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Jurassic World 2: Fallen Kingdom

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Ok so the next installment of the Jurassic Park series is on its way.



Here was the original art.


There are some interesting things floating around. First, Jeff Goldblum will be reprising his character, Ian Malcolm, which will make him officially the series most recurring character



But ol Jeff aint the only one comeing back from extinction....an old scaly friend is to.


Yep, the horridly inaccurate and terrifying Dilophosaurus are finally back.

Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard are also back for this installment. 

while their is no hard infor about its plot there are rumors. There is talk of volcanic eruptions and an old business partner of Hammond.


Edit this partner will be stepping in to clean up after the Jurassic World incident.



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Also some info on a new character.

Benjamin Lockwood


When John Hammond was starting up InGen, the company that would clone dinosaurs from ancient DNA, Benjamin Lockwood was his partner. John Hammond died in 1998 and handed over InGen to Simon Masrani, who build Jurassic World. After the disaster in that park and the death of Masrani, unforeseen events started to manifest. Lockwood tries to deal with this blowback of what he and Hammond had done

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Full Trailer

Lot of new dinos and some old faithful's.


Image result for dinosaur with 2 horns

This one is old and new. The Carno first appeared in the Novel version of The Lost World. in the novel it was depicted as an ambush predator with the ability to change it skin colour to perfectly blend in with its background and was more of a nocturnal/dusk hunter as it could not hid itself in direct sunlight. The purpose of this as to show just how little we understood about dinosaurs . It would late show up the Jurassic Park: Redemption comics acting as a stereotypical predatory animal that lacked it former camo ability. It also showed up in a Jurassic Park 3 novel and as a semi-boss in the Lost World PS1 Game. However this is its first on screen appearance.


Related image

The new kid on the block, Baryonyx was first hinted at back during Jurassic Worlds promotional build up as an attraction at the park. While it was never seen it was depicted in the films websight. A smaller cousin of Spinosaurus it is thought to have been predominately a fish eater although it would hunt prey on land as well.


Image result for Brachiosaurus

Technically the first ever dinosaur to be seen in full in the film part of the franchise, Brachiosaurus is one of the most iconic dinosaurs ever put on film. It had to pretty iconic scenes in the first film and has almost always popped up in most of the series games.



In the novel this was the original sauropod found in Jurassic Park but was swapped out for the Brachi in the first film. While it did pop up in the Lost World film, because it lost its spot to the Brachi its not show up much in other Jurassic Park works until JW, the only time of note I can think of was the LW Arcade Shooter. One interesting and disgusting fact from the novel was that Apatosaurus dung proved to be a real issue because it would not decompose quickly likely due to what ever bacteria that would have naturally broken it down being extinct.


Image result for Compsognathus

While mostly remember from the Lost World Film, this nasty little beasts first showed up on the original novel. Created as a natural clean up crew for the parks meaty leftovers and dino droppings, the compys were probably the single most cloned dinosaur by Ingen. But proved to be very troublesome in their own right. They were the first dinosaurs documented to have escaped and thrived in the outside world. Opportunistic hunters as well as scavengers, Compys were responsible for multiple attacks on children and infant mortalities. They had somewhat poisonous bite weakened their victims making them easy prey. As a rule though they don't attack anything too big, healthy or strong and run at the low end of the food chain. In reality they were likely not poisonous but it was likely included, along with another poisonous dino, to show just how little we understand about these animals and how difficult it is to control something you don't understand.


Image result for dilophosaurus jurassic park

Image result for dilophosaurus size

Probably the most drastically altered dinosaur I the whole franchise. The one depicted above is how it was described in the novel, which match's up with what we know, along with its size. As you can see it was a relatively big animal. The inclusion of poison was again done to show just how little we understood about these creatures and how dangerous it was to try and shove them in a zoo without any kind of proper study. In the novel all the dinosaurs presented issues one way or another and the Dilos were one of the more extreme examples. Their unprecedented ability to spit venom combined with their size made working with them incredible dangerous. Robert Muldoon, the parks game keeper, was particularly worried about what would happen to visitors when the park opened as the only thing between them and a glob of venom was a roll down window. Attempt to remove the venom sacs had proven fruitless as they had no idea were they were located and the animal nearly died during surgery  resulting in them being forbad from further examination until one of them died. On the movie they were altered so as not to compete with the Rex and Raptors. Many fans have come up with a host of excuses for this, such as them being juveniles, but really the only explanation that fits is that the movie Dilos are the result of genetic splicing causing unforeseen results. While a key dinosaur in the first film and novel, outside of games the odd comic these guys have been on the back burner for a while.

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17 hours ago, Salkafar said:

How many times can you tell the same damn story?

Who knows, I'm gonna give the benefit of the doubt on this one however since A) while it dose involve getting dinosaurs off the island, they are likewise destroying said island which moves us into B) since the island is destroyed it should, if handled correctly, lead new opportunities for future films since they are no longer confined to the same location. Also what I have seen look enjoyable but we'll have to see if this dose a better job then the Lost World. Also from what I hear its not just moveing dinosaurs into a new park/zoo, as with LW, but we'll have to see about that to.

The Indoraptor  was hinted at in the last film, the Indominus Rex was only a proto-type bio-weapon built under the cover story of a new park attraction. 

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5 hours ago, Salkafar said:

Really. They're gonne be here after.

For $500 I choose 'minimum viable population'.

Speak of prices...


The starting bid on that ankylosaurus is 6 million.  Ingen must have a lot of faith in their new bio weapon line if they are willing to sell of their “assets” at such a cheap price.

I likewise find the idea that these animals will be here after an odd one. Unless they are carrying a virus that makes women give birth to baby dinosaurs or a prehistoric avian flu, I don’t think we have much to worry about. Unless we are going the planet of the dinosaurs route and they start shooting at us. That or Goldblum is really cinical and banking on humans wiping each other out soon.

Worse case I can see are very sever incidents of invasive species and animal attacks.

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