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The Bio-Boosted RP (actual RP)

Moonraker One

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(out of character: This is the actual RP. Here is the signup: http://www.japan-legend.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=1690 All the character bios are there.)

(out of character: Wherever you place your characters, don't have them start out at Chronos Central City unless they actually are aligned with Chronos.)

A large metropolis, with large buildings shining in the morning sun had its normal share of noise. Cars honking, people talking and walking, and the like. One building in the very center, taller than all the rest, bore the symbol of Chronos Corporation. The residential area and apartments, and other large residential skyscrapers, sat towards the middle section of the city, the industrial zone sat near the outskirts, with the more important ones near the center, and the commercial zones and office buildings sat majorly towards the center near the Chronos building, and the lesser ones mixed in with the residential. There were all types of architectures, and all types of people. A large forest separated Central City from its nearest town several miles away.

In one very secure office, a very interested Hamilcar Barcas, chief scientist of Chronos, sat, looking over information regarding organic mineral deposits under the city. They'd already manufactured artifical Guyvers, and he was planning on figuring out exactly how to perfect the process, as making them proved largely elusive. The first unit had been stolen by one of the female Chronos scientists. Another by that Zx-Tole he'd had kidnapped in Japan. Oh, how he regretted allowing that hyper zoanoid to slip right under his nose and snatch one. He'd be damned if he'd not provide one for his master, Lord Archanfel, though.

Zoanoids came and went inside the building. One former Chronos operative, River Zastory, wandered around the forest, examining the flora and fauna. He'd made sure Chronos wasn't following him, and he knew he'd soon have to begin engaging his plan to defeat Barcas. But for now, relaxation. He'd had a life and friends before being kidnapped by the corporation...then they turned him into a monster. Zx-Tole, they called him. He'd even become their willing follower thanks to genetic programming. Thankfully, the Guyver unit he'd recovered had corrected that, and restored his mind to the way it was before.

He scratched an itch on his arm. Barcas will suffer for what he has done to me, the company will fall for what they've done to this world! He thought.

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(Out of Character - Nice way to start things of man. And thanks again for letting me join in)

It was a nice sunny morning in the mountains. The wind was blowing a nice, cool, refreshing breeze down by the lake side behind the Kunakita cabin. Near the edge of the lake a young man was laying down in the grass listening to the sounds of nature and thinking about his friends back in Japan. Nothing else in the world could possibly ruin this wonderful morning that he was enjoying. The wind then picked up just slightly to where it blew a small strand of his long red hair under his nose which in turn caused him to sneeze.

Just when he thought nothing else could distract him from enjoying this wonderful morning he heard a young female voice call out to him.

"Hey, big brother! Stop your daydreaming and get in here. Mom and Dad are coming to visit us and we need to get ready," called the young woman from the back patio of the cabin. The young man then unwillingly got up to his feet and one could notic the small making of a scar going in a diagonal direction from the top right part of his forhead down under the bottom part of his left eye. "Hurry up Koujin. You need to change into something more suitable for your meeting with you parents," said Koujins grandfather. "Sure thing Gramps. Oh, and Saki, order me around one more time and I won't drive you to the mall anymore. Got it kiddo?," Koujin retorted to the comment made by his family.

"Hai. Understood," Saki said playfully with a fake-sad expression on her face. She was wearing an expensive red blouse with a white undershirt. She was also wearing a long and elegant looking red skirt that went down to her ankles which met her strap on high heels. The wind blew a gentle breeze around her young looking face which whiped her long silver hair arond her body. Saki had rescently graduated from her senior high school and decided to come live with her grandfather and get away from her parents in the same way her brother had done.

Koujin went into his room and changed into a more appropriate outfit that looked like it was special ordered from an expensive catalog. He then exited his room wearing a black long sleave button up silk shirt which in turn was covering a black undershirt. He wore black khaki's with a black leather belt around his wait. The belt buckle was specially made and it resembled a Guyvers contrl medal slightly. He then slipped on his black dress shoes and then adjusted the gold cross necklace which he wore around his neck. his grandfather looked him over and sighed. "You really need to choose a new colour for your wardrobe. People will think you are a gothic type person if you wear black all the time," the old man stated to his grandson.

"I know gramps. It's just I always liked this colour as it brings out both my hair and eye colour better than any other colour does. That and as we both know that black is also the outer colour of my armor," Koujin stated with a small smile on his face. "Besides, YOU were the one that got me this ouotfit," Koujin added to his previous comment. "I know, but don't over do it," Old Man Kunakita retorted back. "I won't. I promise," Koujin added reassuredly.

With that said Koujin headed back out to the back porch and took his wallet out of his back pocket. He flipped open the picture side of it and staired at a picture which showed him looking a little younger standing next to a young girl with short silver hair and blue eyes wearing a school uniform. "Shiori. I'll find you one day. First I need to find a way to defeat Chronos. After that...or somewhere along the way....I'll find you and we can be together again," Koujin thought as he staired the picture. This was going to be a long day.

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( Out Of Character - When I mention my name or gf's name... it will most likely always be shortened to D and C)

D.S. awoke in his bed next to his girlfriend. He had not been chased by Chronos for 2 weeks, but he wanted to seek out Liam and try to help him or do anything he possibly could to get his friend back. All of a sudden he heard a voice, it was Sean, using the Guyvers telepathic link to communicate with D.S. I'm at the door . D.S. Didn't want to get out of bed, it was too early. D's girlfriend woke up, she was a brown haired, brown eyed woman, the same age as D.S. but 3 months younger, her name was Chantal. What's wrong? , she asked... D replied that Sean was at the door... In that case I'll make some breakfast for us all... D thought Toasted ham and cheese sandwiches for the win .

D opened up the door for Sean, he came in, greeted D and C. After a few toasted sandwiches, Sean told D that they would need to go to the nearest town, which was several miles away beyond the forest.

The past 2 weeks D has been studying his abilities, and has worked out how to not only hide himself in the shadows, but also his home and the ones close to him. Every time D leaves the house, he uses his ability to hide his home and C, so they cannot be traced, sensed or found by Chronos.

D and Sean activated their Guyvers. Sean put his hand on D's shoulder as D teleported in the middle of the forest, taking Sean with him.

Good thing you teleported here, this way we hopefully won't be detected by Chronos , Sean said.

Either way I can put us both in stealth mode and we wouldn't be found , Replied D.

They deactivated their Guyvers and started walking towards town...

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The great thing about having a massive, relatively untapped reserve of organic crystal below the forest is that, past a certain point at the edge of the forest, it becomes virtually impossible to get a reading on GPS. So, unless you know your way around the forest, or you could fly, one would get lost easily. River noticed that there were disturbances in the wind current when the light breeze blowing on him stopped for a few seconds, then came in a second wave. That only happened, he realized, when someone disturbed the air by suddenly appearing. He decided to trail his way through the forest, stealthily ducking behind trees as he moved closer to where he estimated people to be. He didn't know who was intruding, so he took no risks. Eventually, he heard footsteps, then ducked behind a tree about 100 yards from where the figures were. He used a reflective surface on his boot to peer around the corner without getting seen, and saw the outline of two bioboosted humans.

"Nice day for a walk, eh, Guyvers?" he said, loud enough for both to hear. He stepped out from behind the tree, still in human form. He wore his black tanktop and flexible pants, his earrings dangling from his ears. One could easily see his incredible muscle tone through the tanktop, as it hugged close to his body. "I hope you don't work for Chronos."

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(Out of Character - I hope no one minds me playing the roles of Koujins immediate family)

Rocky Mountains: Kunakita Family Estate

While Koujin's family was inside enjoying the nice meal that his parents servents had made, Koujin was back down by the lake stairing into the horizon when he felt himself being called by something familiar. He sensed a presence within the lake and a moment later the 2 navi-spheres that were once part of the fossilized relic appeared before him once again. These spheres only appeared before him in this fasion when he was going to be needed at a far away distance that his units' normal teleporting abilities would not allow without the use of his quantum coupler booster being activated.

He found out once before that if he teleported to a place far enough away while using his quantum coupler he would end up appearing in the desired location but in a very weakend state due to the the extreme use of the coupler. "Great! All this extra power is given to me by the coupler and I end up as weak as a 2 yr old when I teleport using the coupler," he thought. Luckily for him he learned that the 2 navi-spheres had created a special link, which only he could access, which gave him a new way to teleport whithout having to bio-boost and use his coupler for assistence. Koujin knew he was about to go into what could be, to him, a very wonderful afternoon compared to the utter disatisfaction of having to deal with his parents. It's not that he didn't hate them it's just that he couldn't stand them.

He had to transform in front of them one time to save them from a group of Hyper Zoanoids and ever since then his mother kept begging him not to fight anymore because she thought it was to dangerous for someone of his stature while his father wanted to monopilize his sons new found abilities for his company. Alexander Daniels, Koujins' father, was the founder and CEO of the company Bio-Tech Industries. Bio-Tech Inustries is also a company that is not owned by Chronos but it does do business deals with them on some occasions. The company was well versed in, whatelse, bio and nano technology. Koujin had been know to secretly liberate some extra weapons from his families company when they weren't paying attention so he could use them so as not to put a strain on his quantum couplers power reserves. He even got the 2 navi-sphere to configure a sort of "semi-boost dimension storage pocket" where he could store the extra equipment which he could then summon for later use when needed.

Now realizing what the sphere were telling him he went back to the cabin and leaned his head down to whisper in his grandfathers ear. "Gotta go. Guyver duties. Make me an excuse if possible," Koujin whispered to his grandfather. "Sure thing. You just be careful. Also, don't forget to try and be home this weekend. Your sisters 19th birthday is this Saturday and you know she desperately wants you to attend...even if she acts like she doesn't care if you show up or not," the old man whispered back. Koujin thought about that for a moment and then replied, "No promises, but I'll try my best to be here."

With that said, Koujin then stepped back outside and summoned the navi-spheres once he was in the cover of the small patch of woods near the cabin. He focused his mind and linked up with the 2 spheres and a moment later he was gone in a flash of light.

Central City: Forest Park

The air began to warp once again in the confines of the park-like forest that was in Central city and after a brief moment and a quick flash of light, Koujin stood in a small clearing and immediately atuned his hearing and sight into scanning the area. His found that his own human senses had increased somewhat after becoming a Guyver which came as a wonderful benefit in his opinion as he no longer needed to wear those silly glasses. After a few moments he heard a small conversation from about 200 yards south of his position and decided to head that way. After only walking for 2 minutes in a very calm manner he came up behind a big tree and noticed 3 people talking to eachother.

"I wonder what's going on. I guess I'll stay here until I find out what's up.....or until I'm discovered," Koujin thought. Then he sensed something that he had not sensed before and that was an enormous energly level which was raditating from one of the 3 people talking ahead of him. He didn't know what this power was but it sent shiveres of concern down his spine. Something was telling him that this person was not of the ordinary human variety. He wasn't afraid but he knew it was better to be cautious than reckless in some situations....especially when it invovled a power that you never felt before. "This is an interesting development. I wonder who this guy is."

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My home was fine, but sometimes seeing that accursed tower brings back memories, memories of hatred and disgust for those monsters. I exited the bar but sometimes drinking doesn't help. I wandered around town for a while until I reached a dark alley. I waded into the dakness until I was stopped, "What is it today Robert?"

"Well, I need to know why Barcus is here, I doubt the media has it right. He's not here to visit Central City. Why's he here 'X'?" I asked.

"What no friendly hello? Always down to business with you, you need to work on your people skills Robert," X replied.

"Considering that you're a criminal and I'm on the run from Chronos, there's no surprise why I need to be pushy with someone as annoying as you," I replied.

"He's here because of some kind of crystals," X replied with a sigh.

"Crystals? What does he plan on using them for? Where are they located?" I eagerly asked.

"Chronos is pretty tight lipped about it, even I'm out of the loop," X replied with a smile.

"Well considering you don't work for Chronos I wouldn't expect them to let you know. These crystals, they have to mean something special and considering that Barcus is involved that further's and makes the mystery more important. This does explain why Chronos has a facility here, the skyscrapper no doubt hides some kind of mining operation," I pondered, "Is there anymore?"

X began to walk away, "You know as a detective, you should really find these things out yourself. You some detective work!"

"Asking informats is detective work!" I replied.

"I've seen some Chronos soldiers in the woods outside town. It could be where they're dropping off the mining equipment, or maybe its not," X said as he faded into the distance, "I'll let you find out, maybe you can inform me for once."

I'd chased down optimized criminals before. I don't work as a detective for Chronos, instead I'm my own detective seperate from Chronos. I'd occasionally have take down zoanoids that people hire me to kill, its an ocupational hazard. I don't like to transform, but if these were low level soldiers then they might be optimizied yet. That would give me a distinct advantage, unless they are optimizied in which I'll have to kill them within twenty minutes. I gotta hope to take them all down, but I need to take one alive for questioning. If Chronos is up to something, then this would be the perfect oppurtunity to fufill my plan. That man, the one man who has the courage to stand up to Chronos will be coming here. He always makes a move on Chronos research facilities. His men were here before but Chronos stopped them. I gotta hope that when he comes I have this mystery unlocked, I need something valubale to give him. If I want to join his side, I'll need something valuable, and once he finds out about these crystals, I'll have secured my position in his organization and I'll finally be able to exact my revenge on those Chronos bastards. I've only recently heard his name, he and his men are close, the man they call "Makishima"!

I entered deep into the forest, I had been walking for at least an hour, I used to hunt with some people from the area so I had a vivid understanding of the forest. I heard voices coming from my left and I hid behind a tree. If theres one thing I'm glad Chronos did was enhance my senses. I had to hope these guys hadn't noticed me, if they were Chronos soldiers, then I'd have a serious problem on my hands. I watched them carefully, there were two of them, both looked like creatures I'd never seen. "These must new Chronos models, they Hyper Zoanoids, they look tough, best keep my distance," I thought. Wait....I'd seen those before, I'd seen one on TV, but what did they call it? People had been seeing some kind of strange zoanoid in Japan, but what did they call it? Giver, Guver?.....Wait!, Guyver! Are these things Guyvers? So there's more than one!!!!?

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(Out of Character - I just started writnig my very first fan-fic. It's based on my Quantum Guyver character. Oh, would I have anyones permission to use there RPG characters in my fan-fic?)

(Out of Character - BK, I like how you made you character into a type of P.I. / Detective. Really makes things interesting.)

Koujin stood behind the tree listening to the conversation when he sensed another person close by on the opposite end. Extending his senses out he tried to figure out what this person was but then found that his 6th sense was starting to get some type of interfearence from some unnatural phenomina located near him so he was unable to get an accurate reading on the new individual. He was able to get at least one hint from his 6th sense. That was that this person didn't seem like he would want to be an enemy and sensed a sense of curiousity coming from the newcomer.

Koujin knew he'd have to make himself aware to the others soon but he wanted to wait to see what the newcomer did first. He was also curious to see if the newcomer could sense his presence as well.

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These guyvers, Chronos says they're alien spies trying to destroy mankind. X knows very little about these guyvers other than two of them were spotted in Relic's Point one year ago. Whether or not they had anything to do with the base's destruction, is unknown, but something was strange about these guys. The looked amazing, indesturctable, and god-like. If X-day taught me anything about Chronos its that Chronos wants power and these guyvers look far stronger than anything Chronos has! Maybe this is why Barcus is here? I needed a closer look, but who knows if these guys are hostile? They might know something about Makishima, or perhaps they could help me. I inched closer to the guyvers until a big flash of light shined in their direction and the guyvers were gone.

"They're...just kids!" I thought. One thing was for sure, these kids weren't aliens, Chronos was lying again, but this only furthered the guyver mystery. Just what are these guyvers, who are these kids, are they zoanoids, or something else? I walked closer to these kids revealing myself. Both of them double-taked as they stared at me in confusion. Whatever they were doing, I could tell on their faces that it was secret and they didn't expect an observer. I had to play it cool, "You're guyvers aren't you? I didn't mean to spy on you like that, I assure you I'm with Chronos."

"We'll be the judge of that!" one of them said clenching his fists.

"You better start explaining yourself unless you wanna die!" the other one shouted.

I revealed my card and removed my gun. I lit up a cigarette and the three of us sat down.

"And that's what happened, my new client has a problem with Chronos and they hired me to investigate some sort of Chronos drop-off point here in the forest," I explained.

"So you're one of their test subjects, but how can we trust you?" Sean asked.

"Easy, I'm a Lost Number, I'm a failed experiment," I replied, "A friend of mine died helping me escape from Chronos, and Chronos destroyed my outside existance so no one knows I'm alive. In fact Robert Walker isn't even my real name." I replied with a laugh.

"I see then do you want from us-" Sean asked.

"Why should we help him Sean?! He could be lying! I say we kill him, he already knows we're guyvers if he sticks around he could learn other things!" DS replied.

"Because I'm able to spy on Chronos amd I know their infostructure!" I replied, "Its your choice if you want to help me or not, just realise Chronos is up to something and you have allies, you don't have to fight alone. I've been fighting alone for a long time. Chronos just won't leave me be. I won't stop until those bastards get what they deserve!"

Sean and DS got up, I could tell our conversation was over, so I got up as well and I started walking away.

"What will you do now Robert?" Sean asked.

"I've got a job to do, I'll stay in touch until then stay of Chronos's radar, if they make a move I'll contact you again. Until then remember one word, 'Incognito'", I said as I walked away.

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(OOC - I guess I'll go again).

After listening in on the conversation held by the first 3 people in the clearing, Koujin decided to wait a little longer and see if he could find anything else out. When the talk about the underground crystals came up it suddenly dawned on Koujin that those crystals may be what actually caused the interference with his 6th sense. "Hmm, those crystals could become a problem for me later on if I'm not careful. They might be causing that interference I'm sensing but then again...if that's true.....what effects would those crystals have on my Guyvers' Quantum Coupler drive," Koujin thought to himself quietly. He then noticed that the three people then stood up and notice the may that approached the other 2 people turnd to walk away.

"I wonder if I should follow him? Well, I wasn't able to fully sense his power earlier due to the interference that started earlier so I better see what happens for the next few minutes before I take action." Koujin thought before returning his attention on the small group of people. He was amazed to overhere that the other two were actually Guyvers like himself but he didn't want to reveal himself just yet. A little more probing and then he'd make his move.

I don't think Mc Taco is on enough to replay quickly, but I'll ask him. Sorry guys

From the looks of it...it seems he's a late night owl so he's not probably on much during the day.

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(OOC - Plus school during the day... Sorry guys... and yes, anyone can post for me whilst I'm away, aslong as they leave the missus out of it lol... )

DS and Sean walked away, not knowing whether to trust this 'failed experiment'... The word 'Lost Number' reminded DS of something. It was his friend Liam, who had been captured by Chronos that night and turned into a Lost Number.

They arrived at the town, with their Guyver unactivated.

So where are we going anyway? , asked DS.

I want you to meet someone , Sean replied, then smiled as a black four-wheel drive approached.

The doors opened, Sean climbed into the car, followed by DS.

DS, I want you to meet Atkins...

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(ooc- I meant to keep Robert's thoughts and inner monolouges in italic's. From now on Italics are Robert's inner monologues.)

Those kids themselves may not look like much but those guyvers, they're beyond amazing. I think he has the same power, the one they call "Zues." With a power like that in their hands, they could easily overthrow Chronos, that could be why Barcus is here, perhaps he knows these kids' presence...I have to hope that I've convinced these guys to help me out, of course having to tweak my intentions with lying isn't something I want to do, but I can't have these kids jeperdize my ultimate goal.

I started to hear people talking and then I darted into a bush, "That was close, another second and he would've spotted me." Chronos soldiers started to appear, they were definatly on patrol which means I'm getting close to whatever operation is going on here.

A group of three of them gathered together and two of them started smoking, "Hey did you here, the Leutenant's pretty scared that Dr. Barcus showed up!"

"Yeah he may act all tough but even he gets scared by that old man," another replied.

"I bet its because we've been digging out here for so long and have had no results," the third said, "I mean that is why the Doctor's here isn't it?"

"So the report says, but with all of the trouble caused by those guyvers in Japan, I think the Doctor's running scared!" the first one said. They all burst into laughter. I thought about siezing the oppertunity to get in closer to the operation while they were talking, but CRACK!

"Hey did you guys here something?" one of the soldiers asked. The three started looking around, I tried my hardest to keep quiet until CRACK!

"It's comming from over there!" one of them said. They started to approach my direction, so I started to back away until someone grabbed my shoulder.

"Well, well, what do we have here boys?" It was two more soldiers! "Looks to me like we've got ourselves a little snoop! Here anything interesting?"

I pulled out my gun and put it to his chest, but he just started to laugh. "C'mon," he said as his eyes glew bright yellow. His body then transformed into a Rammotith zoanoid, "Is that supposed to scare me?"

"Here's what's gonna happen," the other one started, "You're gonna give us your story and maybe Rammotith won't rip your arms off."

Rammotith grabbed my gun and crushed it in his hand, he then grabbed my other arm and started to pull!

"I'm in a tight spot here, there's a way out, but I must finish them all off quickly; there can be no survivors," I thought, "I can't afford to let them call for back-up!"

"Well?" the soldier asked, "Whats it gonna be-" My body quickly transformed into my zoaform and I unleashed thousands of volts into the Rammotith lighting him up like a furball candle.

"drenn he's been optimized!" One of the soldiers shouted, "Transform!" All of them transformed into 2 Gregoles, another Rammotith and a Broiz!

"Anyone know what he is?" One of the Gregole's asked.

"I know what he is," the Rammotith shouted as he charged me, "he's dead! I'll kill you, you bastard!"

I barely dodged the claws and put my palm on his face and sent massive surges of electricity through his body killing him instantly. I stood on top of the smoky remains as the two Gregoles then started to encircle me. One of them locked hands with me and quickly gained the upper-hand! "I see you're not built for strength runt," he said, "what are you waiting for, kill him!" The other Gregole ran with his horn out in front. He ran like a stampeding Rhino, and I was the one he was stampeding towards! Acting fast, I shocked the Gregole and stunned him enough so I could turn him 360 degrees and have him be impaled by his friend, not me.

"Impressive, but you've mad him mad," the Broiz said.

The Gregole removed his friend from his horn and and picked up a huge rock, "Alright you can't shock from over there! Now die you bastard!" He through the rock and I blasted a powerful lightning bolt, making a hole through Gregole, killing him instantly.

"Now only one left to go," I said as I shifted my attention to the very calm Broiz.

"Impressive, but you'll be happy to know that my body's external tissue is highly resistant to heat and electricity," Broiz said as he started laughing, "What are you gonna do now?" I'm in trouble, electricity's all I've got, and Broiz is another muscle enhanced type so he can break me in half like a twig. If I don't find a way to kill him quickly he'll call for back-up and I'll be in far worse shape than I thought.

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(ooc: I'll let you control the Broiz in the upcoming fight, BananaKing, because he's an NPC)

"You Chronos bastards always were quite unskilled in combat," River said, leaping out of the trees and landing somewhere between the Lost Number and the Broiz. He popped his head left and right. "But then again, you ordinary zoanoids always lacked that ability to think for yourselves because of how the zoalords pacified you with their mental control. You never had to think! They thought for you. That's why you never learned how to adequately fight." River turned to look at the lost number. "I don't know who you are, Lost Number, but I'd stand back a bit if I were you."

He turned back to the Broiz. "You're just a regular zoanoid. But right now? You're staring down something WAY out of your league. Perhaps you've heard of me. I'm not the first of my type, but I am completely different. You can call me Zx-Tole!" He stood, ready to enter his zoaform at a moment's notice, if need be. He highly doubted he'd need to bioboost to take on a Broiz, but if need be, he would.

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(OOC - I really like how this is going so far).

Koujin had been watching the whole time at the events that had been taking place. After the 3 guys finished their conversation, the two that were Guyvers headed off into the city while the other one was already getting ready to go his own way. Then Koujin had heard noises and voices coming from one direction and decided to duck down and wait and see what would happen next. After a few moments he noticed that the Chronos soldier that had come into view had found the guy he sensed earlier. They all transformed and began threatening the newcomer. Then he transformed.

"Man, what's going on here? It's like a Zoanoid picknick and no one brought the food," Koujin thought to himself. He was amazed at how well the unknown Zoanoid type was fairing. But then came the Broiz and even Koujin knew that they were highly resistant to electric attacks. And the other guy didn't seem to be fair well in the area of brute strength. Then the other guy he sensed earlier with the humongous energy level jump in between the 2 Zoanoids and proclaimed that he was ZX-TOLE.

"Ok, that's it. I'd either better get out here or I better make myself known," Koujin mumbled to himself. Unfortunantly, he didn't get a chance to decide as when he turned his head to his left he saw a huge, fat spider crawl up his sleeve. "Woah!" Koujin jumped up as he brushed away the spider. "Man, I hate spiders." Unfortunantly, when Koujin jumped up he accidentally jumped out to where everyone could see him. "Oh drenn! Now they know I'm here." He moved his head from the left to the right and back to the left scanning the area where the 3 Zoanoids now stood. He didn't know the full extent of the unknown Zoanoids' abilities and he didn't like the feeling of power he was getting from the guy proclaiming to be a ZX-TOLE. Though, he did find that the Boiz would be easy pickings if he had to fight.

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River looked at the guy who had jumped out of the tree. All these new people he hadn't seen before. Oh well, at least he could tell that someone understood what psychological warfare was. He had no clue as to who exactly was friend and who was foe, other than the obvious Chronos zoanoid Broiz. Nevertheless, he decided to take it upon himself to explain everything. He took off his tanktop and threw it to the side. Loosening his belt buckle, his baggy pants fell to the ground, revealing his boxer shorts. "Sorry for stripping right in front of you, but clothes are hard to come by." He kicked them off to the side where the tanktop was. His impressive muscle tone could be seen much better now. He gritted his teeth as the transformation took hold. In less than a full second, the 5'10", 240 pound River Zastory suddenly became the ten foot tall beetle-looking hyper zoanoid, Zx-Tole.

"You see I wasn't joking," he explained, his voice distorted by his zoaform. "Barcas decided to make me because of my skill as a warrior. The problem was, he should have taken better care to avoid me obtaining a Guyver unit. Now I'm completely free of Zoalord mental control, and Chronos has created their most dangerous enemy yet!" He looked around; why beat around the bush? After all, he'd probably have to use it anyway. Plus, it would make the battle more interesting. "BIOBOOST!"

A brilliant light overcame him, leaving a circle of torched ground for a foot and a half around him. The black plating and yellow skin of the hyper zoanoid now had dark grey plating and brown soft tissue of a Guyver, plus the head-spike now protruded out of the top of Zx-Tole's already tall headpiece, and tubes fed into the massive chest plates of the zoanoid.

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"What the hell? A Guyver Zoanoid?!" Koujin shouted surprised. "So that was the emense power I was feeling from you earlier." Koujin, not one to disappoint or be outdone decided to play his hand. He looked over at the Broiz and said, "You think one's bad, try two."

With that said, Koujin glared his red eyes at the group and prepared for his tranformation. "HENSHIN!" Koujin shouted out and he was enveloped in the Guyvers blast field. The dfference with his was that unlike ordinary blast fields, his was sending out quantum surges for over a 200 ft radius which in turn nocked out all electronic devices. Then, instead of simply just fading away, the blast field lashed out in a small explosion doing a good amount of damage for a 10 ft radius and creating a 3 ft deep crater. Over his usual black clothes was now an organic looking armor. The external part of the armor was pitch black with some signs of red and blue bands wrapping around some parts of the armor. The inner material was almost a pale white with hints of red. Koujins eyes glowed a deep crimson red and his control medal flashed signaling to its host that the transformation process was complete.

The dark Guyver started to emerge from the crater left by the blast field and one could see that his armor adorned him with 4 high frequency swords. His air vents sent out any unwanted waste material and then after that his control medal shined again. Under his armor, Koujin gave a wicked grin as he shifted from his docile mental state to his more lethal fighter mental state. Then in a metalic voice that was familiar with all Guyvers, Koujin made his proclamation.

"Ok, so which of you guys are Chronos lackies and which are the ones fighting against Chronos? Just so ya know, those who side with Chronos will finally know what real fear it when they meet me."

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It was hard to say if I was in some kind of strange nightmare, but what was supposed to be a simple mission had turned into a brawl and now the real players were starting to show up. It seems this guyver not only works with humans, but zoanoids as well, but where did a hyper zoanoid get a hold of one? I had only 15 more minutes in my state before I'd black out, and I'm not so sure whether these guyvers will see me as just another zoanoid. I convinced the other guyvers to be my ally, but now these two, they're differant. Just what were these guys doing here? Were they following me? I was sure no one was following me, no one could have, could they?

"Two Guyvers?" the Broiz said shaking as he slowly tried to back away, "I've heard about you guyvers, you're killing machines! Kill him! He's with Chronos, he's your enemy" Broiz pointed at me trying to make me look like I was one of Chronos's agents. I'd have to trust these guys for now, they obviously revealed themselves now for some reason. Perhaps to protect me, but why? The Broiz started to run away but stopped when he ran into a group of zoanoids, all of which were removing their helmets. One of them dressed in an elite's uniform walked forward and ordered the Broiz to stand back. Two other Elite zoanoids stepped forward and ordered the other zoanoids to transform. The three of us were soon surrounded by an army of zoanoids. I had clearly underestimated how well devended the drop-off point would be. The Guyvers started laughing, I could see why they felt unthreatened. Weilding the powers of a god would build some kind of arrogance even for any man, but the three elites transformed.

The first had these huge, axe-like, blades on his forearms, and they seemed to glow. The second one looked like he was made of rubber and his hands were dripping from some kind of liquid. Whenever the dropplets would touch the ground, the ground would burn. so I'd say it was some kind of acid. And the final one had bio-missile launchers on his shoulders. No doubt about it, they were hyper zoanoids and they couldn't stop laughing.

"I'm Leutenant Ishimaru, and these are my friends Master Chief Petty Deikum, and Corporal Borsalaro," Ishimaru said, "and I'm afraid you three have entered restricted space. Under of the orders of Doctor Barcus, you must all die!"

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River gritted his teeth. It looked like Barcas had decided to pull the numbers game again. "So, the rest of you are here. I was better than you guys at the training center, and I'm better than you now." The blades on his forearms extended. If they were surrounded, he would have to get rid of quite a few of them. Fortunately, he'd had plenty of time to learn all the weaponry of his unit. Plus, he could even fire his blaster tempest once per half hour, which would serve to destroy a huge portion if need be.

He knew he'd need his megasmasher. So, as a stealth tactic, he mentally told his lenses to charge without opening the plates. That way, he'd have a shot ready when he needed. He knew he'd have to use it on the elite Hyper Zoanoids that were sent out; the rest of the cannon fodder would fall to the standard weaponry. While his megasmasher was charging underneath the plates, he fired all 14 of his Zx-Tole bio-lasers rapidly in various directions, hoping to buy time to use his ultimate weapon.

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Quantum Guyver stepped back and let the Guyver Zoanoid make a few openings. Then when there was enough confusion with the ranks of the zoanoids and the Guyver Zoanoid had stopped firing his lasers for a moment, Koujin jumpe in front of his 2 teammates with his back facing them. Then, looking at the Guyver Zoanoid, "Hey, big guy! if you have any big guns hidden within that armor start charging them up. Save your energy and don't waste it on these idiots. If you need it, I'll give ya the time you need to prepare for a full out assault."

After saying that Koujin turned to face the group of Zoanoids. "You guys ever hear of the Dark Quantum Guyver? Well, if ya haven't then ya just met him. You can call me Yami for short if ya want but I don't think you live long enough to even say it." Koujin then clenched his fists together as he raised his arms straight out in front of him. "I'm gonna probably regret this later," he thought before he unleashed his attack. All the red and blue band that encircled that outer part of his black Guyver armor began to glow brightly along with his control medal. A second later he shouted, "QUANTUM BURST!" At that moment his body shot a comlete burst of sheer, raw energy in the form of his Quantum blast field. The blast field went flying into the hords of Zoanoids killing most of the lower levels instantly while kncoking the wing out the elite Hyper Zoanoids.

Then looking back at the Guyver ZX-TOLE, "You ready yet?!"

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( I'm now going to change characters to Ishimaru and his men. If you remember I create dues characters :mrgreen: )

"Well boys, looks like the guyvers live up to their reputation, but you're both still human and you'll tire out soon making you easy prey," Ishimaru said with a laugh. "Deikum, Borsalaro, lets show these guyvers what Delta Squad can do!"

Deikum, the one with the high fequency axes, jumped into the air and dove into the ground, proving his subteranean digging skills to be quite adaquet. Borsalaro then started using his rubber-like body to bounce around in an effort to disract the guyvers.

"Everything is going exactly as we need it to, now to initiate Delta Strike!" I thought as I jumped into Deikum's hole. Deikum finished digging dozen's of holes around the enemy and Borsalro jumped into one of the holes, just dodging one of that zoanoid's lightning bolts.

"Alright gentlemen, its time to show the guyvers that we're far stronger than those weak Hyper Zoanoids from Japan, commence Delta Strike!" I said.

"Right!" Borsalaro and Deikum replied.

Borsalaro stretched his arms out and wrapped his arms around the two guyver's legs! Deikum positioned himself behind the two guyvers and prepared his Spiral Slash attack. Borsalaro's arms began to secret their corrosive acids while I launched my bio-missiles out of the holes and aimed them at the guyvers! "Now tremble in fear guyver's we're Delta Squad, and we're the first zoanoids in the history of Chronos to be considered stronger the HZT5!" I thought as my missiles closed in, "And once we kill the three of you, the rest of the world will recognize our power! Now feel the power of Delta Stike!!!"

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(OOC - very nicely played BK).

Koujin screamed out in pain as the acid ate through his armor and started on his flesh with ease. "Damn it! I ws too careless," Koujin stated. His hyper sensors then alerted him to the immediate threat of the bio missiles coming straight for them. "Damn, I won't be able to dodge all of them while I'm tied down. I have no choice, I'm gonna have to use it," he thought to himself.

The Quantum Guyver cupped his hands together and started creating a pressure cannon. Then when it reach it's maximum capacity he activated his Quantum coupler and charged the cannon into it Quantum Cannon form. Koujin only looked away for a second to see how far they were appraoching and was amazed that they had picked up speed. "This is really gonna hurt," he thought. Just before the missiles were in range the Quantum Cannon finished charging up and Koujin let loose with as much focus as he could muster to keep the power in check. With the acid eating away at his legs he was having a hard time blocking out the pain which made him unable to fully focus on the cannon blast.

The Quantum cannon launched in a downward spiral, managing to take out a few missiles but the remainder were still coming. As a last resort, Koujin used his coupler device to increase his units basic shielding to try and take some of the damage. Impact! The shielding did it's job to a degree but the Quantum guyver had sustained a series blow to his smasher plates and his left leg. He was out of the fight for the next few moments.

"Man, if I don't thin of something soon I'm gonna be one dead Guyver."

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