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Matt Bellamy

Warriorguyver,com Artwork Updates *Feb 7, 2016

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Warriorguyver.com's Artwork section has been updated!

It has been brought to my attention that not everyone checks the main page for updates, so I will also include any of the artwork updates in this thread and edit the date of the latest update in the topic title as new ones drop.

Also will be tagging the pictures with the following:

^ New Picture - Old one moved to archive.

* Brand new picture - Never had one before

Nov 29, 2015

^Aceaer Human Male ( 4 color variations!)

^Aceaer Human Female ( 4 color variations!)



^Guyver Emulating Battle Suit Mk1

Nov 30, 2015

^Guyver 0

^Female Guyver 2 (OAV)

*Guyver 2 Female (Manga)

^Female Guyver 3

^Guyver Faye

^Guyver 4

Dec 6, 2015

*Guyver 1

*Guyver 2

*Guyver 3

*Zoalord Griselda

*Zoalord Sara

Chibi Guyver 1

Chibi Guyver 2

Chibi Guyver 3

Chibi Guyver 2 Female

Chibi Griselda - Bad Libertus!

Chibi Libertus - Cookie Thieves

Dec 27, 2015

^ W'kar

Jan 11, 2016

^Destrol - Apprentice Zoalord

^Destrol - Human Form

^Zeugma - Zoalord From

*Zeugma - Human Form

*Sara - Bio-Armor Form

^Elera - Zoalord Form

^Warrior Aceaer

^Primitive Guyver



Feb 7, 2016

^Battle Guyver

^Lifeforce Guyver

^Guyver 5

^Guyver 5 Aceaer

^Guyver Faye Aceaer

^Ninja Guyver

*Albass - Human Form

*Albass - Zoalord Form

*Albass - Zoalord Form in Armor

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