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Bio Boosted Armor Guyver PD (New Comic/Fan Fiction)

The Crimson Guyver

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Still in a Guyver inspired mood so I'm working on a big "still" from the story. Its very much in a way, in homage to the Anime's scene of Guyver 2 confronting Sho and Tetsuro at Mt.Narisawa.

But for this its a tad different. Salem (Haunting Guyver, or Cobalt, your pick.) Returns to the location where he found the Guyver unit. On the shore of Stanley park. He is there with his friend who he is confiding this stuff to. When Crimson appears and demands the unit back since they are his to use (not knowing its not that simple.)

A fight happens, Crimson being a trained fighter defeats Haunting easily. Right when Crimson is about to slice and dice Haunting, Cryptic appears and rescues Haunting with a swift kick to Crimson's face. Thus the first time all 3 activated units meet each other. Still going to make a background and shade this piece but I'm still droppin it here to show a WIP of it.


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Finally done :)


"Just lay down and give up." Crimson said laughing as he held Salem by the throat.

"N-NEVER!" Salem hissed suddenly the blades that protruded from the forearms of his armor elongated and ignited like they were on fire. Something whispered to him "Gut him." Salem didn't hesitate and swung his arms to try and stab Crimson with his newly discovered weapons. Crimson dodged however and laughed.

"Whats this you activated your High Frequency swords?" He quirked his head as he extruded his swords in response.

"You've got heart, I'll give you that." Crimson snickered.

"Too bad I'll have your heart in my hands soon enough." He said crushing Salem's imaginary heart in his palm. Salem was exhausted his breathing becoming faster while his throat felt like it was closing up on him. Yet Crimson wasn't even phased.

"Look..." Salem said trying to catch his breath.

"Even if I wanted to give you this thing back... I don't know how." He said. Crimson only chuckled and began attacking him yet again. This time Crimson's blades dicing his flesh apart like it was hot butter. His blood gushing out of every cut like a fire hose. His wounds drained him of whatever energy he had humanly left in him.

"I'm a bit of a showoff." Crimson began monologuing.

"So..." He threw Salem's lifeless body to the ground. Salem only had enough energy to sit up, his fingers digging into the beach preparing for the end.

"I think I'll take your entire head to make sure I'm not missing anything important." He said extending one of his high frequency swords while approaching his prey. Salem closed his eyes and dug his fingers even further into the sand.

"If it's any consolidation Blue." Crimson said.

"Better that I found you first and not Chron-" Salem heard a extremely loud crack as he watched as a dark figure drop kick Crimson from the sky. Crimson hit the ground so hard he was sent over 10 meters leaving a trail and a crater.

"WHAT!?" Salem gasped as he noticed an all to familiar metallic medal on this being's forehead.

"ANOTHER Guyver?!"

"Get up Salem!" she said looking at him her control medal began to glow. Salem then realized her voice sounded familiar. It was the voice that had somehow taught him how to activate his blades and even told him to attack Crimson with them. She had somehow communicated with him through his mind.

"I'm going to need your help with Mr.Force." She said preparing for Crimson's retaliation.

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