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Will the Global Economic Crisis Kill the Large Hadron Collider?


The Burning Flare of Gas Being Devoured by a Supermassive Black Hole


Stem Cell Tissue Transplant Means Lab-Grown Faces Could Be Next

One Of Our Space Spiders Is Missing


Low-Budget Mini-Satellite Ready To Ride the Gamma-Ray Lightning

Boeing 787 Gets Its Wings Snapped, For Science

In order to get certified by the FAA, every new plane must undergo wing tests to prove that it can withstand 150% of the load that it could ever be expect to encounter in flight. Engineers usually try to pass the test, and continue to stretch the wings to see just how far they can get, resulting in spectacular wing-snappings. The Boeing 787 cleared the 150% with no trouble at all, but engineers stopped short of snapping the wing. Why? Because the 787 uses revolutionary composite wings, and breakage could result in an explosion of thousands of shards material spreading around the construction hangar. After a little time and some (in all likelihood, hilarious) rationalizing, they've finally done it with a 50ft section of wing — thankfully on video.


NASA Astronaut Loses Tools, Gets Screwed Over By Space


NASA Successfully Tests Interplanetary Internet

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