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With Allen gone for the time being, how do you think the story will continue? Will it end soon or will it continue with bursts? Will Anubis dominate the universe? Or will he get stopped in his tracks by the True W'Kar 2? Will Zagam and Deus fight? What is Zagam's plans for Sarah?

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I'm just now getting back to being on this site regularly so its time i start catching up with stuff i didn't read yet....bit late but....

I think ultimately Allen might end it in such a way that it will leave it up to the readers to decide how it will end. That way there will always be the possibility of either continuing the legacy or ending it for good. I do believe that there is a possibility of Deus and Zagam duking it out and it could be after they find that he had infected Sarah and the changes has begun.

Zagam's real interest in Sarah could be that in a way deep down she reminds him of when he was Jason and he had Fiona. So in some twisted way, by changing Sarah into whatever he has in mind for her, they would be "reunited" in this reality, and he'd find a kindred spirit.

Also at one point i had a hunch, that Anubis will ultimately be defeated by the W'kar 2 unit but in the process the host of that unit will in turn be corrupted and in his/her own way continue on the cycle of destruction. But then again it was just a hunch.

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Solom was not responsible for the creation of the W'kar II unit. Grend and some of his colleagues recreated the unit. Grend wanted to bond with the unit. He wouldn't have been near as powerful as Anubis, but the raw power present in the unit, and the technological information stored within would have given him an edge. There was also modifications done to this unit as we do not know what new technologies Grend tried programing into it, it accepted when it rejected most like the mrkII, bio energy doubler system and dual mind capability...It could even have achieved a certain level of sentience...might even pick its own host, we'll just have to wait and see.

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