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How to watch Japanese TV

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if you want to watch Japanese tv, for example, kamen rider or sentai etc....

you can watch tv legally and for free by downloading this small program - Keyhole TV

this is made by the japanese as some kind of research, not too sure on it, i guess you could check wikipedia - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/KeyHoleTV


Super Sentai tv asahi テレビ朝日

Japan - 7:30 am sunday.

UK - 11.30 pm saturday. GMT

New York - 6.30 pm saturday.

L.A. - 3.30 pm saturday.

Kamen Rider tv asahi テレビ朝日

Japan - 8:00 am sunday.

UK - 00.00 am sunday. GMT

New York - 7.00 pm saturday.

L.A. - 4.00 pm saturday.

Shin Mazinger tv tokyo テレビ東京

saturday - 2.20pm GMT

Naruto Shippuden tv tokyo テレビ東京

thursday - 10.30am GMT

updated anime listings can be found at http://www.mahou.org/Showtime/

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Wow! Thanks a lot for this. This is way much better than the WOWOW channel we had a few years ago on cable. But then again, I'm not going to be the one who will benefit from this since someone else will be using this to watch J-drama..... Oh wells.

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thanks toku warrior, that might be best for ptting in the first post.

we should list things that are most applicable to our subject matter.

things like kamen rider.

I want to put rescue fire on there, I'll have to have a look for when that airs.

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good suggestion dude. i should have thought of that, but it seems wikipedia doesn't have that information.

I managed to extrapolate from the screenshot, the start date etc. i think it is saturday 8 am on tv tokyo but i could be wrong.

I asked on the diuscussion page on there so i'll have confirmation soon.

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