. But nothing else happened. The Unit wouldn’t activate.

“Richard” scream Murakami as he activated his Proto-Zoalord form.

“Why won’t it activate?!?” asked shocked Guyot still confused as to why the Unit-G wouldn’t turn him into what he dreamed, the Guyver Zoalord. But continuing the ignore Minakami cost the Zoalord immediately as beam fired from his arm and cut through his shoulder almost slicing his left arm off. The force of the blast also knocked him back and the dormant Unit out of his hands and hit Shizu in the stomach knocking her to floor.

Agito could barely stand and could see Darzerb starting to run towards him as GIG Gold moved in the way and then sliced the large zoanoid with his enhanced vibrational swords. At the same time Assassin Guyver used her speed to dodge Gaster’s missiles and got in close to cut his armed causing them to bleed over the floor uncontrollably. As the two compounds mixed the resulting explosion caused dust and rock to be flung everywhere.

Minutes passed and as the dust cleared Agito wiped his eyes to a see a pink Guyver walking towards him. “Who are you?” he asked. “It’s me, Shizu!” said the pink Guyver as she reached down and picked him up. Behind her GIG Gold shouted for everyone to get into the Relic, it was time to leave! Murakami reached down and grabbed the Unit Remover as then behind him appeared Guyot. But before either could do anything a portal appeared and Alkanphel appeared out in his Zoalord form. The golden light from him filled the room.

“OH ****, it’s Alkanphel!!” screamed Assassin Guyver.

“Get the **** out of here now!” said GIG Gold as he grabbed Female Guyver 3 and pulled her and Agito into the opening to the inside of the Relic.

Assassin Guyver wasted no time and entered the Relic as quickly as her unit would allow her. <“Sho, go now we’ve no chance against him!”> screamed Ira through her Unit. Guyver 1 could sense the fear in her thoughts but Murakmai was still outside between Alkanphel and Guyot.

<“There are 4 of us, surely we can take them!?”> asked Guyver 1.

<“We’ve no ****ing chance against Alkanphel; he’s countless times more powerful than us combined!”> answered Assassin Guyver.

<“Sho you’ve already lost one friend, you’re about to lose more soon as Alkanphel is finished with Guyot and Murakami!”> said GIG Gold.

Guyver 1 knew they were right, everything they had said about Chronos and everything else had being so. It was time to leave, Murakmai wouldn’t want them to sacrifice anyone else in saving him. With that the Relic started to take off.

Outside the Relic Murakami sat at the feet of Alkanphel who turned to the shocked Guyot. “You fool Richard do you think I would allow you to ever become a Guyver Zoalord?” He did not wait for the Zoalord to answer as he ripped the Zoacrystal from his head. The base had started to fall apart around him. Alkanphel reached down with his other arm and grabbed the Unit Remover and then entered a portal with Murakami following him as the Relics shield activated and took off destroying the area around it destroying completely Guyot leaving nothing behind.

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love the new rewrites but will you be condensing the stores into more cohesive chapters or leaving the first two parts as 1 to 2 page shorts

The idea is to give the story a more Saga based focus and build up the story around each Saga. When reading the Chronos Saga I found that it wasn't Chronos focused enough (which isn't surprising considering what we didn't know back then + Allen was quite young when he wrote it). So the re-write will basically be pushing more story into each one of Allen's shorts. Which is handy in that you can get the fics out quicker as my average WG fic are like 6 to 10 times bigger.

Note XT fic's aren't being cut, in the re-write they will merge into their respective Saga's time line wise.

NOTE some stories and characters will either be cut / changed (e.g. different Units on an already existing character) or have their origin changed.

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