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Snip from Revenge Part 1

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Arizona - 15 miles north of the Arizona Chronos H.Q.

Valcuria was walking along a road in the desert her red hair blowing in the dry hot wind. She’d being to the Chronos Arizona base in her world, this she’d learned was a very different world but one thing remained through which was the location of one of the oldest bases in Chronos. The car she had stolen had broken down over an hour ago, it had neither useful things inside it nor any money to buy supplies and now she was already trusty thanks to the incredibility hot and dry weather. She did not want to yet activate her Guyver unit and as it could alarm the local Zoanoids. But ultimately she thought if it came down to it she would do so if it became a matter of survival.

Finally she saw a jeep off in the distance driving towards her. After a few minutes it stopped in front of her and three men got out in what she quickly realised were Chronos Uniforms and walked towards her.

“Well look at what we have here,” said the man closest to her as he walked up to and then behind her.

“I’m Inspector Valcuria!”

“I’m sorry but we’ve never heard of you,” said the second Chronos soldier.

“Listen this could be a very bad day for all of us, contact command and get direction before you do something you all regret,” said Valcuria. She was starting to feel uncomfortable with the guy behind her as well as the two others as they effectively surrounded her. But she was dressed in clothing that barely fitted her from the overweight woman she stole the car from.

“You don’t look like an Inspector to me,” said the 3rd soldier.

“You better not even try to piss me off as I’m in a very bad mood. Listen to me speak to your commander and tell them what I told you before I’m forced to kill all three of you!” said Valcuria in a very cold tone.

“Ha, ha, hah, what can a puny woman like you do to us?” asked the man behind her. But the Chronos Soldier in front of her saw something in her now angered filled faced to realise there might be a lot more to her.

“Relax there a minute, I’m onto command,” said the man. Soon as the communication equipment in his helmet connected he started to explain the situation.

“While he’s doing that, does one of you have any water?”

“For a pretty red head like you sure!” said the 2nd soldier. As he walked over to the jeep Valcuria turned around to face the most annoying of the trio.

“What are you looking at toots,” said the 3rd soldier.

“You should be more similar to your companion over there and not try what little is left of my patience zoanoid,” said Valcuria.

“Don’t you dare mock me! Don’t you know what I am!?” said the 3rd soldier angrily.

“It doesn’t matter zoanoid!”

“Sir, can you please confirm that?” said the 1st soldier signalling the 3rd soldier to shut up. Realising HQ was saying something important the 3rd soldier shut up and waited.

“We’re to take her into the base now, she’s important to Lord Valcus,” said the 1st soldier as the 2nd soldier arrived with water.

Just a little something I wrote today. Nice with all the web work lately to get back to some writing :):wg

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