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  1. i have seen that too, intresting, thanks for this article i have never seen the full article
  2. i was able to get my chennel back and change it and finally the making of is here
  3. problem is recast kit are smaler then original kit
  4. it's doesnt look like guyver 2 first draw to me btw.. is exacly as guyver 2 last draw head see the balls on mouth are other side...also chin has no spike
  5. http://page19.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/x461779926 strange toh i have seen the guyver 2 lisker in some pictures
  6. I have all these 3 kits but i never seen guyver 2 kit box, does somone have it ? or know where to look at ? can't find anywhere, i know do exist toh
  7. Steve Wang asked me if i put the making of, on youtube, and of course i will, tomorrow i will put it in digital and this week will be on youtube
  8. Finally i can watch this video-1475235570.mp4
  9. strange questions u asking sice u have a crazy scientology guy avatar probably because the supreme Xenu told so lol
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