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True, but it is troubling there wasn't a more severe punishment. Like the train conductor that was texting and caused the pile up that killed dozens of people about a week or so ago, this could easily have been very bad.

And now for some more news. . .


Are Mac Pro Cases Toxic?


NES Controller Socket Lets You Control Your Mods with Nostalgia


Everyone Will Be a Walking Nuclear Weapon Detector


Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock Lightning Review: It Explodes Your Dreams

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Water Invisibility Barrier Protects Against Tsunamis . . . In theory anyway.


WaterMill Automagically Pulls Clean Drinking Water from Thin Air


Portable, Lens-less Medical Scanner Uses Digicam Sensors to Spot Infections on the Cheap . . . Now if they just cut the cost of our medical bills :sweat:


Why Animal Fat Might Not Be So Bad for You . . . Time to face facts, the officials really don't know what is healthy or not. It's just a play it safe game that often back fires on us, the consumers. :vava:


Lab-Grown Smell Receptors Could Pave the Way for Artificial Noses

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I am surprised that Micor$oft would sue DHL. I assume that the Xboxes would be insured. O_o

36 WOW accounts? Someone needs a life.

That's an insane PC case mod. :shock:

Wow, if airlines converted to GPS, they wouldn't have so much financial troubles...

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Unfortunately we aren't likely to see much in price drops :roll:

What's funny about the WoW account is he's hardly alone, there are even bigger setups for couples who are both heavily into WoW.

And yeah, that case mod is impressive. :wink:


America's Biggest Universities Build 78-Terabyte Library, Still Missing Front Door


TSA Airport Screener Steals Over $200,000 in Gadgets, Almost Gets Away With It

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What the hell... $200,000 in items and no one notices how?! This is exactly my wife and I are driving across the country to visit my brother and sister-in-law rather than fly! :shock:

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Yup, unfortunately there are more than the obvious reasons why we're in a recession now. Just way too many crooks out there! Course you wouldn't believe what people leave behind in their seats, the people who clean the planes after every trip find quite a bit that they get to keep.


Quantenna Chips Boosts Wi-Fi Coverage In Every Corner Of Your Castle


Richard Garriott Arrives at ISS, Reportedly Ready to Fix the Toilet

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The infra red room mapping device.....Solid Snake had those years ago.

And the red light on the Big 5 looks eily similar to the systems in the Resident Evil movie.

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Um, ouch. Getting throat caught on fire would suck... HORRIBLY. :(

The government does believe in UFO's! O_o

I say "LOL" at idiot con artists using fake credit cards to buy laptops when the box is empty! :)

I use a water purifier so no more bottled water for me! :P

The E7 is one badass cop car. :D

Why would someone put an RFID implant into their hand? O_o

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The government does believe in UFO's! O_o

Yup, who would have thunk it? :mrgreen:

Why would someone put an RFID implant into their hand? O_o

In his own words...

I implanted a RFID chip in my hand. I injected the chip myself from supplies bought on the internet. This tag is readable from up to 2 inches from my hand.

I am currently using it to open my handgun safe for instant access. I can have a gun in hand in one second in blackness without fumbling with buttons or codes.

If you are convinced that this is the "Mark of the Beast", then from one Christian to another I hope you read the Book of Revelation and apply more understanding to it that what you hear from those who only offer fear.

Some background info... There are actually people insisting that RFID tags are the sign of the beast/devil, Amish farmers for example will refuse to farm if the government insists on tagging cattle because they view it as the sign of the beast.

Conversely, police are considering RFID implants to ensure service weapons are only usable by their programmed owner!

Speaking of RFID. . .


GE's Battery-Free Sensor is a Breakthrough in RFID Technology


Hubble's 486 Backup Computer Wakes Up For the First Time Since 1990


Researchers Probe the Mysteries of Antarctica’s Hidden Mountains


Australia To Build Great Firewall Down Under


Energy Star Setting Consumption Guidelines For Game Consoles


It was presented at the EURO Flugtage 2008 RC show byt the Aero-Club Rheidt


Inkjet Cartridges To Save Your Kidneys


Arcade Driving and Kegs: A Natural Combo


NTT Shoe Powers Your iPod, Makes You Look Like a Robodork


Homemade Mega Man Costume Looks Just as Good as the Real Thing


KDDI Develops Color, Wireless, E-Paper Display


The New MacBook and MacBook Pro, Dissected


Mimo 7-Inch USB Displays Make Your Desktop Look Like a Battleoid ****pit

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Sounds like an old computer system on the Hubble. O_o

I wonder how tall the mountains are under all that ice in Antarctica...

I'm glad I don't live in Australia. What nonsense. :x

Energy Star consoles, that would be cool. :)

I say "LOL" at promoting drunken video game driving! Perfect practice for real life! :shock:

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