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What if Part 5 or 6?


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that all depends...obviously with dreadnought was there it would take some strain off W'kar and co....but unless dreddy destoryed the creator ships before they was able to fire the weapon or decided to try and block the beam inplace of Fighter Guyver id say things would pretty much end up the same...

Surely jason's matrix would be able to sense the weapons capabilities...if that was the case id say definately dreddy could be able stop Anubis as Fighter Guyver Woundlt have died

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Yea i guess the same situation applies to the 7 days of hell. In that scenario with all the enemies coming in, even with Dreadnought's fire power they were making only a small dent in the numbers. The Jy-Taki had the advantage of numbers as well as so unless Dreadnought was in the general area to try and take fighter guyver's place in front of the weapon, there would be no change. Upon the arrival of Anubis, since he wouldn't be a full power, Dreadnought would have more than likely be able to contain him like guyver XT did.

Btw, does anyone know how much power he gained from the Kregen and how much power was in his attack??

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My guess Kregen quadrupled his power at least, but since there are no official numbers that is only a guess. Remember that he did hit Anubis pretty hard. So, XT2 is around 16-17x at that time. So, he might have been around 120x at that moment.

EDIT: Forgot to mention that during the Grakken invasion, there are millions of Grakkens heading to Earth. In Genocide, there were only 500 Jy-Taki. While invididually more powerful than a Grakken, they are still not as numerous. Combined with the fact that there are far more higher powered beings to help out, Dreadnought would definitely help defend Earth.

But, once the dust settles, would the Creators now be aware of Earth and the surviving W'Kar unit? Grend's betrayal? It might be possible that the Creators might ignore Earth afterwards.

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