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Who'd you like to see become a Guyver?

Which human character from the manga would you like to see bond with a Guyver unit?  

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  1. 1. Which human character from the manga would you like to see bond with a Guyver unit?

    • 1) Tetsuro Segawa
    • 2) Mizuki Segawa
    • 3) Natsuki Taga
    • 4) Dr. Hekkering

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Yo, I would have posted this in the general guyver discussion thread but poll creation doesn't appear to be an option there for some reason. Anywho, poll's simple enough, who amongst the currently living human characters from the manga would you'd like to see bond with a Guyver unit if another were ever found/created?

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Personally i don't think any of them would be good candidates for a guyver unit.

Dr. Hekkering is much too focused on creating new zoanoids and zoalords of his own in his obsessive attempt to top Balcus as the top scientist. So him getting a unit wouldn't really affect anything. All you'd end up with is a bookworm of a guyver.

Natsuki Taga seems as though she couldn't harm a fly. She is against Chronos of course but her personality is pretty much non violent...plus she has a thing for zoanoids :wink: aptom...

Mizuki Segawa although she has been through a lot of traumatic experiences still does not have the backbone for fighting or killing. Her nerves definitely couldn't take it .

Tetsuro Segawa may now have the ability to do something, because he's been through a lot and has matured so he'd want to be able to help Sho as much as possible and probably feels terrible that he can't do more. I could possibly see him getting it but at the same time i can see him being stuck as a side kick.

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Tetsuro's big but he never really struck me as fat, but given how he's so determined to help Sho he'd certainly make a good Guyver candidate.

Then again, seeing another female guyver like Valcuria would be cool too, and I'd like to see Taga play a bigger role in story.

Being Aptom's baby momma would give her a bigger role quite nicely.... :lol:

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I voted tetsuro because would it not be funny to see a fat guyver?

When I was browsing on youtube I saw a vid of a group of people disscusing the new(2005) version of the anime, and when they were talking about how Tetsuro was the first one to pick it up, they were hoping he would turn out to be Guyver 1. Then they went on to say how his fat would be hanging out of the Guyver, or some thing like that!

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I honestly don't think Tetsuro is really all that fat, husky maybe but he's not really out of shape :?

I picked Natsuki cuz it be nice to see a second female guyver and it would give her a bigger role in the story :mrgreen:

I myself had picked Tetsuro, but what you said made me think otherwise. I agree that it would be cool to see another female Guyver.

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