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Nano-Xetel--Data File?

Dorian Michaels

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Hello there-- been a long time since I've last posted here (and I'm not exactly sure that I'll get a reply to this topic, but can't hurt to try). Anyway, as the topic subject may suggest, I am curious to know as to whether or not there is a datafile composed for Nano-Xetel (who has piqued my interest greatly through what little I've heard of him). I do know that he's a Zoagod, and that he possesses truly immense raw power and physical strength; I believe the example given was that Dreadnought had several vertebrae shattered by a backhanded *slap* from this being. Though McAvoy said somewhere, can't remember where at the moment, that his other abilities are nowhere near the great levels of his strength.

And as his name suggests, his base powers have probably been boosted greatly through the application of nanotechnology-- one power I'd guess that would be enhanced is durability, or at least the capacity for regeneration and self-repair. Can anyone tell me more?

Some sources said that he had four arms, ala Grakken, but that was later corrected to two arms. He has a son too, but that isn't of as much interest to me as his father. Anywho, any and all information on this personage would be greatly appreciated.

Oh, P.S-- This following is a question that has always nagged at me, and I'd like to take this opportunity now to ask it and see what answer I get; what exactly does the hand beam attack (as particularly seen used by the Guyver Zoalord and the ancient Zoalords who fought against him-- yes, I know that there are other, more modern beings that use it, like the Jy-Taki) look like? A stupid question, I know, but still I must know-- for some reason I imagined it looking like one of Murakami's signature attacks as a ProtoZoalord, and the same attack that we see Imakarum use on occasion; when Murakami stiffens his hand into a blade, charges it with energy, then swings it overhand at something, releasing a massive blade of energy that cleaves things in half? But more and more I'm thinking it's more like where the shooter puts his arm out, palm forward, then fires a straight beam of energy from his palm at the target. Like Vegito's Big Bang Attack in Dragon Ball Z, and Vegeta's Final Shine Attack in Dragon Ball GT (if any of you are like me and have enough of a lack of a life to study that that closely enough to know that). Reading and rereading Time War, little nuances in the writing seems to suggest that. Can anyone clear this little question up for me?

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Unfortunately Allen hasn't been around for quite awhile and he took down all the old data files from the GWOTG story arcs. So McAvoy is probably your best bet at getting more information about this character.

I just recall he had 50x strength, 30x powers, could teleport once a day, was originally a failed Zoagod but Nanites enhanced him...

As for the Head Beam, it's akin to the Guyver Head Beam but we aren't sure whether it is a laser or just focused energy beam. But chances are it's a laser. The hand beam though is based off Murikami and Guyot, since they were the first Zoalords we saw in action. So is gravitational energy, but in the Guyver universe gravitational energy is interchangeable with electromagnetic energy.

For example the Gigantic's Barrier Shield is EM, even though the energy for it is derived from gravitational energy channeled through the power amps.

Course Guyver tech involved dimensional manipulation, since the Guyver draws its power from the Boost Dimension and can even store itself there. The Zoalord Crystal similarly has dimensional properties, like Zoalord Wolferdanos was actually a sentient forest. When Barcus gave him a crystal to make him a Zoalord it compressed his body into the humanoid hairy form seem in the Manga.

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Remember that Nano Xetel had much greater strength than his own power level would suggest. In reality he is around that of the W'Kar Reproductions except for Malice and Dues. He has limitations and advantages.

Back in 2005 when it was thought that Allen would never come back I started with zeo's help to redo the datafiles based on the WarriorGuyver fanfic style and the Zagam and Anubis *(which were the only datafiles up at that point). I am not going to reveal that without Allen's permission, but I can post the old datafile.

His old datafile:

Speed and Durability

Speed: Xetel has low speed for the most part. His maximum running speed is 14000 MPH, with a maximum flying speed of 35000 MPH. Although using a bio energy emission Xetel can temporarily boost his speed 2 fold.

Strength and Durability: Xetel has the most impressive strength and durability ever recorded from a zoaform. Using his Nano Technological enhancements, Xetel has the strength of 5000 men. If pressed hard enough Xetel has shown the ability to match even 7000. Xetels outer surface is highly resistant to attack due to already high levels of natural durability as well as a shield emission created by his nanotechnology. The overall unshielded durability allows him to withstand 5X a guyvers mega smasher easily. His skin is also highly resistant to vibrational swords and has been shown to be unaffected by anything short of a plasma blade. His shielding techniques include a Barrier Shield and Nanotechnological Electrical Field which allow him to withstand 40X the power of a guyver mega smasher.

Nanotechnological Scanner: Although he has no standard guyver hypersenses, or psychic senses, Nano Xetel uses his Nanites to scan approximately the area of 1 mile with guyver like accuracy.

Weapons System:

Head Beam: Powerful energy emission relative to 25X the power of a guyver head beam.

Hand Beams: Weapons of 15X the power of a normal zoalord, plus can be fired much faster due to increased energy reserves.

Vibrational Sword: Nano Xetel has one vibrational blade on his left arm which is equal to a gigantic blade due to nanotechnology. The blade can also be charged with energy to withstand Plasma Blades.

Force Cannon: Attack similar to the Pressure Cannon but uses magnetism to create the same effect. Using it he can press damage at the same rate as a guyver mega smasher and can be used in conjunction with his Zoalord Gravity Bullet attack to cause damage relative to 8X the power of a guyver mega smasher.

Mega Smasher: Implanted into his left breast is a mega smasher cell covered by his armored skin. This cell can create a weapon at 10X the power of a standard guyvers mega smasher, but is often used with his black hole attack to double the effect.

Black Hole Attack: Powerful attack created by using gravity to rip open space. Although the effect is minor compared to pure spacial manipulation, it suffices as a powerful attack and can damage at 10X a guyvers mega smasher.

Gravity Bullets: Each bullet is at the power of half a guyvers mega smasher, but have 4X the speed of a normal zoalords bullet attack.

Weather Control: The least often used of Xetels Abilities. Just recently unearthed by his Nano Technology, the ability to control weather allows Nano Xetel to hurl bolts of lightning, combined with winds and other ecological weaponry to add to his already deadly arsenal.

Other Advances

Nano Zoacrystal: Subject has a enhanced zoacrystal that has been infused with Nano machines. The Zoacrystal is practically indestructible and will heal at rapid rates approaching 10X a normal guyvers healing ratio. If completely destroyed, the crystal separates into millions of tiny Nanites. If even one gets away, it will rebuild more Nanites and restore Nano Xetel within 4 days, unless more survive which can decrease the time to within 30 minutes.

Magnetic Orb: Similar to a Gravity Orb but uses Magnetism to the same effect.

Teleportation: Nano Xetel can teleport distances of 10 light years. But the stress on his Nano Technology during teleport is great, limiting this ability to once a day, lest Xetels Nano Technology will malfunction.

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Presumably yes. Remember that Nano Xetel's nanites came from Nano Guyvr who came from the future where human and Advent technology was merged by a Advent. So, the only thing stopping the nanites from upgrading themselves is that there is no new technology it can use.

Also, keep in mind that it has been twenty plus years since Nano Xetel was created, so he might be a bit more powerful/efficient than before.

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