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  1. Hello there-- been a long time since I've last posted here (and I'm not exactly sure that I'll get a reply to this topic, but can't hurt to try). Anyway, as the topic subject may suggest, I am curious to know as to whether or not there is a datafile composed for Nano-Xetel (who has piqued my interest greatly through what little I've heard of him). I do know that he's a Zoagod, and that he possesses truly immense raw power and physical strength; I believe the example given was that Dreadnought had several vertebrae shattered by a backhanded *slap* from this being. Though McAvoy said somewhere, can't remember where at the moment, that his other abilities are nowhere near the great levels of his strength. And as his name suggests, his base powers have probably been boosted greatly through the application of nanotechnology-- one power I'd guess that would be enhanced is durability, or at least the capacity for regeneration and self-repair. Can anyone tell me more? Some sources said that he had four arms, ala Grakken, but that was later corrected to two arms. He has a son too, but that isn't of as much interest to me as his father. Anywho, any and all information on this personage would be greatly appreciated. Oh, P.S-- This following is a question that has always nagged at me, and I'd like to take this opportunity now to ask it and see what answer I get; what exactly does the hand beam attack (as particularly seen used by the Guyver Zoalord and the ancient Zoalords who fought against him-- yes, I know that there are other, more modern beings that use it, like the Jy-Taki) look like? A stupid question, I know, but still I must know-- for some reason I imagined it looking like one of Murakami's signature attacks as a ProtoZoalord, and the same attack that we see Imakarum use on occasion; when Murakami stiffens his hand into a blade, charges it with energy, then swings it overhand at something, releasing a massive blade of energy that cleaves things in half? But more and more I'm thinking it's more like where the shooter puts his arm out, palm forward, then fires a straight beam of energy from his palm at the target. Like Vegito's Big Bang Attack in Dragon Ball Z, and Vegeta's Final Shine Attack in Dragon Ball GT (if any of you are like me and have enough of a lack of a life to study that that closely enough to know that). Reading and rereading Time War, little nuances in the writing seems to suggest that. Can anyone clear this little question up for me?
  2. Ah! I see. It was the Unit and not the Creator that resurrected the once-human Sho into the barely-human Deus. But still, that is one point of argument that it could happen to Jason-- then again, whether the proper materials exist in his universe... And, at least we know a way to kill Anubis-- its just getting the @#$%ing thing off him in the first place that's gonna be hell. And if all the W'Kar Repos can do that...what makes Sho so powerful? I'm not arguing that he shouldn't be (Agito Makishima, may you rot in Hell forever-- no offense to fans of his), but the other's didn't seem to match up to Zagam measure for measure, strength for strength, speed for speed, but as I believe you yourself said before, W'Kar, Deus is the ONLY one of the Repos that could go head-to-head with Zagam and possibly defeat him. Is it the genetic modification's added to the BioControl system added to the W'Kar itself? And one more question-- what exactly IS the BioControl system, other than a second brain for the armor? It was clear in a lot of areas-- bioenergy management brain that automatically handled supply and focus of his copious bioenergy reserves so Sho didn't have to, etc etc...but what about the rest? Enhance his decision-making skills-- would that be something vaguely similar to what Dreadnought could do when he could Quantum Compute? I doubt if its exactly that way because Deus has no Matrix, but still. And decision making skills-- from the way it was phrased, it actually sounded like the armor was as much a sentient being as the host himself (though no doubt someone has explored that topic and I just haven't read it yet). And it almost seems to function as a sort of CPM when Deus can manipulate levels of energy from one function to another as needed. And even act as a sentient IFF system when it enters SDM, if it does at all. Thoughts?
  3. Sho becoming Deus was an example of ONE time it was done and had worked; whether the technology of the Warrior Guyver universe could do it is a different matter; the Creators probably could, but would they? I don't think so. Maybe so. But do you see what I mean? The concept is plausible; probable, not really, but a possibility. And yes, Spartan, essentially that is what I mean. Until informed otherwise, Deus was human, but just, as Aranor said, it was essentially a human with hyperdeveloped potential, and that doesn't strike me as being minor changes, which Zeo said would not work. I mean, DO you see any humans running about nowadays who could lift eighty tons straight over their head? Once more, thoughts?
  4. Then let's switch tactics-- we know Alkanphel was the First Zoalord, Supreme Zoalord, if not the Zoalord of Zoalords...does that mean that he could do to the rest of Zoalord XII what the Creators could do to him? If ANYONE outside of the Creators themselves could, Alkanphel could; because in a way, all the Zoalords are connected to him, because their individual Zoacrystals were pulled from Alkanphel's body. Is it possible, I believe so, but unless someone else has read something I have not (and check me if I am wrong here), he never has. Something that hints at that possibility though is the other Zoalords' reaction when he graces their presence; Guyot himself, was utterly terrified of Alkanphel, feeling utterly overwhelmed despite the Supreme Zoalord not doing a thing but just hovering there glowing at him and greeting him (though Guyot had every reason to be scared, having been caught red handed). But again in counterpoint, if Alkanphel could dominate Zoalords, why did he not just force Guyot to show him the Remover? He pointed at him, but Guyot showed no visible signs of struggling, which probably points to the fact that Alkanphel was threatening him with words, NOT with a mental command. Though I am willing to bet the only Zoabeing able to resist Alkanphel's mind and strength of will is Aptom; new anime, he tried to 'look' Aptom to death, but was mildly surprised that his mind had no effect on Aptom; Alkanphel could try and bend Aptom to his will until he got a migraine, and he STILL couldn't do it. But one thing bothers on that case-- we know when he landed and saw the Chronos men around him, what it looked like killed them was telekinesis; picking them up off the ground and tying them into pretzels (though he could have told them to strangle themselves and they'd probably have done it and smile while they did); and though Aptom is immune to a Zoalord's mind, he is no way immune to their other attacks, as Alky would so aptly prove when just before and just after Aptom tried to eat him. But there, it looked like he used telekinesis on Aptom, holding him mid pounce. But if you assume that Alkanphel was going to do the same to Aptom that he had done those Chronos soldiers, Aptom would have ended up like them, only it stopped dead. Either that, or Alky had tried a telepathic attack on Aptom, and when that failed, he switched to the other. Thoughts? Now to Guyot-- I personally thought that NO Zoaform except special cases like Aptom could break out of Alkanphel's mental grip once he decided to exert it on you, but if what was said earlier on in this thread was true, a strong enough strength of will could fight off the psionic encroachment of a Zoalord (such as Fumio Fukamachi did VERY briefly against Balcus). I assume that it was that principle that prevented Guyot from being forced to cough up the Remover's location. If that still held true when Alkanphel reappeared in his Zoaform, it probably was still the same-- if not, it was telepathy, but it was more likely that it was telekinesis, in that he not only held Guyot immobile while he reeled him, he kept him still while he tore out Guyot's Zoacrystal. So while there is ample evidence to demonstrate his power in that area, we're only told by Takaya that Alkanphel is superior telepathically to Balcus, who is the most powerful known' telepath in all of Chronos. One example of telepathic attack I believe was shown in the new anime that Chronos soldiers died, bleeding from their heads, just from Alkanphel's proximity. Once more, thoughts?
  5. This is a bit off topic from the current stream of thought, and different universe, that is, but I think it fits somewhat...thoughts? Aranor was the one I believe who said that the Unit G could make the Unit more human by maximizing...hasn't something like that been done already in GWOTG, when the creator of the Sixth W'Kar Reproduction Unit took whatever was left of what had been formerly Sho Fukamachi and made him into the being known as Deus; and I know for a fact that the datafile on him states specifically that the reason Deus has a great margin of power over the other Reproductions, besides his BioControl System, was the fact that he himself had been 'optimized' into a superior physical host; as far as I know, this did not entail anything like Zoaforming-- it developed the homo sapiens model as far as it could go without extremely radical genetic mutation, such as that induced when a 'human' reveals their Zoaform. The datafile never said anything about Deus being like Zagam, that he had had something infused within him to boost him (Lycanlord) as a host to far greater power levels as was normally possible. And unless I missed something, Deus is still for the most part human, but is clearly more than that; normal humans do not have twice the strength of a Mark I Guyver Unit, or have the halved restrictions on how much they require to sleep, eat, rest, etc. And while Sho as Deus does not have a lot of the things that Zagam does, like his HSL, or some of the characteristics imbued by Anubis infusing Zagam with Lycanlord DNA (sonic scream, unlimited stamina); even so, Deus in human form has, as far as physical strength goes, a match to Zagam (barring Zagam taking a drink from someone). Aranor hit the nail on the head when he described what could possibly happen to Jason, due to his not wanting to be anything other than human, and while it was done in an alternate Universe and with someone who had been dead for a LONG time, Fukamachi, it has been done (if not through tinkering beforehand, through the W'Kar Unit itself; unfortunately I can only guess there). It may not have given him such a tremendous boost in power in human form as Lycanlord DNA in Zagam did for him, but, it IS one of the factors that made Deus one of the extremely few beings who could match Zagam in most areas, in addition to the BioControl system (which was a lot of it too, but for reasons of space I'll leave that for some other time). While I don't know if Dreadnought's own Matrix could do for him what that Creator did in remaking Fukamachi, that would increase the base POTENTIAL (Zeo, take note of this, I believe you were the one who broached the point above) for the Unit to multiply by a fixed bit. Deus was reengineered into a humanoid form as a superior host for EXACTLY such a purpose, it would seem. That is why the Guyver Zoalord was as close to a god as could be envisioned pre-Anubis; maximum possible physical potential of a Zoalord multiplied at the EXTREME LEAST 100 fold-- I wouldn't be surprised if the Guyver Zoalord killed by Jason 2,500,000 years ago, actually pushing himself and not screwing around, was 500 times the maximum potential of a Zoalord. Or so it seems Am I making ANY sense here, or missing the point completely? Comments welcomed, though I sense either McAvoy, W'Kar, or Zeo waiting in the wings to pounce and tear holes in my argument; even I'm reviewing it now and it seems incoherent to me.
  6. Corny as this may sound, you might well want to look to DC, Superman in particular-- while a portion of his incredible strength and resiliency is due to the extreme difference between the gravity of Krypton and the gravity of Earth, most of his power is due to SOLAR power-- sunlight, yellow sunlight in particular. And it is also known that is possible for Superman, potentially, to have truly unlimited strength and invulnerability as long as he has access to enough yellow sun power, but not overload. As this link, http://www.starnet-database.com/dbase_d ... erman.html, tells, the reason the Man of Steel does not blow up whenever he absorbs too much too quickly, it is because when collected, his Kryptonian physiology converts it into a hyperdense cellular protein which he can break back down into bioenergy to use. True, while it says there that a bulk of it is due to the fact that Superman's body is specially adapted to both collect, process, and store solar power as a reserve (due to the specialized organs, and cellular structures within him), there is no reason I see why not that the amplifier crystals on this new Guyver could act much like the biomatrix energy field Supes' cells generate to capture any and all radiant energy that passes by, concentrating it, converting it, then storing it as the cellular protein. And since it has already been established that the host body bioboosts when it summons the Guyver, it could be that this collected cellular protein could be stored within the bioboosted body, and remain there even when the armor is dismissed. This could also explain the reserve the Guyver would need to fight and operate in darkness, or lack of sunlight. Another adaptation could be adapting the bioboosting cells which constitute the armor to make up another radiant energy collector ala Last Son of Krypton. If utilized correctly (or for long enough), and given the right circumstances, this Guyver could prove to be immensely strong in ALL aspects. I know its kinda left-field, but, thoughts?
  7. I can see that he 'was' Guyver I, but obviously is not now by simple virtue he does not have the Unit that he had AS Guyver I-- but from the way you said it...I know he's not Guyver I, but is he still Sho Fukamachi? Is he still who he is, or does he remember who he used to be, but thinks of himself as Deus now? I know its a stretch, but I look to Zagam as an example-- he was taken and reborn from Dreadnought to Zagam. Now even as Dreadnought, when he deactivated the armor, he was Jason O'Conner. But it seems the opposite with Zagam-- Zagam is Zagam whether he is wearing the armor or not, like Ereshkigal, or even Anubis, if my understanding is correct. So-- is Deus just what his armor is called like Dreadnought, or is he Deus now, and Sho Fukamachi is just a memory-- example of that, Imakarum was an evil son of a @$#%*, but from his speech, he definitely remembered he was Masaki Murakami at one point, and that he also once fought to topple Chronos, not to save it. I would ask the same question of Zagam and whether or not he knows that he was once Jason O'Conner under the armor and that the armor itself was Dreadnought.
  8. And I must ask, is there anything, any ability that has not been expressed one way or another in a Guyver or other creature in any of the Universes, WG or GWOTG? I ask because I am writing a datafile of my own, or am at least hoping to (don't worry, none of you will read it because there's no place for me to put it)-- and I kept hitting the barrier that any power I could devise, it had already been used one way or another. Then we get Dreadnought and the W'Kars, which don't really NEED varied weaponry with the godlike powers they can attain through multidimensional and quantum manipulation-- is it true that absolutely nothing can fight a W'Kar and hope to win, except for another W'Kar? If so, the datafile is an attempt to rectify that problem. But going on-- can any of the Guyver units seen so far control and harness matter/antimatter reactions as a weapon? And I was also thinking of tapping subspace (if it is at all different from hyperspace) as a method of transportation/teleportation/hiding place from beings that can go into and manipulate the void of hyperspace, but subspace being an entirely different layer into which no Unit that is not properly equipped to do so can penetrate (if my theory is correct). The most nasty problems would be developing countermeasures to beings with multidimensional adaptability-- if any of you watch Star Trek and have seen scenes particularly dealing with the Borg, you know that they analyze the modulations of the incoming energy blasts of things like a phaser or a photon torpedo and modulate their shield harmonics to match, blunting the attack. Rotating modulations would help, but it would only help for a short while until they adapted to those too. Could the same be done against multidimensional beings, use scanners to detect the dimensional modulation of the incoming attack and adjusting shielding accordingly? But what if multidimensional refers not to the fact that they can change dimensional phase of their attacks with the world around them, but that each of their attacks stretches over a dimensional harmonic spectrum? I'm not inclined to think so, but I don't know, hence I ask. And one more idea-- what about phasing attacks not out of sync with dimensions, but out of sync with time; chronometric energy manipulation would easily be able to do that-- better yet, there would be absolutely no way to stop chroniton-charged energy blasts; temporally out of sync, they would pass through most any if not all types of shielding like it wasn't even there. Temporal W'Kar may already have already developed the ability to throw blasts like that, but still, a suggestion. Or another thought-- develop a Unit that bestows upon its user Alkanphel-grade psionic powers; none of the Units I saw have that as their base weapon. Or simply basic improvements in the Units themselves to boost greatly their own natural abilities. Thoughts?
  9. Thank you much, that was all I needed to know.
  10. If it were anyone else but the Order of Anubis, I would say the conqueror-- in this case, the plague. If what they have done is any indication of what they are going to do when they go to other realities; it seems, at least from what I have been reading, that if the Order enters your Universe, your best course of action is to load a gun, put it in your mouth, make peace with your god, then pull the trigger. Better than some of the alternatives. But a question. If it was an anomaly that jackal-head (Anubis) even existed, then the Kregen would have to know about it, right? And if they do, would they know he's massing an army and is going to be coming right at them? Check me if I'm wrong, I'm just theorizing. Is it possible that one reason why they wanted to kill Jason because they did not want Anubis being let loose in the Multiverse? It is a wild idea, I know, but a thought. I know the primary threat would be the Multiverse being destroyed one part at a time ala-Crisis on Infinite Earths, but if things like Anubis are what are created by mishaps like these, I'd try to at least contain them if not destroy them. Could that be a secondary reason? I believe it was W'Kar that compared beings in the Multiverse as rats in a maze compared to the Kregen, but whoopsie, one of them has brought a nasty surprise with him, and we all know what one plague infected rat did to Medieval Europe. I know one way you contain a disease is not only destroy the infection at its source, you quarantine the infected, ASAP before any more crop up. If my understanding is correct, Anubis is the absolute worst thing to come out of the 'infection' of things existing that should never have. The Creators of the WG2 Universe slapped that barrier on the WG universe because of the fear of the Guyver Zoalord, let alone something like a Warrior Guyver Zoalord, so we know they did it for that reason, or so it would seem.
  11. Funny, it never took me to the file, just to the 404 page that McAvoy mentioned. I read all the other new ones --by the by an extraordinarily excellent job on those, especially the recent ones, I am deeply impressed-- but that is the only one that gave trouble. A rat too, because after reading about the Necro W'Kar, I am hellbent on discovering more. At the risk of going off on a tangent, the one I really want to know about though is Deus-- didn't the first part of Success D'estimae, or however you spell it say that Deus was once Guyver I at one point? That's reason enough for me to look, and besides-- with a name that means 'God' in Latin, that has got to mean something. Perhaps finally a match for the invulnerable, immortal, nigh invincible juggernaut of Anubis? If there is someone who is going to read this who would know, and no rush if it is not --I am new here, I don't want to start by @#$%ing off some of the moderators--, is there a datafile on him, in any stage of development?
  12. This has all the hallmarks of a bad scifi flick-- say we do open a door to a new dimension, only to discover it has residents and that they are not exactly friendly. That was the way the DOOM series started on Phobos and Deimos-- fiction, but you see my point. It also brings up an interesting thought-- have any of you heard of Robert A. Heinlein's World As Myth theory?
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