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  1. Somehow I just love that this actually sparked debate on how such a thing would be possible. In the future women will totally rule the world - just give it up now and bow down to your future overlords. *cracks whip*
  2. Ya know.. in hindsight, I totally should have saved this for today and posted it as a legit translation Oh well, there's always next year...
  3. I should never ever be left alone with Photoshop. Particularly when I have been trapped indoors & heavily medicated & missing sleep for over a week.
  4. Guyvr2

    Aptom doodle

    Its worth noting that its a good idea to be careful if you take a route like that. While you can't copyright a pose, most artists don't like you reworking their own hard work (I'm in agreement with this - if you don't have permission first - don't touch). There are a lot of really good stock photos on the web for pose reference though, and these are provided for just such things so really there is no reason anyone should be tracing artwork to begin with. Photoshop hates lineart. Though to be fair doing lineart in any program in the computer takes a long time. I don't think it ends up saving you any time really over a pen, but I usually bother with it anyway because it comes out so much cleaner if you slave at it. If you want real suffering, try doing lineart in illustrator sometime. Hahaha! you're on!
  5. Guyvr2

    Aptom doodle

    Pretty much. Like Matt said, you really need a tablet to get much done. This was done with my old intuos, but I've gotten similar results with a small graphire before. The thing I find to make the biggest difference is how you have your computer setup - try to make sure you're staring straight ahead into the monitor and that its on eye level (don't look down at a screen or view it at an angle) and have the tablet in a straight line to the center of the screen. There's some unusual eye-hand coordination involved in drawing with a tablet and I find this helps somewhat. Most of its just experimenting for learning. Every program is a little different in how it works and what brushes/etc. it has. If you have access to it I find Painter (classic actually comes with some tablets still I think) or ArtRage are more intuitive than Photoshop for sketching. One very nice thing about going straight into the comp to draw is that you can use guidelines on a separate layer and you won't have to deal with erasing them around the sketch later (I drew in some roughs for this pic - if you want I think I could post a copy of the pic with the layer in question turned on). Also its always easier to tell when something's wrong in a simplified form....
  6. Guyvr2

    Aptom doodle

    I find that sitting down works pretty well (its been a few years since I last tried, but I seem to remember a lot more time spent sitting in snow than sliding on it the few times I've actually been on a snowboard). Stopping on skis is easier.
  7. Guyvr2

    Aptom doodle

    Anyone for some snowboarding?
  8. Guyvr2

    Aptom doodle

    My new monitor arrived this weekend and I have been spending way too much time staring at its big beautiful wonderfulness. Finally I can actually have all my palettes open at once! One of the first things I did was open up painter and this was one of the results: Just thought I'd share because it came out passably (and for me to get Aptom's zoaform head right is a small miracle). He looks too pretty, but then, I didn't actuallly set out for this to be an aptom pic... it just kind of turned into him when I wasn't paying attention.
  9. Naw, I go through droughts where I don't draw for months or even a year sometimes... it can take a few tries to grasp it again, but it comes back to you. Like Brian said - its like riding a bike (which if you're like me means wobbling and falling off a few times before you remember how to steer and where the brakes are ).
  10. So I guess I'm butting in with this (nobody asked me, but then I lurk so that's normal), but as someone who has spent a lot of time drawing both into the comp and on paper here's my $.02... My personal experience is that drawing straight into the computer is something of an acquired taste. Either it will work for you or it won't and you might like it more after you've done it awhile than you do when you first start (or you might hate it after awhile, though fewer artists I know that try it swing that way). If you're going to do so a tablet is really really helpful (I hesitate to say vital, but unless you have super-human badass mouse wielding skills it might as well be). Any software will work... Photoshop, PSP, OpenCanvas... I swear by Painter myself, and I like ArtRage for a free/cheap sketching prog... but pretty much its what you have access to and are willing to learn and you can pull good stuff out of just about any software. Drawing straight into the computer has the added challenge of requiring some really unusual hand-eye coordination. Usually when you draw on paper you are looking at your hand drawing something - if you use a mouse or a tablet you are looking at a line on a screen while your hand moves outside of your main focus. It can take some extra getting used to, though if you haven't drawn much on paper before it might not be harder to learn than working that way. Most artists I have spoken with and know all follow the same basic formula for a picture - idea -> rough sketch -> cleaned up/finished sketch -> finished picture - with some people adding in steps in between (or cutting some out ). I like to have thumbnail drawings before a general sketch, and I know several people who go straight from rough to finished. I think you're asking about the rough; computer or paper and the answer is whichever you find more comfortable. There are advantages & disadvantages to both. You're probably best served trying it both ways and deciding for yourself. Ah! lost artowrk is always a terrible thing. I hope you can recover some of it... Envy! I think I actually may have the same one(2407?) coming soon (hopefully next week). I am so looking forward to finding reasons to stare at it for unreasonably long periods of time....
  11. same as the first movie with some history thrown in?
  12. Except for the really badly done sex scene I liked it. Quite a lot of gore. Didn't bother me, but it got a little cartoon-y at a few points. Liked Marcus with the wings and everything. Part of me wanted to see Selene transform into something. But the glowy eyes were nice. And of course, nobody does latex bodysuits quite like Kate Beckinsale.
  13. I would post/draw if you added an oekaki or paintchat. chatroom would be cool, long ago I remember there were scheduled chats (was it once a week or so? I can't remember now...) that were fun on IRC since there were always a bunch of ppl that entered. Otherwise, if the navigation were streamlined that would be nice. You have to click around too much to get from one area to another right now.
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