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Witcher Season 4 - Henry Cavill Out, Liam Hemsworth in

Matt Bellamy

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Well damn.

Cavill is moving away from The Witcher, and Liam Hemsworth is going to take over for season 4.

Not being a huge fan of the games, and the story still very early in the lore, Cavill was one of the big things about the series keeping me there. I guess I will have to see where season 3 ends to see if I will care at all to continue.

Though Cavill apparently has a bunch of other projects he has lined up, mixed now with commitments to WB... It seems it was either playing Superman or Geralt... And the man of steel won out.

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  • Matt Bellamy changed the title to Witcher Season 4 - Henry Cavill Out, Liam Hemsworth in

A lot of people seem to think that he just didn’t agree with the direction of the writers are going.  A lot of news outlet reports that the writers seems to hate the source materials, and Cavill being a fan of the novels and the game, would certainly not support it if it does not honor the source material.  I remember Cavill in an interview where he mentions being the go to guy for details about the series.  So he really is passionate about the franchise.  

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