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Tokumei Sentai GoBusters


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thank you odin!

you know, I think this needs to be named a bit differently because i did not realise this was about the new sentai series.

the naming convention is quite radically different this time. no ranger in the title at all, not even partially.

just to be clear, the article reads gobusters, not gobuster.

the design is very unusual, it's all very unusual.

weirdcolour goggles on the facemask, very odd.

and it looks like they have backpacks.

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even more images.


I am really enjoying this new style for the suits.

these are suits that could actually and sensibly exist in the real world.

I mean, nobody wears spandex in real life. not unless they are in a dance studio.

but lots of people wear motorbike leathers and helmets.

the masks are unusual for what we are used to. the coloured shades do seem a bit weird at first, but I am actually thinking they look pretty damn cool.

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info copied from rangercrew @ facebook :-


Chief Producer- Takebe Naomi

Main Writer- Kobayashi Yasuko

Action Director- Fukuzawa Hirofumi


The Go-Busters. 3 Heroes, and their 3 Partners, the BuddyRoids. Their "Mission"- Protect the Earth, as only they can, a battle for their fate tinged with "Special Mission" begins!

The stages for their battle are the Earth, and another world that looks just like Japan. Events that happened 13 years ago are where the story starts. 13 years ago, a Bug-like Program was created accidentally, and began to run wild on the Energy Management Office's Main Computer. Somehow, the building is transported to another dimension. As a by-product of the battle, man obtains the mysterious energy known as "Vaam".

13 years later. In the present time, Vaam has become an indispensable energy source. The bug program, from another dimension, once again begins its invasion of Earth. 3 children who escaped from the Energy Management office building 13 years ago appear. Acting together with their BuddyRoids, they have obtained specific abilties beyond what normal humans can do! They are the Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters!


Able to teleport. Legs have been empowered with unbelievable speed. Makes Chida Nikku his partner.

Chida Nikku:

Cheetah-type mecha. Positive thinker, and though a robot, has no sense of direction. Acts like an older brother to RedBuster. Able to transform into a motorcycle for RedBuster to ride into battle (where his face becomes the handle and meter.) When fighting in robot mode, Nikku can also use his rear wheels as handheld weapons.


The fated youth who gained awesome physical strength. Eldest of the Go-Busters. Makes Gorisaki Banana into his partner.

Gorisaki Banana:

Gorilla-type mecha. Faint hearted character who falls easy, and apologizes immediately for it. Always worried about BlueBuster. Acts as a mechanic in the base.


Girl of fate who gained incredible kicking and jumping power. Makes Usada Letas into her partner.

Usada Letas:

Unyielding and selfish. Always quarreling with YellowBuster. Works on Data Management in the Control Room.

Buster Gear:

Equipment the Go-Busters use to go into battle, and conduct espionage. The Go-Busters suits also carry the spy motif (glasses and shoulder straps.) Indeed one of the themes of Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters is Spy Action. The first Super Sentai, Goranger, had the spy game as a main component, and in a way, Go-Busters marks the "first new sentai series."

Morphin Brace:

Transformation item which is equipped on the left arm. By calling out "Let's Morphin!", transformation is activated.

Ichigan Buster:

Single-Lens Reflex Camera that transforms into a gun, long range battle weapon. Has a special function in Camera mode.

Sougan Blade:

Binoculars that transform into a sword, short range battle weapon. Has a special function in Binocular mode.

(Ichigan Buster)Special Buster Mode:

Ichigan Buster + Sougan Blade. Fires a more powerful attack.


Buster Gear equipped to the Shoulder Strap of the Go-Busters' suits. Has the Go-Busters' mark. Transmission equipment which transports different items and weapons. (As from the toys, we also know it's a communicator/voice changer.)

Also, Koyasu Takehito:


is currently rumored to be voicing Gorisaki Banana.

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that is an interesting name for a villain. 'enter'.

Red Buster - Hiromu Sakurada (Katsuhiro Suzuki)

Blue Buster - Ryuji Iwasaki (Ryoma Baba)

Yellow Buster - Youko Usami (Arisa Komiya)


music -

特命戦隊ゴーãƒã‚¹ã‚¿ãƒ¼ã‚ºã€€ä¸»é¡Œæ­Œ (project R)

go-busters theme tune by project R.

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