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  1. well guys the ip that made the change,, wound up being someone from the UK. Change occurred about 9 days ago. Idk. Not looking too promising.
  2. So.....whaddyall think about getting a petition together to hand the reigns over to another artist? You think it'd work?
  3. I kind of hope archanfel dons the guyver, and uses the last of his life to wipe out the creators, who've come to shut down project earth, in a fantastically large and flashy attack. He's spent eons devoted to destroying them; surely he'll get his chance. Plus I'd really like to see what he looks like with a guyver unit equipped..
  4. I wonder if there is anybody else that could/would take up the mantle? Akira Toriyama has a manga slave for Super, surely Takaya wouldn't scoff at that idea...
  5. Oh, my apologies on misinterpreting the work. Warrior Guyver is pretty neat looking. I knew nothing of that that fiction. It'd be neat to collab as a community and make a fan driven manga series. Maybe a few different ones? I always thought adding the guyver units to other series would be interesting. (Fist of the North Star?) Eh...Maybe it's a stretch.
  6. Im pretty sure that's Guyver I with his Aptom variant armor attatched. Color seems to match anyhow..
  7. Man oh man. that's fantastic news....
  8. Mmhm...speaking of, id sure like to get past the whole "explore Casca's mind" sequence, and get back to the monumental swords,blood,guts thing...
  9. I think there might be some truth to this... As sad as that is...
  10. I'll second that. Personally I think with the reemergence of old series like Dragon ball with its super, Gundam with too many to name, Devil man with the upcoming Netflix anime, etc. Etc. The timing couldn't be better to revamp the manga as a whole. English releases of everything up to date would do wonders I'm willing to bet. Or even jumping into the world of games, that would do at least SOMETHING to popularize the damn thing.
  11. In accordance with staff requests, I placed orders for both volumes, which came to a whopping $36(not complaining). as far as my train of thought regarding the series stoppage, I feel that if the franchise continued to make the story readily available to people, there would be A: a bigger voice for it's return, B: a larger fan base, C: more of a desire for merchandise. Like you said Kanji, it's only a five dollar book. Well, It WOULD help me... I just don't think it helps the Guyver franchise. Now the merchandise sales generated from highly distributed pop material? That's a diff
  12. I think its just ironic that as soon as everybody started refusing to post the translations, the series went on hiatus...coincidence? Who knows... Thank you for the food though.
  13. Yeah I'm in the exact same boat... People are highly stingy with the scanlations of the latest volumes.
  14. I still don't see why it would be such a horrible thing to tell loyal fans, "oh hey, no new Guyver right now, maybe in five months..." At least then we'd have something to look forward to...
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