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Kamen Rider Black Sun


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This might be old news to most of you guys, but I just learned that they are making a reboot of the last Showa Kamen Rider.  

Reboot of Classic Franchise: Kamen Rider Black Sun!|Kamen Rider WEB[Official]|Toei Company, Ltd. (kamen-rider-official.com)

Big stars signed for ‘Kamen Rider Black Sun’ series in 2022 | The Asahi Shimbun: Breaking News, Japan News and Analysis

To be honest, I'm not an avid Kamen Rider fan.  I've seen a handful of series, but not hooked to every iteration (actually stopped following after Decade).  This particular news caught my attention as Kamen Rider Black was my first official introduction to the Kamen Rider franchise (if you exclude the bits and pieces of information about Kamen Rider V3 and Spider-man crossover from my early childhood.  Yes I'm that old!!).  What really got me interested is that this series is geared towards adults.  So I'm really hoping that they would do away with the weekly villain formula with this.  Looking at the production team, It seems to be that way.  More interpersonal relationship to get you invested into the characters.

What do you guys think about this reboot?

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The second trailer is out.  It seems here that the Kaijin are a minority fighting for their rights.  It's gonna be released in Amazon's Prime Video this October and it's rated 18+.  The rating alone makes me want to watch this even more, so we now really get to see the gritty details and harsh reality of the Kamen Rider franchise.

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Wow!  I just finished binge watching this (which is kinda rare for me nowadays), and I gotta say, this was very well done for me.  They actually flipped the scenario and yet was able to maintain a lot of parallels with the original series.  I really can’t discuss much without spoiling anything, but I was really hooked watching this.  There are some heart rending and emotional scenes.  I especially loved episode 10.

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On 10/10/2022 at 10:40 PM, Tora Tan said:

It's nice that Kamen Rider is becoming more mature again. This is a bit too far towards the horror for me though. 

After watching the whole series, it’s not actually a horror genre, and more political and directly being blunt about current societal issues.  Well, there are some gory scenes, but not to the level of being in a horror genre.  I think the R18 rating was due to the subjects being tackled in the show which will require a little open mindedness.  You will actually find the interactions to be too “human”.

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