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guyver just gets better!


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Still thats pretty cool, I wonder why they called it Guyver?

Although I've seen a lot of Palms that look so much better then that one, the one I'm planning on getting is also a Universal Remote control!!!

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I bet that isn't what Takaya had in mind when he thought up the Guyver.

In looking at it, I'll would think this could be a precursor to an actual Guyver, a couple of millenniums down the road. Hell, this could be a less advanced version of the Guyver if you think about it. :lol:

Another question would be, why would they call this the Guyver?


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Maybe they named it after 'McGuyver' because the charactor is famous for inventing nifty little doodads that are incredibly handy. Just like this multi-purpose palm pilot. A tool named Guyver because it's something McGuyver would invent. thoughts?

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you'll have to forgive me but i'm laughing my backside off at some of these post, don't get me wrong i'm not trying to offend any one but if you read all the postes it is pretty funny.

back to the point, I'm amazed that someone somewhere would name a device after one of the most powerful weapons ever thuoght up, maybe it creator is hoping it will take after its namesake.

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